Sasuke Uchiha stared at the ceiling of his bedroom, boredly tossing a ball into the air. It was a hot day in Konoha, any movement you made caused sweat to pour down your back.

He heard a door slam somewhere in the house, signalling his brother Itachi's arrival. Footsteps sounded, coming down the hall towards him. He groaned. Itachi could be a pain in the ass...

Itachi poked his head into Sasuke's room, not even bothering to knock.

"Lol" He stated with a blank face before disappearing down the hall, leaving Sasuke's door ajar. Sasuke stared at the doorway in complete shock.

Was that it? Itachi comes into his room and says lol? Since when does and Uchiha say THAT?

Sasuke scrambled across his bed to look out into the hallway. Itachi was humming to himself in the next room.


"Yes dear sweet little brother?" Came the mocking reply.

"Why did you just come into my room?" Sasuke yelled back.

"I felt like it" Itachi said, coming back along the hall to face Sasuke in the doorway. Sasuke stared at his brother. Itachi was crazy, everyone knew that... But this was just weird.

"Lol" Itachi said as Sasuke stared, walking away.

"Hey, come back here! Since when does and Uchiha say Lol?" Sasuke yelled at his brother's retreating back.

"You just did" Came the reply from Itachi's room. Sasuke seethed.

"Why did YOU say it? Come back in here!" Sasuke asked, throwing the ball he was holding at the wall his and Itachi's rooms shared, causing it to make a loud thump.

"Bang your head against the wall next time, will ya?" Itachi yelled annoyedly from next door. Sasuke threw the ball again, harder this time.

Itachi tromped down the hall to come into Sasuke's room for the third time.

"What" He said boredly, leaning against the door. Sasuke fumed.

"Why. Did. You. Say. The. L. Word." Sasuke said through gritted teeth.

"What, lesbian? I think you're hearing thing in your pervy mind" Itachi replied, studying his nails.

"Shut up and go away" Sasuke groaned, flopping on his bed. Itachi was impossible.

"Lol" Itachi said, walking away.

"I hate you!" Sasuke yelled.

"I know!"