AUTHOR'S NOTES: Well, here it is! The sequel to 'Family Ties'. This is going to be slightly different from the first story because-with exception to the first chapter-the following chapters will be based on the canon episodes. But with the first chapter I just wanted Sam, Dean, and Fiona to ease into working together.

BACKGROUND: If you're reading this story without having read the story 'Family Ties', here's the basics-although I strongly suggest you read the other story first: Fiona Brendon is a retired USMC Gunnery Sergeant who has known Sam and Dean since they were kids. Fiona's father, James, was a hunter until he was killed by the demon, Lilith. James Brendon was also in the Marines with John Winchester and NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. (While there are references to the show NCIS, this story is not actually a crossover.)

SUPERNATURAL: And Fi Makes Three

As a first case to allow Fiona to get back in the groove of hunting, Sam and Dean had decided to take a simpler job—dealing with a ghost who was haunting a local children's center.

Driving towards Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Dean was grateful that they'd be able to stay with Bobby while they dealt with the ghost. Even though they had plenty of legitimate funds at the moment—thanks to Fiona—Dean felt it would be taking advantage of her to use her money right off the bat.

The Singer Salvage Yard was quiet as Dean pulled in and parked near the house, rousing Sam and Fi who had fallen asleep before getting out of the car and stretching.

"Oh…" Fiona groaned as she got out of the car and felt her knees pop. "God, that made me miss carrier flights." Stretching a bit, she shot a smile at Sam who gave her one in return.

Catching the exchange, Dean rolled his eyes. Pointing an accusatory finger, he said, "Hey, I'm not going to have to keep you two separated, am I?"

"Dean," Sam said, sounding exasperated. "Fi and I are adults. Okay? What we do is none of your business."

Rubbing his face with one hand, Dean inwardly groaned as he realized that Fi coming with them was going to bite him in the ass. But hearing a screen door opening, Dean looked up to see Bobby Singer coming towards them. "Bobby," Dean said, raising a hand in greeting.

Bobby gave Dean a nod but then he noticed Fiona and his eyes widened. "I don't believe it," he muttered as Fiona walked over and gave the old, grizzled hunter a hug. He hugged her back and grinned when she took a step back. "Damn. I don't remember the last time I saw you here."

Fiona wasn't sure what to say so she just shrugged. But suddenly, she remembered. "My 18th birthday."

"Yeah," Bobby said, thinking. "You and James got into it and you stormed out of the house. Hotwired one of the cars and took off." With a smile, he said, "Come on inside. I've got something for you."

Fiona looked at Sam and Dean but when the brothers merely shrugged, Fiona followed Bobby inside and into the library. After watching Bobby rummage around for a minute, Fiona was surprised when he handed her a small box. Opening the box, she laughed as she pulled out a pendant of a small blue and green hummingbird on a silver chain. "I love it." Looking up, she said, "Thanks, Bobby."

"You're welcome," Bobby replied, giving Fiona a smile.

Sensing an awkward moment, Fiona pocketed the necklace, reminding herself to swap it for her dog tags later, and asked, "So what about this ghost?"

Bobby let the three younger hunters to the kitchen and after they were all settled at the table with bottles of beer he dropped a file on the table. "Brookview Center for Children. Runs a day camp for kids 5 to 16 and lodging for kids without homes. Three of the kids and two of the staff have died from blunt force trauma."

"'Blunt force trauma' have a name?" Dean asked as he started to read through the file.

"Nothing I could find yet," Bobby replied, shaking his head. "But a friend of mine who works at the center there has been some stuff kept out of the papers."

"Then let's go," Fiona said, itching to get on the case.

"Whoa, whoa…" Dean insisted. "Easy, Fiver." When Fiona gave him a glare, he went on. "Look, maybe you've forgotten how this works, but we need to have a cover before we go in there."

"Dean, I'm not stupid," Fiona replied, rolling her eyes.

Putting his hands up in a gesture of truce, Dean said, "I'd never say you were." After a while, he looked over at Bobby and Sam. "How soon can we get ID for Fiver?"

