Chapter 22 - Disaster (JoJo)

Ronnie POV

It was bright when I opened my eyes, I looked around to find that I was at the beach, it didn't look familiar but when I stood up I could feel the calming effect of the sand going through your toes instantly. I looked around, expecting to see Will coming up behind me but it wasn't him, there was a shadow coming down the beach with a little person right behind and I started walking towards them, wanting to get some sense on where I was.

I walked forward and stopped when I recognized the biggest shadow.

"Dad!" He looked at me and for a second he had fear in his eyes but when he looked at me I could see the love in his eyes and I couldn't help but run to him, I was craving his presence more than I thought I did. He caught me in his arms and just held me until he set me down slightly and kissed my forehead.

"Ronnie, what are you doing here?" He asked me and I could detect a hint of worry in his voice that, if I didn't know him well, I wouldn't have been able to notice before.

"I don't know, but where am I?" I asked him while I looked around and that's when I noticed the little boy behind my dad staring at me with wide eyes. He looked like he was 5 years old, he had light blonde hair and brown eyes that somehow reminded me of Will.

"Ronnie, are you okay?" He asked me, I wasn't stupid enough to that he could change the subject and deflect my question so easily, but I was still too happy that I could see him that I didn't care and decided to worry about it later.

"Ya, I am dad. I am here, aren't I?" I told him and that is when the little kid looked at me with the same fear that was in my dad's eyes when he saw me. I didn't know what it was but I immediately knew that I had to help this little boy before he got to scared. And that's when I first heard his voice.

"You don't want to be here." He said, you could tell that he was little but in his voice you could detect that he had been through a lot and was too mature for a 5 year old. I looked at him curiously for a second before I turned my attention to my dad, he looked at me hesitantly like he didn't want to answer my questions. He was the same old dad that he used to be.

"Listen to Mikey, Ronnie. You don't want to be here." He repeated but something he said caught my attention. Mikey. That name sounded so familiar to her but then it came to her, This was Will's little brother but if he and my dad are both dead and I can see them in a place that I don't remember going to, I must be…

"No, no, no, no." I kept on repeating. I didn't want this to happen, I wanted to be with Will and happy but it wasn't supposed to be like this. This wasn't supposed to happen. I could feel the tears in my eyes but when my dad leaned forward to give me a hug I just cried harder. The more I focused on it the more it made sense, why would I be able to see my dad, talk to him, even hug him if he died almost a year ago? And what was Will's little brother, Mikey, doing here when Will told me last summer that he died in a car accident that Will survived when he was 12.

"Ronnie." My dad crooning in my ear to try to get me to calm down but I couldn't, I had to be… but I didn't want to be.

"How did I end up here?" I asked them, and that's when they told me about the crash that I was in and how I was in a coma but I never woke up. Mikey stayed quiet, he was sitting on the sand by my dad while I was pacing just thinking that this was a dream and I would wake up in my bed in Will's arms. I would start crying when I would think of how I would never be able to be in Will's arms again, how our family would never happen, I could never be Ronnie Blakelee, we would never get our dream house in Wilmington, I would never be able to finish off at Julliard. I felt like hitting something but the next second I felt like I just wanted to cry and not to think anymore.

I sat down by Mikey when my dad stopped talking and just thought about everything. I would never get to see Will anymore, never feel him in my arms, but the only good thing about being here was that I could be by my dad and Mikey. It was nice to have them as company, the more I thought about it, the more I liked that idea. That I could just stay here forever and not have to think, not have to worry anymore, what a nice change that would be.

"Ronnie, what are you thinking?" Mikey asked me and I looked down to see him staring up at me, I smiled. I saw a lot of Will in his looks, but thinking about Will brought a lump in my throat so I just pushed it back and tried to think of something else.

"I'm thinking about how good it will be to be here." I told them softly, but my words didn't have the effect that I thought they would, Mikey had tears in his eyes almost instantly and my dad drew in his breath real quick like he couldn't get enough oxygen in his system fast enough. "What?" I asked them worriedly.

"How could you say that?" Mikey said softly and my dad looked at me and I could tell that he agreed with Mikey.

