Fandom: Pokemon Game-Verse

Character(s): Anthea, Concordia - Goddesses of Love and Peace.

Rating: T

Notes: The start of a ridiculously long one-shot collection, based on my two favorite characters - Anthea and Concordia.

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"Open your eyes."


Anthea was born on a stormy night, at least, that's what she told herself. It would be the only logical explanation to why her life was oh so beautifully screwed up.

(Anthea liked logic, logic and formulas - she was happy in her room with a textbook. That spoke tomes of history, that spoke far more than she did.)

Her mother was a prostitute, somewhere found in the deep depths of Castelia, skulking behind some seedy cafe. She had gorgeous, long, rose-colored hair and sparkling eyes. She was beautiful - but completely off the deep end. She murmured about shadows crawling out of the earth, threatening to swallow her whole. Her pretty mother was stuck in such a dementia that it was so, so easy for her asshole of a father to take her home. It was so easy for him to destroy her only source of stability - her pretty mother was killed as soon as she gave birth. Quick and painless, her life came and went.

Anthea was taken away by the stranger she called her father - he was cold, ruthless, and demanded she keep quiet.

That man, the man with the blood-red eyes, stole her ability to speak. Anthea couldn't speak, couldn't emit a word. She had been trained to stay silent, and that she did.


"Dying would be easier."


Anthea was brought into her father's abode, a shapeless, nameless building, as soon as possible after her mother's death. Her supposed father passed her off to another woman, with dark hair, and the prettiest gray eyes. The infant cried softly, and the woman simply smiled slightly, whispering sweet lullabies, as a blonde toddler with bright eyes stared in awe, chubby hands clutching the dark-haired woman's dress skirts. The blonde girl tilted her head, questions bubbling under her calm facade. Anthea, only a child back then, didn't know where, what, and who she was.

She fell asleep, closed her eyes -

only to awake into a world of strife, and an endless winter.


"Your name is Anthea. Goddess of Love."