AUTHOR'S NOTES: Just a tiny epilogue showing what happened to Dean and Fiona after the last chapter. I'm not including Sam because we all know what happened to him.


In Jethro Gibbs' guest room, Gabriel stood guard over Fiona who had fallen into a deep, yet restless, sleep shortly after arriving. Lying on her side on the bed, Fiona's face was wet with tears and she hugged one of the pillows tightly, no doubt as a poor substitute for Sam.

Stepping out of the room for just a moment, Gabriel jumped when Gibbs seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Jeez! Wear a bell or something, will you?" Gabriel admonished, being careful to keep his voice down.

"How is she?" Gibbs asked, nodding at the closed door.

Gabriel frowned slightly as he pointed to the door, "How did you know I was…?" But seeing Gibbs' look, he lowered his hand and said, "How about we discuss this downstairs?"

In the basement, Gabriel accepted a glass jar of bourbon from Gibbs before sitting on a sawhorse. "I take it you know what happened?" the trickster asked, with a raised eyebrow. Catching the NCIS agent's eye, Gabriel noticed something that he hadn't before. It was a glimmer that he hadn't seen in ages. Not since… "Of course, you knew."

Gibbs said nothing, just sipped his own drink. After a while, he said, "So… You going to stick around for a while? Keep an eye on her?"

Gabriel set his drink down and after a moment, looked Gibbs in the eye. "I love Fiona. I know full well the dangers of getting involved personally with humans and I still love her. I'm not going anywhere," he promised.

Gibbs just nodded and sipped his drink.

The first night Dean spent with Ziva after losing Sam, she got him comfortable in their bed before laying down next to him until he fell in to a weary sleep. She knew how it felt to watch your family die. First her sister and then her brother… And she also knew they there was no way for her to make things better. Even if she could somehow speed up time, the pain would stay with Dean for the rest of his life.

Ziva thought of Fiona as well. Dean had said that Fiona was paralyzed again, and that Fi had refused to let Castiel or Celeste heal her. No doubt Fiona felt that the physical disability would be easier to deal with than the pain of losing someone she loved so deeply.

Dean started muttering in his sleep, tossing about as he started falling into the hands of a nightmare.

Ziva rubbed his back, talking softly as she tried to soothe Dean back into slumber.

An hour passed and finally Dean calmed, falling back into a deep sleep.

Ziva wanted to get some sleep herself, but stayed awake, knowing that this would be only the start of Dean's bad nights.