"It's not a good idea. Kurt, you have no idea how much I want to go to the prom with you." Blaine frowned at his phone. "They've been lenient on since you've returned. I think doing this would just rile them up again."

"I don't care! I want to spend my prom night with my friends and my boyfriend! They're not going to ruin this for me Blaine!" Kurt declared. Blaine sighed. He saw no way to avoid this. He agrees, harassment for Kurt undoubtedly spikes. He disagrees, Kurt gets mad at him. He sighed again.

"Fine. We can try." Blaine agreed, causing Kurt to squeal.

"Thank you baby! Love you! I need to talk to Mercie! Bye baby!" Blaine chuckled as he was hung up on. He hoped he had made the right decision. He had certainly made Kurt happy...

Mercedes lined up next to Kurt. "So boo, you, me, Rachel, prom?" she nodded. Kurt shook his head.

"I'm going to the prom with Blaine." he declared proudly. Mercedes' eyes widened.

"Boo, you sure that's a good idea?" she asked worriedly. Kurt raised his chin arrogantly.

"You and Blaine are so alike." Kurt shook his head. "I'm not letting some bullies keep me from going to my prom!"

"Okay! Okay!" Mercedes surrendered, "I'm happy for you."

"Thank you." he sniffed, before waltzing away to class.

"Did you hear? Kurt and Blaine are going to the prom together." Mercedes shared.

"That's great!" Tina called to her as she walked away.

"What's great?" Mike asked.

"Kurt's bringing Blaine to prom with him." Tina gossiped.

"Oh that's cool. He deserves it." Mike agreed.

"Did Kurt tell you? He's bringing his boyfriend to the prom." Mike told Artie, Sam, and Puck.

"McKinley's?" Sam asked in concern.

"My boy is taking his boy to the prom?" Puck asked, face lighting up. "Epic!" he exclaimed.

"Kurt's taking his boy toy to the prom." Puck informed Lauren.

"Daring. I like it." She nodded.

"You know Hummel is taking his boy to the prom, right?" Lauren disclosed to Santana and Brittany. Brittany grinned as Santana's eyes widened.

"That's so good! I love them!" Brittany chirped. Lauren nodded, leaving, while Santana stared after Brittany as she skipped away.

"Quinn! Guess what!" Brittany exclaimed.

"What?" Quinn asked, not taking her eyes off the prom queen and king poster she was working on.

"My dolphin and his dolphin are going to the big dance together!" Brittany exposed. Quinn's head snapped up to her.

"Kurt and Blaine?" she asked in surprise.

"Yeah! My dolphins!" Brittany agreed, before wandering away.

"Finn, did you hear?" Quinn asked her boyfriend curiously.

"Hear what?" he asked, grinning dopily at her.

"Kurt and Blaine are going to prom together." Quinn divulged. Finn's mouth dropped open in surprise.

"I can't believe he didn't tell me about it." Finn frowned, but then grinned again. "That's so cool for them."

"Hey, I'm sure you've heard, and are excited about it." Finn nodded to Rachel as he saw her.

"What?" she asked in confusion.

"You didn't hear?" Finn asked in surprise, before shaking his head. "Kurt and Blaine are going to the prom together." Rachel's mouth dropped open, before she squealed, jumping up and down. She darted down the hall.

"It doesn't matter what you do! Kurt will be happy no matter what you do! He's going to the prom with his boyfriend!" Rachel stuck her tongue out at Karofsky as she passed him.

He froze, mouth dropping open in shock.

Kurt and Mercedes chatted quietly as they waited for glee club to start, and other members started to file in.

"Congrats Kurt."

"We should go dress shopping!"

"Can't wait to see you there!"

Kurt shook his head, not even surprised that word had spread about him and Blaine within the time of an hour.

As Finn and Quinn, and then finally Mr. Schue filled in, Rachel stood. "Before we begin today, I would just like to congratulate Kurt on being courageous enough to go with his boyfriend to the mostly homophobic McKinley High's prom night. You're a real inspiration and I can't wait to tell my Dads about you!" she nodded to him, before prancing down to sit on Mercedes' other side.

"Oh….congratulations Kurt…." Mr. Schue hesitated, "But are you sure this is a good idea?" he asked gently. Kurt opened his mouth, eyes flaming.

"Of course it isn't. But, I don't care. I love Blaine, and if people can't accept that, then it's their problem, not mine." He stated boldly. Mr. Schue sighed, but nodded.

"Okay. Fine. Just let me know if anything happens, okay Kurt?" he really demanded more than he asked.

"Sure." Kurt approved half-heartedly. He was about to say something else, but the door to the room burst open to reveal….one Sue Sylvester.

"Porcelain. We need to talk, now." Sue demanded. Kurt tilted his head slightly, before standing and following her out, casting a confused look over his shoulder to Mr. Schue, who just shook his head, shrugging.

He followed his former cheerleading coach back to her office, to curious to comment. That is….until they sat down.

"What is this about?" Kurt questioned bluntly. Sue tilted her head.

"I hear people say, 'That's not how I define a romantic relationship.' Well to them I say, 'Love knows no bounds.' If you want to go to the prom with the love child of Will Schuester's hair and a hobbit, who cares?" Sue shrugged.

"How did you know about that?" Kurt asked in surprise, but then thought of a better question, "How did you know what my boyfriend looks like?"

"People talk. And as of now, the only thing being thrown around in the halls of McKinley is the fact that you and your bottle of hair gel want to go to prom." She stood, "Besides, I make it my mission to know everything about my cheerios, even my past cheerios." She leaned on the desk, making him lean back slightly.

"Porcelain, the next few weeks are going to be hard. But you are champion. You will survive this, and when you need help remember. Sue Sylvester's rainbow tent will gladly protect you from this storm of homophobia." She sat back down in her chair. "Now get out of my office." She commanded. Kurt gaped at her for a few more moments, before shaking his head and bolting from the room.

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