Well, I just can't get this idea out of my head, so I just have to post it here. Not sure if it's gonna be long or anything yet, but definitely not just a one-shot… Right, on with the story!

DISCLAIMER: Never in my deepest dreams will I ever own the PJO series.

Chapter one—Swimming for eternity? I think not.

Let me tell you this: Living for an eternity is a torture, especially when you got nothing to do, and I'm speaking this from experience.

Honestly. Nothing is ever happening, except helping my father, Poseidon, to rule the sea occasionally. Usually, Triton's all for helping him, and I just kick back and enjoy. Triton and his mom don't really like me—even after two millenniums staying with them. See, Amphitrite is not my mom, despite popular belief. My mom's a sea nymph or a sea goddess, I don't really know her, and I don't really care.

I just flicked my sea-green tail around until a current found me and carry me around Atlantis. Unlike my half-brother, I didn't like to have two tails and show off all the time. Since I'm a god, I can alter my appearance anytime, and I just don't really feel like the need having to tails. It was really comforting for just floating around Atlantis, you know? That was, until a rope caught me around my tail.

Usually, I would just teleport away from it, or switch my tail to legs, but I'm too lazy to do either of them.

"Triton, please stop doing this, it gets annoying after a while." I said, not bothering to look at him at all. He loves to bother me every chance he gets to.

"Perseus, you know I can never stop doing that. Haven't you learnt that already two millenniums ago? Or are you just too stupid to realize that? And why don't you help our father? Too lazy to move?" He said, and annoyed me more than ever.

"Whatever. We both know that father doesn't need the help. He's doing perfectly fine." I said, as I loosen the rope around me and swam away.

I need to take a break from this constant bothering and teasing, it gets just a little bit to annoying after the first three hundred years. Note the sarcasm. I decided to swim up the shore, to the outside world, where no one would bother me and know my identity. As I swam by the mermen of my father's court, they bowed to me although I insisted not to. Old habit for them I guess. Biggest understatement ever.

I wasn't paying attention to my target location as I swam past the fishes and everything else. I guess I was on one of the shores of United States, since the heart of the western civilization is currently there, and also where most of the gods are. I could have teleported and showing off like my brother Triton, but one thing that he didn't understood was the process of getting to another place. I enjoy swimming through the sea a lot, enjoying different views as I go. He just never understands that.

As I came close to the shore, I changed my tail back to my legs, which were twice shorter than my tail and less efficient in swimming. But hey, I don't want to freak the mortals out now, do I? I had my sea green t-shirt, jeans and black sneakers on, as always when I visited the mortal world. Aphrodite once tried getting me to wear some ridiculous clothes that I wouldn't even mention ever again. It was nightmare.

I came out perfectly dry from the sea, and expected to see no one around since it was early spring and the water was way too cold for anyone to swim in. I settled on a rock overlooking the sea, and climbed on it. I was brooding over what happened in the past decade, and sorting out things that I would need to do after I get back. I was not even paying attention when someone came close to me and sat down not far away from a rock, her blonde hair blowing in the wind, and caught sight of me.

There, happy? I started the chapter three weeks ago, but I just finished it. Track was nightmare, I spent all my time on that... Well, I hope no one would copy my story, because this issue is getting more serious every day. There were people who would copy my story word by word, and in case you don't know, that's plagiarism. I don't appreciate that, just saying.

Here's my rant, I hope someone would sympathize me, no one understands...

Boys problem for moi. I mean seriously, the main 'buzz' this week in boy's locker room was that someone I don't even know was dating me! Seriously? That's just twisted. Plus, no offense to him, he's really weird and well, lame. Oh, did I mention I like somebody else? No? Well, yeah, it's true and that somebody else so happens to be one of the people who spread the rumors. Just great. Yep, and it's also the campaign in Student Council next week, and I wanna run for Secretary. I've been in S. C. for two years, while the other candidates (including him) didn't have any experiences what so ever. But he was popular, so I don't stand I chance. I don't need any more teasing from that. Then, I was torn between two competitions, Academic Super Bowl and Algebra Contest. These happen at the same day and same time, great timing, huh? Note the sarcasm. So I totally didn't practice piano and tomorrow's my piano lesson. Life sucks, as I quote my friend, "Life's piece of shit (sorry, my first cuss word ever), when you look at it." I just have to say, it's true. Sometimes, reality is crueler than it seems. Hence my story title, Everything Is Not What It Seems, if that's true, then perhaps I would still have a chance. I dunno, all I can say is, I hope I can at least win the secretary position, it's a small hope, though the hope still exists somewhere inside me, I hope it gets better.

Kudos for anyone who heard my rant. I rarely tell anyone what I feel, and try to be a 'tough' girl. I hate being weak and stuff, so even when I got a bruise on half of my face earlier, I just laughed and dust off. Everyone think me as 'crazy' in a good way, and smart and know-it-all, but I'm not. This is my true self, it's shown in my rant quite often. My life's complicated, but somehow, I might just sail through it, like the Odyssey.