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"It's a belated Christmas present." Cassius Warrington told Lee. "My father got it from the Ancient Warrington family Vault; it's where we keep our greatest treasures."

They were in the Slytherin Common room, alone.

Lee hadn't been serious. But as he stared at the ring in Warrington's hand, he knew Cassius had taken him seriously. "It's a ring."

"Don't look so surprised, dear." Cassius smirked. "This is after all what you wanted."

"We're only third years," Lee shook his head. "We're not ready to be married."

"It's not marriage." Warrington wrapped his arm around Lee's waist.

"We're thirteen." Lee snapped.

"It's an engagement." He kissed Lee softly. "It's to secure our future."

"You still have to go through Papa Arthur." Lee reminded him, never being more thankful for Arthur Weasley in his life. "Can't we just make out for a while?" He begged.

Warrington could never deny Lee anything, especially that. He pulled Lee close to him and crashed their lips together.

After a while, they broke a part. Lee sighed contently. Warrington, however, had a goal in mind and wasn't deterred—No matter how gorgeous Lee looked with swollen lips and hearts in his eyes.

"Put the ring on," Cassius pulled out ring again. "I want to make sure it fits."

Lee groaned. He should have known it would be that easy. "It is a nice ring." He reached for it.

"Get the bloody hell away from my brother!"

They had gotten back from the Winter Holidays over a month ago. He had seen his entire family (well not his entire family; Ginny and Molly weren't invited understandably. His new brother Lee, Dean, Collin and Dennis had been blood adopted and taken officially into the family.

Percy Weasley was in his dorm room. looking up ways to bring back Voldemort. Let him rephrase that so the depth of what was going on in the magical world was clear. A Weasley was looking for a way to bring back the darkest lord ever in existence: Voldemort. A Weasley! His father, along with Shacklebolt, Amelia Bones, Sirius Black, The Lovegoods, would declare themselves dark once Voldemort had returned.

But that had been the vote. Those who had come back had decided they couldn't trust Dumbledore; his greater good was not for the greater good of the world.

Percy didn't necessarily like the idea of a using the Sorcerer's stone but it was the quickest bet. Why Dumbledore would actually be foolish enough to hide the real stone in a school full of children, Percy would never understand. The headmaster was full of it, that he was sure.

The dorm room door opened and Percy slammed the book closed.

"Hey Percy," Montague tossed his books on the bed. "Busy?"

Percy hid the book under the pillow. "N-not at all Montague, don't you have Quidditch practice?"

"Not tonight." He said. "Since you're not busy, can you help me with charms?"

Percy sighed with relief and nodded. "Sure." He really didn't want to explain why he was reading a dark arts book.

Montague smiled. "I need to work on the Accio charm. I can't get the items to come to me"

"Oh! That's really simple to fix." Percy pulled out his charms book. "I really did like tutoring you."

"Good." Montague plopped down next to him on the bed. "I really liked getting tutored by you."

"The trick is to visualize the item." He opened his charms book. "Visualize where it is in your mind and see it coming to you wherever it is." Percy began the tutoring lesson.

Montague smirked the entire time. It progressed well. Percy and Montague sat really close together, and then suddenly there was no tutoring anymore.

Percy didn't know what had happened. One moment he was helping Montague brush up in charms in their dorm room, the next he was his back with Montague on top him and a tongue down his throat, then suddenly Adrian was punching Montague in the face.

All Percy could do was watch, stunned, touching his lips with his fingertips. It was his first his kiss—in this lifetime. It didn't take him long to snap out of it.

"Stop it!" He shouted. Percy did his best to break them a part.

Adrian grabbed his arm and tossed him on the bed. "Stay out of this." He yelled and was punched in the face by Montague.

Percy grabbed his wand and stupefy them both. They froze where they were. "Someone better tell me what the bloody hell is going on?" He growled. "Now I'm going to un-stun you, if you so much as sneer at the other. I will stun again and give you to Professor Snape."

He un-stunned them. "What's going on?" Percy asked again.

"He kissed you!" Adrian shouted.

"SO!" Percy yelled.

"He's mad because he didn't get to you first!" Montague growled. "It's over Adrian. Percy's mine. I'll submit a marriage contract in the morning."

"It's not over yet." Adrian glared. "Not until the contracts signed. And believe me when it is, it'll have mine name on it."

"Percy's mine!" Montague roared.

"I'm NO ONE's!" Percy yelled. "I can't believe you two! A marriage contract. You didn't even ask me."

Percy wanted to hex their balls off. How dare they!

He couldn't think. He couldn't be there anymore.

Percy ran out of the room, with Montague and Adrian calling for him. He ran down into the common room and the sight made me want to kill. Warrington was giving Lee, his brother, bonding rings. True, ancient bonding rings that would make the wearers instantly married and bonded; no engagement, wedding, or contract needed.

""Get the bloody hell away from my brother!"

Lee jumped back away from Warrington. "Percy! What's going on?"

"Lee, drop that ring. Now." Percy ordered. "Their bonding rings. You put it on and you're married."

Lee dropped the ring like it was covered in dragon dung and on fire. "You utter bastard." He screamed at Warrington.

Percy sent a patronus to his other brothers. "Tell them to get home!" The glowing fox sped away.

Percy grabbed his brother and some flew powder and stepped into the fire place. "Weasley Estate!"

It wasn't that Arthur Weasley regretted anything. He had his sons back and four additional ones; Lee, Dean, Collin, and little Dennis. He was friends with just about everybody. He was going to have grandchildren .soon by the way Fenrir and Bill were going at it. Apart from his ex-wife, he didn't have an enemy to be found. He was friends with Lucius Malfoy—Best friends in fact. Merlin knows he's thankful for leaving Molly.

The thing is Arthur was lonely. He was really lonely. Even more when the letters with his name on them started to arrive.

My heart beats for you- M

Had been the first note he had gotten, along with a dozen roses.

You make my dreams-M

The second.

My love wasn't at first sight but has lasted a life time.-M

There were over three dozen more. With gifts and sweets and so much more but barely a clue at who it was. Arthur was falling in love and he didn't have a clue who with.

Well that wasn't entirely true. He did finally get a name. Once. In his last letter.

I want you. Nothing else. You.-Marvolo

"DAD!" Percy screamed when he appeared in the fire place.