Chapter 1

I couldn't believe this was how it was turning out; fifty wands at our throats and me being wandless, standing protectively in front of my lovers as though me standing in front of them would be enough to save their lives. …But Merlin how I loved them enough to pretend it would be enough. That if I gave my life like Lily Potter once gave hers, my loves would survive.

I knew they wouldn't despite the lives that were given to protect them, soon to be including my own, they wouldn't survive. Like so many others we would die because of greediness.

The first to fall was Harry's godfather. Sirius was killed protecting Severus, his love… the one who was carrying his child, it was in vain; Severus's life and the life of his child was taken soon after Sirius's death. After all that would mean The Black fortune would obviously fall to the boy who lived—that greedy red-headed whore had to have had that as well as the Potter money.

Remus was murdered when that bitch that calls herself my ex-wife passed laws that made it so werewolves were to be executed—including the children of werewolves; just in case they were developed "the disease" later in life which of course "sadly" meant that Teddy Lupin-Malfoy son of Lucius Malfoy and Remus Lupin, Harry Potter's heir and godson, had to die. Tonks was killed in the last battle, she was the godmother of Teddy Lupin-Malfoy; she would have been proud to know Teddy got her gift of Metamorphmagus. Teddy was born with Malfoy blond hair but died at the age of six adorning quite proudly bubble-gum pink hair. Lucius was assassinated ten days before the werewolf law was passed. Kingsley Shacklebolt and his wife Narcissa (formerly known as Lady Malfoy) Shacklebolt, Lucius's best friend, were pushed executed for disobeying the law by protecting Teddy.

Then Moody was killed because he was so loudly protesting everything. It took no less than thirty-four aurors to take him. His famous last words were, "I would have been dead by now if you would have kept me on as an auror instructor."

Rita Skeeter, merlin bless her soul, did her very best to expose what was going on. From what Hermione Weasley nee Granger, then back to Granger after the divorce, was really up to. To the crimes being done by the ministry and why Minister Rufus Scrimgeour was so insane, he was hunting down and slaughtering any who had the slightest connection to a dark wizard. Rita had her assistances, Lavender Creevy nee Brown and her Husband Collin Creevy, posted daily articles about, featuring pictures, of the those that were killed, of how the laws that were being passed that took away basic rights, of book burnings with Hermione Granger stand proudly at the scene of where "dark" books were "being gotten rid of before they could destroy some young child's mind". Rita always made sure everyone knew that Harry Potter was doing his very best to stop the criminal deeds being done as he and his lovers were on the run from the so called law. Lavender and Collin died after releasing one last newspaper featuring a picture Rita Skeeter getting a dementor's kiss for voicing her right of free speech. After being given a farce of a trial and sentenced to the kiss, Rita Skeeter's last words were "For record I didn't even have to twist the facts, the truth was already horrible enough."

Luna Nott and her Husband Theo and Her father were killed for treason because they let Rita use their newspaper to post her "lies." Poor Luna, she was a good friend, but I wish I could have seen Hermione when Luna said, "Your just mad because the Wacklespurts say I'm saner then you."

And when Umbridge is too horrified to be on the side of the Ministry, something is wrong! After rescuing us from the cells of the ministry after we were captured, and leading us through safely to the exit, the aurors appeared and Deloris Umbridge took the killing curse that was directed at Harry Potter, she saved his life… She saved all lives that day. Her last request was for Harry not to try to make the ministry right again; her exact words were, "I will not lie Mr. Potter, it is no longer worth you saving—I don't think it is able to be saved."

Amelia Bones and her niece Susan and Susan's husband Terry Boot were killed in a mysterious "accident". The fact that Amelia was the next in line to be Minister, and Susan had gotten the job Hermione wanted was just coincidental.

Fred and George, Percy, Bill, Charlie went next because my ex-wife thought they might have stood a better chance at inheriting my family's fortune then she did. After being labeled as Dark wizards by their so-called sister Ginny and Mother, the aurors came after them. Molly, who was sleeping with the Minister, had them even killed in order!

Bill and his mate Fenrir were killed for being werewolves; the fact that Bill was only scratched by a werewolf, and not a werewolf, meant nothing. Charlie died saving the siblings Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour who were to be executed for being magical creatures. Percy showed his true colors after being so angry that his older brothers were dead and not willing to risk his wife being next, asked his wife to flee the country. Cho Weasley nee Chang, wept greatly from America when she learned from an auror working for us that Percy was found sitting at the Minister's desk, and he smiled at the Minister before blowing up the entire Ministry, not many ministry officials survived. Cho was soon found and killed by a jealous Penelope Clearwater.

Fred and George, not wanting to be outdone by their newly name favorite brother, when half the auror department came after them… Fred and George went out with a blaze of glory taking Diagon Alley with them.

…Arthur Weasley was killed by his money-hungry wife a year before his sons were marked to be killed by his wife and daughter.

All of this started when after coming home from the last battle expecting to see my loving wife waiting for me. I remember listening to Hermione and Ginny talking about being famous for being the widows of the heroes of the War, and how love potions they had on us worked to the very end. Hermione started talking about taking the name Prewett; an old pureblood name would get her further in the ministry as would a vast amount of old pureblood money that came along with it. Then Ginny asked what they were going to do with the love potions mixed in the muffins since the dunces that were their husbands no longer require it after using it since Hermione was in fourth year. They laughed when they said we were so easy they didn't even have to use the marriage contracts made after second year against us.