"It would be a nice change not to have to worry about everything anymore, and the best part is that I can be with my dad all the time, I missed you so much, daddy." I told him with tears in my eyes, I could see that he had tears in his eyes, also. "What's the matter with that?" I asked a little hurt at their reactions.

"Ronnie, it's not your time to be here, you need to go back home and be with Will and have a happy family and to live the life that I always wanted you to have." He whispered to me, with a smile on his face. "We'll see each other some day but that day is not today. I want you to go back to Will, mom, and Jonah. Make them happy." He finished with a small smile on his face.

"But it wasn't your time either, both of you." I said with tears in my eyes.

"Ronnie, we had no choice but you do and I don't want you to regret the choice that you are going to make. We love you but I want you to go back to Will and make a beautiful family with him." He told me and I smiled slightly and I looked over to Mikey.

"You make my brother happy and that is all that I have ever wanted for him. After I died he was so sad, and he was trying to be happy with Ashley but I knew that he wasn't but I made him hit you so he could see what he was missing and I don't want him to become depressed because his one true love left him for this." He finished with a small smile and I leaned forward to give him a hug.

"Thank you." I whispered into his hair. "But how do I know that everyone isn't happy with me gone and out of the picture." I said to my dad when I sat up straight once again.

"Come here." He stood up and walked to a fountain that was by us that I didn't notice before. He stopped by the edge and peered into the water. "This is how I know that you and Jonah are happy, you can see how everyone is after you died." He said and when I looked at him like he was crazy he chuckled and told me to bend my head toward the water and think about one person and I could see him.

I did what he told me to do and I kept chanting Will and out of nowhere it felt like I was right there and Will was on the ground by me and when I looked around I noticed that we were in a hospital and when I looked to my side I saw my dad and Mikey staring at the wall opposite me in horror and that is when I noticed what they were staring at.

Will was curled into a ball by a door where I could faintly hear doctors yelling at each other something about CPR and a flat line and that's when I realized I was lying on that bed and Will, mom, and Jonah were outside crying. I was dead. Will's mom was above Will with tears in her eyes trying to calm down but it seemed like nothing was working, he keep crying, shouting Not Ronnie whenever she tried to say something soothing.

"Still think it would be better if you stayed with us." My dad said in my ear and I shook my head with tears in my eyes, I couldn't stand to see Will like this. I turned next and swear that I felt what was left of my heart breaking, Jonah was next to him crying into my mom's shoulder while she was crying into his shoulder. I knew that Jonah would be like this, and that's when I decided that I had to go back, both Will and Jonah lost someone close to them and I didn't want that to happen again. Who would comfort Jonah when he cried? I had to be there.

I turned to my dad and nodded and he put his hand on my shoulder and then we were on the beach again and I fell down on my knees crying so hard I felt my body convulsing with each sob, but soon the tears wouldn't come and I was just crying tearless sobs. When that was done I stared at my dad and Mikey who had tears in their eyes.

"I want to go back, I have to go back." I said with determined force. My dad nodded and I stood up and gave him a hug whispering how much I missed and loved him he nodded again in my shoulder an then let me go.

I kneeled down so I was eye level with Mikey. He had tears pouring down his face right then and I knew that I was making him happy that I was going back. "I will make your brother happy, I won't take him for granted and just so you know, I fall in love with him more each and every day and I just wanted to thank you for pushing, literally, us together." I told him with a smile on my face, he nodded and when I stood back up I noticed that the fountain was gone again.

"How do I go back?" I asked my dad.

"You just lay down and close your eyes, you won't wake up right away but you should soon. The most important thing is that your heart will be beating again and that will make them feel better, I love you." He whispered to me and nodded at him and said it back before laying down but before I could close my eyes my dad said something else. "Tell Jonah that I am watching out for him and will always love him." I nodded and Mikey spoke up.

"Tell Will that I miss him but I know that he is happy and don't forget to tell him about what I did to make him happy." I smiled and nodded at him before closing my eyes I whispered my love to both of them before I was in pain all over and heard yelling all around me and I could tell that I was back at the hospital. I tried to open my eyes but it felt like they were taped up that's when the voices down and a shocked silence filled the void.

"It's beating." Someone whispered and I could tell that they were smiling when someone else said to go get the rest of the family and I didn't have to wait two seconds before I head Will's voice, my personal angel, whisper, "Ronnie."