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What a night, thought a blue-eyed, blonde beauty as she opened the door to her apartment. Walking in and closing the door behind her, Dinah Lance, who was no other than the Black Canary, flopped on the couch, exhausted. It had been a simple mission, really. Stop a couple of thugs from stealing and dealing drugs and get out. But that 'couple thugs' had turned out to be more than she expected. A LOT more. She managed to get out with no serious injuries, but she now had a couple bruises and her legs were sore. Sitting up, Dinah lightly touched a couple bruises. Nothing too serious.

Sighing, Dinah got up and headed to the kitchen. Gathering a couple ingredients, she made herself a five-star meal of a single sandwich and an apple. Taking a bite out of her sandwich, Dinah glanced at the clock. Six o'clock. She blinked. It was Saturday night, all the crime was down, for now, and she was going to just sit home alone all night? Dinah shrugged and bit into her apple. Whatever.

"Wait, Saturday night?" she spoke out loud. "Didn't I have something planned tonight?"

Walking over to her phone, she swiped it up and went to her calendar. Leaning against the counter, Dinah searched through her weekly schedule. "Training... training... training... training the kids tomorrow..." Oh yes, Black canary was head trainer of the 'Young Justice'. It certainly wasn't... boring. She bit into her apple. "I guess not. Huh."

Just as she was about to set her phone down, her phone vibrated, notifying her that she had a text. Lifting it back up, she looked at it. It was from Diana. All it simply said was:

Are you coming?

Dinah blinked. Coming to where? Slowly chewing on her apple, her brain searched through memories trying to figure out what Wonder Woman meant...

She gasped, almost choking on her apple. "Shit!" she coughed. "She's talking about Bruce's party!" Groaning, she recalled it very clearly. Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, was throwing a house party tonight. He had invited most of the members of the Justice League, including her. He probably invited some of his employees and maybe some other friends, if he had any. Setting her apple down, okay, more like slamming it, she ran into her room, replying to Diana:

Do I have to go?

Not even ten seconds later, a reply came:

Yes! You promised you would.

Dinah put a frustrated palm to her forehead. Why did I promise that? She questioned herself. Okay, okay relax. It's only six; you can take a quick shower and get dressed up. No big.

Dinah ran to her closet and skimmed it. Okay, okay, I need a dress. Black, black, black, red, black, oh, wait, that red one is pretty sexy...

Taking it down, she skimmed her eyes over it, a light smirk gracing her features. She put it on her bed, grabbed a towel and ran to the shower, turning it on. Quickly striping down, she hopped in and started cleaning herself up. Dinah ran her hand along her bare leg and grimaced. She needed to shave. Grabbing her razor, she lightly started humming a tune she had heard a while back. It was pretty catchy. It was by some girl named Keesha or Kesha or something. Dinah ran the razor up her legs as she sang to herself.

"Don't stop; make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up, tonight. Ima fight, 'til we see the sun light..."

Finishing up, Dinah rinsed herself off, turned the water off, and lightly stepped out of the shower, grabbing the towel and drying herself off. Her fingers wrapped around her long blonde hair and twisted the locks, ringing the water out. She wrapped her soft, black silk robe around her curvy form and ran the towel around her hair. Walking over to the mirror, she wiped the steam off and looked at her reflection. While most people thought Dinah was beautiful with or without make-up, Dinah just couldn't seem to do anything without make-up. She thought she looked too... plain. Grabbing her make-up bag, Dinah pulled out her black eyeliner and drew thing lines that framed her sky blue eyes quite nicely. She then pulled out her mascara and put it on, making her blonde eyelashes turn extremely dark. Not needing foundation, for her skin was surprising flawless, she took out her blush and dusted a bit of it on her cheeks. Finishing up, she took out red lipstick that matched her dress perfectly and spread it over her pale pink lips.

"Okay, now for hair," she muttered. Taking her blow-dryer, she switched it on and dried her hair straight. Turning her curling iron on, she quickly brushed through her hair. Slowly, Dinah took her curling iron and started to curl her blonde hair into perfect ringlets, but not without burning herself a couple times. Once she was sure she was done, Dinah turned it off and walked into her room. Removing her robe and slipping on undergarments, she picked the dress up and carefully put it on. Zipping herself up, she walked over to her closet and slipped on a pair of red, strappy heels. Just to double check her outfit, she walked over to the full-length mirror hanging on her wall. She smiled at her reflexion.