We only ate those "Special" muffins when we were in front of Hermione and Ginny because they were absolutely terrible and we threw them out every time they were sent. But it explained why while we were away the love we had for Ginny and or Hermione seemed to have faded. And to think we felt so terrible for falling in love with each other and Neville and starting an affair while we were away fighting death eaters.

Ginny and Hermione were so surprised when a goblin delivered marriage termination papers for using love potions from their dunces of husbands. Molly Weasley was spitting with anger, at the money that was supposed to be hers after Lord Prewett died in battle and left the money to his wife; after all the former Lord Prewett, Molly's father, left the money and title to his sons or if they were dead, Molly's youngest son.

This set off a chain of reactions that led to so many deaths because of three spiteful greedy women. And Albus Dumbledore refused to lift a finger because Hermione and Ginny were "purging the dark" for the greater good. And McGonagall actually chastised us for divorcing such "good women."

We had the naivety to think that Hermione, Ginny, and Molly would be harmless so we let them go unpunished. We spent the summer courting Neville, who would be the sub considered the "girl" in our relationship. We used our money to try to spoil him rotten, or at least boost up his self-confidence; our Neville so beautiful, so fragile, so modest, so perfect for us. The Daily Prophet reported that Lord Potter and Lord Prewett married Lord Longbottom soon after our summer away. It was after that summer that Hell started.

Hermione and Ginny had somehow weaseled their way into the top ministry officials' ears and we were labeled Dark Wizards bent on taking over with "The great Harry Potter as the New Dark Lord." Our accounts were frozen and we were on the run.

But now we stood facing our deaths, Albus Dumbledore shaking his head in disappointment because we "went dark;" you know he didn't even defend Hagrid when the aurors came for the half-giant and his brother nor when they came for Professor Flitwick. McGonagall was there claiming that it was our ungratefulness to Hermione and Ginny that led to this. Molly, just Molly seeing as she and Ginny were disowned from both the Weasley and the Prewitt families, was spewing with glee. The minister was here to get glory for taking out the newest Dark Lord and his husbands; he had brought along what was left of his auror department. Ginny and Hermione had superior looks on their faces-they still wouldn't get a dime from us. Seeing as we had no family left we decided our money would be donated back to the goblins to help increase their security—no telling when the Ministry would come for them.

Molly stepped forward in front of her former daughter in-law, "You should have behaved better Ronnikins."

I would kill that bitch if I got the chance. How dare she use what only Fred and George could.

"Like your brothers before you killed them?" Her own brothers; if they behaved like Ginny maybe I could understand.

She stepped closer and hissed, "They were in the way much like you are."

I shook my head, she was not worth the reply; how could Arthur Weasley have married such a cold-hearted woman… Ah yes I remember, Love potions. An even better question was how such a woman could raise the Weasley brothers who turned out so great, but then the answer would be because Arthur Weasley had raised them as well. Ginny spent too much time with her mother to ever have been saved.

I turned my head to see Dean at my left bleeding almost as much as but deciding as I was to go out protecting his love—Seamus. I remember smiling when the two finally got together.

And next to the two stood Daphne Greengrass and Astoria; neither married, Daphne's fiancé Cormac was killed, and Astoria was too busy leading the resistance after her neutral parents were killed for "being dark".

I turned my head the other way to see my best mate, Draco, standing proudly a huge cut scar-ing his blood covered face. He had his husband, Blaise, behind him. Draco saw me looking and nodded in a way that told me he, too, knew this was the end. He turned and kissed Blaise one last time and told him he love him— I was Draco's best man at their wedding, my Neville was Blaise's maid of honor.

Next to them, shockingly enough, stood the husbands Marcus Flint and Oliver Flint nee Wood; great men, though still insane as they come when it concerns Quidditch.

I felt someone touch my back and turned to see Nev had reached to do it before our other husband chastised him and pulled him back to stand behind him.

"I love you both." Tears blurred my vision.

"I love you too," My husband and former best mate smiled sadly and held Neville tighter. "I love you Neville."

My Neville buried his face into our other husband's chest crying but told me he loved us as well. …If there was a chance I hoped they lived, even if it's without me. So that maybe in the future there would be a green eyed baby with messy red hair and a heart-shaped face, and that Neville does not name him Trevor! And preferably our son would have been named Orion after our favorite constellation. The constellation, our constellation was made up of three bright stars.

And tonight those stars shined above us, and silently I made a wish on them that I, my husbands, Draco and Blaise, Daphne and Astoria, Dean and Seamus, Luna and Theo, Oliver and Marcus, Rita, Lavender and Collin, Sirius, Severus, Lucius, my brothers, Fenrir, Narcissa and Kingsley, Moody, Remus, Teddy, my dad, could redo this.

Merlin if only I could redo this; I would have befriended Draco a lot sooner, never trusted Hermione Granger, would have had both my husbands in my arms and in my bed as fast as I could, I definitely would have contacted Lucius Malfoy for those Lord classes earlier on, I would have become a Slytherin just to spite McGonagall and Dumbledore and have had my husbands there with me, I would… I guess there wasn't anything I wouldn't have done if I could redo this.

I faced back towards my death. I would die before my loves would, I would have it no other way.

Spells were shot, my world went black.


And here ended Ronald Prewitt-Weasley who died protecting his husbands Harry Potter-Black-Weasley-Prewett and Neville Longbottom- Potter-Black-Weasley-Prewett.

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