"You really do want me to kick your ass, don't you?" Fiona said, smacking the back of Dean's head.

"Give me about a day," Bobby said, quickly before he had Dean and Fiona fighting in his kitchen. "Meantime, why don't you guys get settled in and I'll quick cook somethin' up for you."

"Thanks, Bobby," Sam replied as his stomach gave an annoying growl. They'd stopped at a diner some hours earlier but Sam was still hungry. Looking across the table at Fiona, he tried to keep his expression neutral but his foot kept bumping hers.

Looking from his brother to Fiona, Dean again questioned the wisdom of Fiona joining them, especially when she and Sam seemed unable to take their eyes off one another. On the one hand, Dean was happy that at least it was Fiona and not Ruby who had been oddly absent lately.

But whenever Sam and Fi went out to the Impala alone, Dean had to fight the image of the two getting it on in the car's backseat.

When Fiona and Sam went to grab the bags Bobby raised an eyebrow at Dean who looked a bit uncomfortable. "You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Dean insisted. But when he saw that the older hunter wasn't buying the line, he sighed. "It's Sam… and Fi."

Bobby's brow furrowed in confusion at that. "What about 'em?"

Dean ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "They're together, Bobby. Like 'together' together."

Still confused, Bobby shrugged, not sure where Dean was going with this. "So? They're adults, Dean."

Dean rubbed his face with one hand, not sure of how best to explain the situation as he saw it. "Look, Fi and I have always had this brother/sister thing, okay? So the idea of Sam and Fi…"

After a moment, Bobby finally understood and he nodded, knowingly. "Right," he muttered, frowning at the imagery now seared into his brain. Clearing his throat, Bobby tried to sound casual as he said, "Well, I mean it's not like Fiona and Sam are doing it while the three of you are sharing a hotel room, right?" But at Dean's look, the grizzled hunter sighed again. "Well, have you talked to them about it?"

"And say what, Bobby?" Dean asked, tiredly. "They're adults, right?"

At first, Bobby didn't say anything but as he thought about it, he finally said, "Look, if it's bothering you so much, I'm sure Sam and Fi wouldn't mind giving things a rest."

Dean was about to respond when a faint, distant noise made him go on alert. After a second or two of listening, his eyes widened as he shot up from his chair and raced for the door, Bobby on his heels. Stopping on the porch, Dean was seriously half-tempted to call Castiel down to burn his eyes out as he saw that the noise was coming from inside the Impala.

Staggering slightly as he walked away from Bobby's house, Dean heard the other hunter call his name.

"I'm going for a walk," Dean insisted, making a mental note to practically scour the backseat before he sat back there again.


Fiona was panting hard as she moved so that she was on top of Sam. Bending her head down, she started at his chest, kissing every inch of skin up to his ears while running her fingers through his hair.

Beneath Fiona, Sam felt like his entire body was on fire and all he could think about was that he couldn't stop touching the most beautiful woman in the entire world.


Dean was nearly to town when he heard a familiar voice behind him.

"Out alone with night coming on," Ruby said, walking around Dean so that she was facing him. "I'm surprised, Dean… really."

"Ruby," Dean said, with obviously forced cheerfulness. "What can I do for you?"

"It's what I can do for you," Ruby replied, crossing her arms. "This case you're working…"

Frowning slightly, Dean wondered how Ruby knew about the haunting and said so.

"Look, I don't know much," Ruby admitted. "But what I can tell you is that this all has something to do with an old, demolished orphanage not far from here."

"That's pretty vague, even for you," Dean said, doubtfully, as he wondered whether or not Ruby's intel was reliable.

But Ruby was insistent. "One of the staff members died last night while screwing her husband over and over. And all the rest of the victims have the same pattern of cuts and bruises."

Dean didn't say anything and after a while, he watched Ruby walk away towards town. But thinking about the latest victim, Dean felt a sinking feeling in his gut as he thought about Sam and Fiona's recent behavior. Turning back towards Bobby's house, Dean took off at a run, hoping he wasn't too late.


A small part of Sam's brain said that he should be tiring out but he didn't feel it. He had to keep touching Fiona—he couldn't get enough of her.

