Chapter 4: Welcome to CHB

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Today was not the best day for Annabeth Chase. Aside from her attempt at running away from her house, multiple monsters attacked her, and totally made herself a fool in front of the cute boy she met on the beach.

There, she said it. He was cute.

She was curious about him, and it didn't just stop on the fact that he could see through the Mist. He looked familiar. In fact, he looked so familiar that she could have sworn she saw him multiple times in her life. But then she figured that it was probably just that he looked a lot like his godly parent, so she brushed it off.

The Grey Sisters' Taxi was the perfect end to her miserable attempt at running away. The car jerked around multiple times, and she was so sick of it that she didn't even acknowledge the mysterious boy, who might have been on his very first trip on the Taxi. She was just impressed that he hadn't throw up yet.

Ever since her best friend, Thalia Grace fulfilled the Great Prophecy a year ago, cabins for minor gods were built and the safety for demigods increased. Meaning, the camp border expended and safety was ensured so that they could get off the taxi a few miles before the main part of the camp.

She got off before the Grey Sisters could thank her for the extra drachmas.

Percy's POV:

My nausea was definitely an indication that the Grey Sisters did not improve their driving skills. It was still as horrible as ever. (If not, more.)

After the hectic drive that included me threatening to throw their eye out again, Annabeth nearly throwing, and us nearly driving over some innocent kid out on the road, we finally arrived camp.

The camp for half-bloods. The camp that I haven't been to since the Civil War. The camp that…

"Is that a dragon guarding the Golden Fleece?" I asked, confused. Last time I checked, the Golden Fleece rested 'safely' with Polyphemous, my 'dear' brother. But then, that was more than a century ago… Wonder why didn't the Hephaestus camper build a dragon with their Bunker 9 to guard the camp though.

"Oh yeah, that. Thalia, my best friend, Grover, a satyr and I went to a Cyclops island and obtained the fleece since the camp's border was failing…" Annabeth said, distracted, as she dragged me up the hill.

"A Cyclops?"

"Yeah. Nasty beings. Monsters with one eye, usually an offspring of Poseidon and a natural spirit." Annabeth said distractedly as we continued to trek up the hill.

Well. Excuse me. "Maybe not all Cyclops are bad? I mean, I know—" I caught myself, "from the myths that Polyphemous was rather, uh, rude and famous for his temper towards Jason and all. But maybe it's just him that's all rogue and awful."

"Maybe. But that doesn't really matter right now." She sad, excited as she dragged me to the vey border of camp. "Percy, welcome to the one and only, camp half blood." She said, as recognition sparked in her eyes. This was her home, and she was proud of it.

I couldn't help but let out a short gasp. Things around here definitely took a 180 degrees turn! Of course, it was for the better.

"I know," She smiled at me, "It's rather impressive, isn't it? This is our home, the heaven for half bloods and the only place that we could be safe."

Looking into the massive valley and the great scenery, the biggest improvement was definitely the cabins. Instead of the 12 cabins, (which some were completely pointless, mainly the one that was built for Hera) there was at least a good fifty. And that's just the ones found in the big 'Omega' (The former 'U') formation.

There was hundreds more, smaller ones, scattered around different areas around the hearth. A few on the edge of the woods, which I recognized as the place where Bunker 9 previously resided, a few on the shores, a few near the amphitheater, and some near the Big House.

I like the blue on the Big House much better than the blood red during the war, by the way.

"This is… Stunning and beautiful! Amazing! How could anyone else not notice this?" I feigned ignorance.

"It's the Mist. Something that Hecate maintained and conjured so that the mortals don't find us. Even half bloods can be affected by that, so I was surprised that you even noticed the dragon without me pointing it out to you. You'll learn more about it soon."

"And those little Greek houses…"

"Cabins, in which I designed a few of 'em too! You'll see them soon enough." Annabeth said proudly, "Let's go to find Chiron and Mr. D now. There's so many newcomers pouring in each day that one of them always stays in the Big House just in case."

Mr. D? As in Dionysus? What is he doing in camp? Last I check, Bacchus was still screwing around in the parties near San Fran…

We walked around the cabins, the still-no-cover dining hall, and to the Big House. Chiron was reading a book, as usual, and had some seriously awful music on. Something from the 20s, I think. I meant 20 A.D., by the way. Not even I was this old fashioned.

Another rather… Pudgy man was sitting next to Chiron, in front of a Pac Man machine. He just beat another level as he got excited and spilled diet Coke all over it. "Dang it!" He exclaimed as he snapped his fingers. Another brand new machine replaced the spoiled one, and he turned to Chiron.

"What now? Who's visiting? I'm still recovering from the rather nasty bruise that Areas bestowed on me."

"No, just a new camper. There aren't any Olympians visiting right now."

"Really? I swore I sensed—" Dionysus stopped as I sent him a message.

It's me. Perseus. I'm just visiting right now.

Well, well, well. You finally decided to get of the ocean, fist brat? Dionysus drawled in my head. His eyes quickly darted to Annabeth. With a daughter of Anteha no less! He commented, surprised with glee.

Don't you dare—

Or what? You're merely a minor sea deity. Although you're strong enough, you're still not enough of a threat for me.

Please, D, don't blow my cover. You know, I do know someone with a good brewery on the Rhine… I tried to bribe him.

Very well. Just this once. You'll give me some good wine once I finished here.

Thank you, owe you one, D.

"Great, a new brat. Run along, whoever you are. Annabelle, you can show him around." Annabeth breathed in relief as she shot me a weird look and made a gesture for me to follow her.

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