Epilogue: Remember How to Put Back the Light in My Eyes

Harry glances back over his shoulder and smiles as he locks eyes with Draco's familiar gaze. He momentarily forgets about the crowd of onlookers as he shares a private look with his lover before turning back to the ceremony at hand. Hermione is softly repeating the Minister's quiet words to her new husband.

Harry's smile widens as he listens, feeling slightly misty-eyed over the event, and not only because his best friend is getting married, but because not long ago he wasn't sure if he was still going to be around to attend the upcoming nuptials.

He quickly swallows and tries to force back the threatening tears. His life these past couple of months had been nothing short of a miracle. After a week of hospital bed rest and care, he had been released to go back to his own flat with six weeks of time off work to recover. Six weeks of blissful relaxation and - more importantly - time spent reconciling with Draco.

Draco had immediately moved into the flat to help Harry as he slowly recovered his strength, as well as just to be near him. It seemed the blond didn't want to let Harry out of his sight now that he finally had him back again.

There were long hours of simply holding each other with no words spoken. Harry could finally and properly revel in the act of having the love of his life back again. Alive and well. And his.

Harry releases a shuddery breath and turns to glance at the gorgeous blond once more, sitting tall and confident in his pressed black tux.

Draco's brow creases slightly in concern at Harry's moist eyes.

Harry forces a smile and a minute shake of the head shows Draco that he's alright. He blinks a few times to try to clear his vision and once again turns back to the happy couple.

"I do."

Harry claps and cheers along with everyone else gathered as Hermione and Viktor share a kiss, thus officially sealing their new partnership.

Ron is enthusiastically clapping and whistling next to Harry on the steps. The ceremony is being held in the botanic gardens of the Glastonbury Hotel, where the happy couple will be spending the next week 'honeymooning.'

The ceremony is being held in a beautiful white gazebo amidst the garden's lush vegetation. A small group of guests are seated opposite on wooden chairs draped with large silken ribbons.

Harry and Ron are standing up for Hermione, wearing black tuxedos with dark maroon ties and waist coats. The bride herself has never looked more beautiful; her wild hair is tamed into a cascade of shining curls beneath a filmy veil and her gown is simple but gorgeous; accentuating her slim waist and making her pale skin glow.

Harry takes a step back as the happy couple walk up the aisle as husband and wife, grinning at the family and friends who are now on their feet applauding wildly.

A warm hand quietly slips into Harry's as he stands watching. He turns in surprise to see that Draco has silently slipped into place beside him.

"You alright?" Draco asks with quiet concern, grey eyes absently following Hermione and Viktor.

Harry smiles, leaning against the tall blond. "Yeah, I'm fine. Getting sentimental in my old age."

"How dreadfully Gryffindor of you," Draco drawls, giving Harry's hand a squeeze.

Harry squeezes back and doesn't quite manage to stifle a yawn. He hadn't had such a full day in quite some time and he was already feeling the effects of the busy day after weeks of inactivity.

"I'm taking you back to our room," Draco states decisively.

"But…" Harry begins to protest but finds that he doesn't have the energy. He nods in acquiescence and drops his head onto Draco's shoulder, eyes instantly falling shut.

Draco allows a small smile of affection to break through before turning to Ron who has come up beside them. "I'm taking Harry back to the room. He's dead on his feet."

Ron nods, grinning in amusement at his best friend nearly passed out on Malfoy's shoulder. "I'll let Hermione know. She'll understand."

Draco nods once before Apparating the two of them away without another word.

"Still has the manners of a Slytherin," Ron grumbles under his breath as he shoves his hands into his trouser pockets and wanders down to the guests in search of his girlfriend.

Harry allows Draco to strip him of his fancy attire before gently settling him in between the soft expensive sheets of their overly large hotel bed.

Draco quickly undresses and slips in beside him on his side, lying face to face.

Harry's eyes flutter open and he smiles tiredly at Draco. "Thanks."

Draco smiles and brushes Harry's fringe back, his fingers lingering in the soft strands.

"I love you, you know."

Draco's gaze returns to Harry's fervent green eyes.

"I know," he replies.

"You came back to me," Harry whispers in wonderment. That thought had yet to cease to amaze him and fill him with gratitude on a daily basis. "I don't know what I did to deserve such a gift."

"I feel the same," Draco says emotionally. "I don't know what I did to deserve having you in my life..."

Harry's eyes drift shut as he smiles in response to Draco's heartfelt words.

"I'm not letting you go again," Draco promises, shuffling closer and linking their left hands together.

"Okay..." Harry mumbles, half asleep.

Draco chuckles and watches Harry sleep, not in the least bit tired himself.

"Maybe one day we'll get married here..." Draco muses aloud with a smirk.

"M'kay..." Harry replies into his pillow.

Draco snickers silently. "Are you saying you'll marry me Harry Potter?"

"Yes I'll marry you Draco Malfoy - now can we go to sleep?" Harry replies clearly.

Draco freezes. "Uh..."

Harry's eyes open a crack to look up at Draco's stricken expression.

Unable to help himself, Harry bursts into laughter and turns over onto his other side.

"Don't worry Malfoy, I won't hold you to it," he says in amusement.

Draco relaxes and spoons up behind his lover.

"I wasn't worried Potter. I promised you we would be married one day."

"You only promised because I was on my death bed," Harry returned sleepily.

"I don't break promises."

"Okay..." Harry grins, closing his eyes again.

"Go to sleep Potter."

Harry instantly feels himself begin to drift off, Draco's arm wrapped securely around his waist.

~ The End ~