With Sam on top of her, Fiona moaned with passion as she brought his head down to meet her lips. She was burning up inside but she just couldn't stop. Nothing else in the world mattered except—

And then suddenly the spell was broken as a gunshot split the quiet nightfall, accompanied by the sound of breaking glass.

Sam shielded Fiona as the rear door windows of the Impala exploded, showering the two of them with shards of glass. Looking at Fi, Sam asked, breathlessly, "Are you okay?"

Fi nodded, although she was shaking slightly. "Yeah, I think so." Looking at Sam, she asked, "What the Hell was that?"

(POV shift)

When Dean got back to Bobby's, he inwardly winced when he saw the Impala rocking ever so slightly. "Sam! Fi!" He tried shouting again, but there was no sign that the actions inside were ceasing. Going over to the car, he tried not to look inside as he rapped loudly on the car's roof.


Sam and Fiona continued their passion with increasing volume and Dean couldn't think of any other way to snap them out of it except…

As Dean backed away from the car and withdrew the Colt 1911 that he favored, he gave the Impala an apologetic look. "I'm so sorry about this, baby," he said as he raised the gun and—making sure he wouldn't inadvertently shoot his brother or Fi—fired one shot at the windows.

After a while, he saw Sam and Fi sitting up and when he saw them looking in his direction, he tucked his gun back into the waistband of his jeans and started towards the car, looking away as he saw the two hastily try and redress.


An hour later, after drinks all around and a pile of sandwiches courtesy of Bobby, Dean gave the others Ruby's information.

While Sam brought out his laptop and started working on background, Dean also noticed that Fiona had moved from sitting next to Sam to standing by the kitchen counter. "You okay?" Dean asked, noticing the look on Fi's face.

"I'm sorry, Dean," Fiona said, sincerely. "I honestly don't know what came over me."

"We might have an idea," Bobby offered from where he was looking over Sam's shoulder. When Dean and Fiona joined him, Bobby went on, reading the website page Sam had brought up. "1927, the Brookview Orphanage was built about 10 miles from the current center."

"The orphanage was demolished 15 years ago when the new center was built," Sam added. "A lot of the old staff moved to the new location."

"Okay, so where was this orphanage?" Dean asked, scanning through the report.

"We stopped there already, actually," Sam replied, looking up at his brother. "Nolan Family Diner?"

"Oh, God!" Fiona exclaimed, a hand flying to her mouth. Catching the looks from the guys, her face took on a mortified look as she slowly lowered her hand and said, "Sam and I were—"

"Yeah, don't… don't finish that sentence," Dean implored, not wanting to think about Sam and Fi might have been doing in the bathroom of the diner.

Clearing his throat, Sam went on about the case. "There were only two deaths at the orphanage. Frank Garrett, one of the male staff members was having a sexual relationship with Jenny Hoffman, one of the teenage girls who lived there. Jenny threatened to go to the authorities and Frank beat her to death before going home and later died after his wife beat the crap out of him."

It took Sam a moment to get into the coroner's reports on the current murders and after printing everything out, they compared the injuries to those of Frank Garrett and Jenny Hoffman, Fiona noticed something. "The kids have the same bruises as Jenny and the men have the same injuries as Frank."

"Yeah, and take a look at this," Dean added, looking at the dates of the murders. "Our murders took place in roughly the same timeline as the originals." Looking at the others, he said, "I think we're going to have to split up."

"Well, I'll take the coroner," Fiona offered. "I recognize the name. She's a friend of Ducky's." Catching the puzzled glance from Bobby, she added, "Ducky is the medical examiner at NCIS."

"I'll talk to Frank's wife," Dean offered. "She just got out of jail. Maybe she can tell us what happened to Frank and Jenny's bodies."

"Sam and I can check out the center," Bobby added. "Start first thing in the morning?"

"Sounds good," Fiona said, unable to fend off a loud yawn.

"Guest rooms are upstairs," Bobby said, nodding at the stairs.

"Hell, right now I could just take the floor," Fiona said, the weariness from her extra-heavy bout of passion with Sam catching up to her.