Looking back at her was a beautiful young woman, wearing a stunning scarlet, strapless dress that went to her ankles with a slit going from her upper thigh, down. Her heels gave her a good two inch height, which was pretty nice. Deciding that she looked fine, Dinah walked out, grabbing her purse and phone. She stopped suddenly. How was she going to get there? All she owned was a motorcycle...

Sighing, she grabbed her keys and helmet. Guess she was going to drive around in a dress.


"Rooooooooooob, I'm bored!"

Robin stared at his laptop screen, frowning. He had only been there for an hour and Wally was already working his patience. Typing away furiously, he adjusted his sunglasses. "And, what exactly do you want me to do about that, Wallace?"

"I don't know, just do something!" the red-head was currently upside down on the couch, poking his best friend's thigh in a childish way. "It's Saturday night and we're just sitting here!" Robin sighed. Closing his laptop, he blew a lock of black hair out of his eyes. His hair had grown quite a bit. Maybe it was time for a trim...


"What?" Robin looked at him, his patience gone.

"Well, geez, you don't gotta be a jerk about it."

Robin gave him a glare that could outshine Batman's. Too bad Wally couldn't see it because of his dark shades. "If you're so bored, why don't you just go home?"

"I can't. My parents are outta town and Uncle Barry is going to some fancy party with Aunt Iris."

Robin blinked. He was pretty much there for the same reason. Bruce was having a party, under the assistance of Alfred. The man was afraid Bruce was too into his work and advised him that he should have one simple night off with friends. So, he was having some fancy house party. And since it was a 'grown-up' party, Robin had to go to Mount Justice and hang around a more-annoying-than-usual Wally. Along with Artemis, Kaldur, Conner, and M'gann, but at least they weren't bothering him like this.

"Well, find a way to entertain yourself."

Wally let out an obnoxious grown.

"What's he crying about now?"

Robin looked up to see Artemis looming over them. She, M'gann and Kaldur had entered the room without them even noticing.

"He's bored," Robin said, rolling his eyes.


Suddenly, the red-head jumped up, his green eyes sparkling, making both Artemis and Robin look at him in confusion. "I got it! We'll have a party!"

Kaldur blinked, his light green eyes showing with uncertainty. "That does not sound like a wise idea."

Artemis snorted. "Well, what do you expect? It's Wally's idea."

"I'm serious! We can have food and music and everything!"

M'gann smiled. "Ooh, I've seen movies about parties! There's always dancing and games and karaoke!"

"And sex and drugs and drama," Artemis said, folding her arms. "That just sounds like trouble."

"Aw, ignore her, beautiful," Wally said, putting an arm around M'gann, making her look uncomfortable. "She's just a downer."

Artemis grabbed his arm and pulled him off of M'gann, seeing the pretty green-skinned girl's discomfort. "Tch. Whatever."

"What's wrong, Arty? You scared?" Wally's smirk made her growl.

The blonde fumed at the nickname. She HATED that nickname. "No! You're just going to get us all in trouble?"

"Ha! You are scared!"

"Am not!"

"Then I guess this party this party won't be a problem," he folded his arms. "Party. Down at the beach. At seven thirty."

Artemis's glare was enough to make even Robin uncomfortable. "Fine," she hissed, stomping off. "C'mon, M'gann. Let's go get ready."

Megan beamed. "Okay!" She flew after her. "I'll tell Superboy!"

"I'll get snacks!" Wally said, before taking off at super speed. But before Robin could blink, he was back. "Hey, Rob, go on facebook and tell everyone. I'll text people." Then he was gone again.

Sighing, Robin grabbed his laptop and did what his friend asked, inviting everyone he knew would come.

Kaldur, pinched the bridge of his nose in aggravation. "This," he stated. "Is going to be a disaster."

"Yeah," Robin agreed. "Heavy on the dis."