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Orion 8

Dumbledore did a spit take. It seemed like all his plans had gone up in smoke. Potter was supposed to be in Gryffindor, befriend the Weasleys' and marry the Weasley girl-not the youngest boy and certainly not the boy Weasley and Longbottom. It was all the perfect image; the golden boy with his golden princess (who would keep the golden boy on the light side) and the masses would adore them almost as much as they adored Dumbledore. No everything was wrong.

It wasn't wrong, Minerva McGonagall thought, it was upside down. Everything was topsy turvy; like it was an entirely new school. The Gryffindors hung out with Slytherins, though she knew that had mostly to do with the Weasleys and the girls of her lion's Quidditch team still being friends. Everyone was studying hard because apparently no one wanted to be the stupid one in their year, or it could be that the students were afraid the parents finding out about bad grades.

Honestly, McGonagall had never seen so many letters from parents questioning their child's grade, at least not until the end of the semester when final grades came in and by then it was far too late.

The best part of the new changes all the students were being friendly, there was no virtually no bully; not even the mudblood here or there.

The school erupted in whispers and more than a few girls broke out in tears.

"Bloody Hell!" Angelina Johnson yelled after she snatched the paper aware from the other Gryffindor girl. "Moving a little fast, aren't they?" Her smile was wide as she, Katie bell, and Alicia started gossiping.

Ron and Harry proudly wrapped an arm around a blushing Neville proudly.

Cassius Warrington stared enviously at them. Little Neville wasn't denying their touches like Lee was denying his. Malfoy, guardian to Harry, and Neville's grandmother had already submitted and signed a marriage contract with Ron. How on earth did they get Lord Weasley-Prewitt to agree to contract, already? They were only first years.

Cassius frowned. Something wasn't right. It didn't add up. Lord Warrington, Cassius' father, had submitted a marriage contract to Arthur Weasley three times already but had been rebuffed. Wasn't it more sensible to bind someone older than a few first years together?

Or maybe it was something else…

Could be that it was Ron who pursued Harry and Neville? Ron did appear to be the dominate husband of the three with Harry being the dom-sub and little Neville was the wife-He means the submissive husband. Ron asked for a contract and Arthur Weasley submitted a contract to Lady Longbottom and Lord Malfoy.

Pansy smiled sadly. The old her would have said something to Draco Malfoy about the news. It would have been something scathing or romantic. She could actually hear the words now.

"Oh look Drakey, little squib Longbottom, Orphan potter, and the poor Weasley are getting married. A match made in reject heaven."

The remark alone would have gotten her killed and that would have been a mercy.

"Oh Drakey, that's going to be us one day." She would sigh. And then Draco would say…

"Our parents just signed the contract," Draco reached to take his fiance's hand. "It will be in the Sunday's Clairvoyant front page news. Lavender promised me." He promised Blaise.

Yes, Draco would have ignored Pansy completely and her face would have turned red and she would have went back to being mocked.

"See if a Malfoy can't outdo a Weasley." Draco sneered and Ron blew a raspberry at him.

Blaise rolled his eyes but warmth filled him. He loved Draco. He killed for Draco. He killed to save his Draco's life, his own life… and their unborn child. He had been pregnant when he died. He hadn't gotten the chance to tell Draco beforehand. He had been three months pregnant. He still hasn't told him. Draco would freak. Lucius Malfoy, who had been like a father to Blaise, would freak. They would both go on a rampaging killing spree. Right now they, everyone who had come back to the past, didn't need a rampaging pair of Malfoys. They need the sly, cunning Malfoys. They would win the war. What side of the war only time would tell? Nevertheless, if Teddy could be born again that meant that one day Blaise would be pregnant with their baby again.

He kissed Draco's cheek. As soon as the announcement came, he would be expected to act the part of a Malfoy future lady. Blaise sighed dreamily.

Daphne smiled knowingly at the Italian. Blaise had love in his eyes. She looked across the room where Cormac sat laughing with a mix of Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherins, and Ravenclaw boys. Cormac always had a way of getting a crowd's attention.

Her dear sweet fiancé hadn't come back with her but she would be Lady Cormac McLaggen one day. Nonetheless, she would avenge her fiancé. Still, she would need to get Cormac's attention again. That's going to be fun.

The holidays came quickly and they all went home.

Lucius and Remus hosted a gathering for all those who had come back and their families. The room was filled with music and food. Dobby was a free elf who enjoyed sitting back. Sirius was doing his best to get Severus pregnant somewhere in the mansion. Arthur Weasley was enjoying himself mingling with the other adults in the room who he had avoided in the past.

Collin was chasing around a blushing Lavender trying to get her to kiss him.

It was a warm, inviting get together which everyone from Amelia Bones to Blaise Zabini was there; that included Umbridge who in the past Lucius and Remus hated with a passion but an Umbridge with a bouncing giggling baby girl and not spouting nonsense about halfbreeds.

Which was good because cuddled up on the loveseat was Fenrir Greyback and his mate Bill Weasley. Fenrir Greyback had not come back with the others and was still as vicious as ever even moreso when Bill revealed everything that had happened to him and the others. Fenrir was the scariest when being protective of his mate.

There was to be a discussion, whenever they found Sirius and Severus, about what side of the war to support. The decision had all but been decided, after all the death eaters were now a political party. Still, Sirius had the right to bitch beforehand.

Far away in the castle of Hogwarts sat a scowling Dumbledore. Harry gone to the Malfoys much to Dumbledore's contempt. There was nothing Dumbledore could do, the Dursleys were nowhere to be found and to make matters worth there were laws coming into play from every direction. Laws stopping muggle rights, laws about underage magic, laws supporting magical creatures, laws about dark magic; it was like party Death Eaters. That was another thing, being a Death Eaters was now a legal political party. Death Eaters were being released from Azkaban by the second. Next semester there would be addition vampire, veela, werewolves, etc. joining the student body. The board of Governors had already started the renovations. Halfbreeds as Hogwarts students, Dumbledore hoped to never have lived to see the day.

Elsewhere in the castle, Voldemort pondered over the changes. It seemed his death eaters were stepping up after all. Their lord would return soon and perhaps if all is well, he would take a bride. He had his eyes on a certain beauty that the thought of would always make him smile.

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