"Well, how about you take the couch?" Bobby suggested, thinking that it might be best for Fi and Sam to have some time apart. As he watched Sam, Fiona, and Dean go to their respective beds, Bobby started to clean up before going outside and making sure the Impala was covered in case there was rain later. He had some windows which would fit the car and since he wasn't as tired at the others, he decided to work on the windows and cleaning up the glass littering the backseat.


Dean didn't sleep much that night. After a couple hours, he crept downstairs and found Bobby in the library looking at his computer. "What're you doing up?" Dean asked after checking the time on his watch. Only 3am? It felt later somehow.

"Finished putting in the new windows for you," Bobby replied, pouring himself and Dean a glass of whiskey. "How're you doing, Dean?"

Dean shrugged as he sat down, throwing back his drink in one go. "I'm here, Bobby."

"Yeah," Bobby muttered, refilling Dean's glass. Glancing in the direction of the living room where Fiona was still sound asleep on the couch, he added, "You know the night Fiona left to join the Marines was the first time I ever heard Sam talk about college?"

"You're kidding," Dean said, surprised. Sammy had only been 10 years old then.

Bobby smiled as he reminisced. "I remember Sam watching Fiona leaving and he looked at your dad and said, 'If Fiona gets to join the Marines, does that mean I can leave for college when I grow up?'."

It was strange that Dean had forgotten that because he now remembered that night as the first real fight between Dad and Sam. But maybe he shouldn't have been surprised since being around Fi again was bringing all sorts of memories back to the surface. When he caught a questioning look from Bobby, Dean just shrugged. "Just old memories, Bobby."

Bobby nodded in understanding and after a while, he finished his drink and said, "I'm going to try and catch some shut-eye. You should try and do the same."

But Dean didn't reply and when Bobby left the room, he finished his drink and poured himself another.

The next morning, Fiona headed over to the local hospital and headed down to the basement and to the office of Dr. Sydney Harper. Opening the door, she found an older woman with graying blonde woman sitting at a desk who looked up at her, frowning slightly. "Can I help you?"

"Dr. Harper?" Fiona said as she entered the room tentatively.

"That's what it says on the door," Dr. Harper said, a bit gruffly. "And who, may I ask, are you?"

Fiona held out a hand as she said, "Gunnery Sergeant Fiona Brendon. I'm a friend of Dr. Donald Mallard. He said to look you up if I was ever in town."

There was a look of recognition in Harper's eyes as she shook Fi's hand and the coroner leaned back in her chair and asked, "How is Ducky?" Gesturing to the chair on the other side of the desk, she added, "Please."

"He's good," Fiona replied with a smile. "Still working with NCIS."

Harper nodded, thoughtfully. "So what brings you here? Ducky wouldn't have just randomly told you to stop by without a reason."

Hands up in a 'you got me' position, Fiona smiled and replied, "I heard about the murders at the Brookview Center."

Harper shook her head as she sighed. "A damn shame. Weird as hell, too. Like a damn ghost story."

Leaning forward slightly, Fiona raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean?"

Harper leaned forward and studied Fiona. "You're not a cop or federal agent, right?"

"No," Fiona assured her. With a small smirk, she added, "But I've seen a few ghosts in my time."


Meeting up at a café near the center, Dean waited until they had all ordered before saying in a low voice, "Well, Jody Garrett told me her husband was dumped in an old boneyard outside of town. Jenny was buried in a cemetery nearby. Looks like your classic salt and burn."

"I don't think so," Sam argued, pulling out the small notebook he'd used for talking to the witnesses and flipping to a page. "According to the people Bobby and I spoke to, it looks like Jenny thought that Frank was her ticket out of the orphanage. But when Frank refused to leave his wife, Jenny went postal on him."

"Wait, so Frank bit it first?" Dean asked, confused. "Then who killed Jenny?"

"Jenny beat up Frank," Bobby explained. "And then Jody shoved her husband down the stairs when she found out he was involved with a 14-year-old-girl. Police didn't find Jenny's body until a week later because Frank had buried her out in the woods nearby."

"But the plan is still to salt and burn the bodies, right?" Fiona asked, looking at Bobby, Sam, and Dean.

"Yeah," Bobby agreed. Looking at Fi, he said, "You and I will take Jenny. Sam and Dean can torch Frank."

"Uh…" Dean said, hesitantly. "Why don't Fi and I take the kid, Bobby, and you and Sammy can roast the perv?"

Bobby and Dean exchanged a look and Bobby nodded as he understood what Dean was up to. "Sure. No problem."

It was nearing 1am as Fiona and Dean found Jennifer Hoffman's grave and started to dig. About halfway through the digging, Dean swapped places with Fi, holding the flashlight while she took over digging. "Dean, I'm sorry," Fiona said, pausing to look at him.

"Sorry for what?" Dean asked, just a hair confused.

"Well, obviously—" she said, resuming her digging. "—you're uncomfortable around Sam because I'm sleeping with him."

"Fi, you're like my sister," Dean explained. "So, yeah. Hearing how you and Sam are knocking boots at night—especially when we all sleep in the same hotel room."

Fiona stopped digging again and turned to face Dean. "You were at the bar, Dean. Sam and I thought we had all night."


"—and honestly, Bobby, Dean should just be grateful I'm not shacking up with Ruby every night," Sam argued as he finished digging up Frank's body. He'd just climbed out of the grave when threw him to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Rolling onto his back, Sam was shocked to see a 15-year-old girl standing over him.

"Sam!" Bobby shouted, raising his sawed-off shotgun and firing rock salt at the ghost.

But Jenny blinked out just before the salt hit and reappeared next to Bobby, knocking him to the ground before going back to Sam and starting to beat on him, violently. By the time Bobby had grabbed the shotgun, the ghost had thrown Sam into the grave.

Managing to get another shot off, Bobby breathed a small sigh of relief when the rock salt found its target. "Sam, you okay?" But there was no response from the younger hunter. "Sam?" Going to the grave, Bobby carefully hopped in and shook Sam's shoulder. 'Sam. Come on, wake up, son."

But Sam was out cold, although Bobby did, thankfully, find a steady pulse. "Balls!" Bobby muttered under his breath as he tried to get Sam out of the grave.


Frank Garrett's remains had already been salted and Dean had doused them liberally with lighter fluid, but as Fiona flicked her lighter she was sent flying through the air, landing in a crumpled heap next to a headstone.

"Fi!" Dean shouted, dodging a blow from the ghost of Frank Garrett. Grabbing his sawed-off, Dean managed to get a shot off before the ghost knocked him down.

"Dean!" Fiona shouted, hoarsely. When she saw Dean turn to her, she lobbed the lighter to him.

Dean managed to catch it and with a quick flick, chucked it into the grave, watching the flames consume what was left of Jenny Hoffman. Pulling out his phone, he dialed Sam's number but when it picked up, Dean was surprised to hear Bobby's voice. "Bobby, what are you doing with Sam's phone?"

"Sam's out," Bobby said, quickly. "Managed to torch Frank's bones but Sam's out cold. I'm gonna try and get him to the ER."

Dean nodded as he went over to Fiona who was holding her side with one arm. "Yeah, Fi and I are probably going to head that way, too." After hanging up, Dean helped Fiona back to the Impala and into the passenger seat. As they started down the road towards the hospital, he said, "Just like old times, huh?"

"Shut up, Bigwig," Fiona said, shortly as the pain in her ribs started getting worse.

When Sam woke up in the hospital the following evening, he was surprised to see Fiona lying in the bed across from his. Groaning, he asked, "What happened to you?"

"Broken ribs, nicked lung, dislocated shoulder," Fiona replied, shrugging her good shoulder. "Nothing new. What about you, Sammy?'

Slowly sitting up which was especially painful given his broken wrist, Sam sighed. "Concussion, broken wrist, bruised ribs. The usual."

Both of them laughed, moaning with pain as they did so. "So how's it feel to be back at it?" Sam asked, curiously. "Not exactly like riding a bike, huh?"

"In this job it's more like falling off a log," Fiona replied with a slight shoulder shrug.