Tenten woke with a start when she heard a loud smack and a resounding crash into a tree. She opened one eye, half expecting to not see Lee anywhere in sight, most likely another loss to Neji. That wasn't what she saw though, she saw a pretty bruised up Neji laying in a broken tree and Lee stomping off with his nails dug into his palms. Curious she looks up to Gai and he just shakes his head, because all he knew is that they were fighting and then Lee got pissed.

Lee mumbled dark words under his breath as he stormed back home. He slammed the door shut as he made his way and threw himself on his bed. He couldn't believe what Neji had said to him in the middle of a spar, the gull of that guy. To think that he would dare say that I belong to him and have to check in with him and shit like that… Lee never wanted his romance to be like this… first his feelings for a man and then it just so happens to be a man that wasn't very caring… and not to mention that their first time together was rape. "He never even said sorry!" He screamed into his pillow. He stayed silent for a couple more minutes and then sighed and got up.

He made his way to the kitchen as his stomach gave a growl. He sighed again, he didn't want to be someone's property… he wanted to be someone's lover. He started to make himself some lunch while he continued to mull around in his mind about all the things he wanted and Neji was not.

Neji picked himself off of the ground, he had expected Lee to be mad, but mad enough to actually be able to hit him in a spar… and Neji knew getting hit by Lee, it was going to hurt. He dusted himself off and flinched a little while brushing over the fresh bruise on his chest. He looked over to the bewildered Tenten and Gai and made his way over to them. He looked at Tenten still lying on the ground and grabbed her by the hand and started dragging her to the nearby Ramen shop, she looked at Gai helplessly.

Neji sat Tenten on the stool and ordered for her and then stared at her intently. "What is it Neji? You are scaring me…" Neji gave her one more hard stare before sighing heavily. He relayed the whole story to her, since she already knew about the relationship. At the end of his talking Tenten felt really bad for Lee, he certainly had it rough. "Neji… you are a real idiot aren't you?" He immediately took offense to the comment, but held himself in check, knowing she probably saw the same thing in him that Lee did.

"Listen Neji, no one likes to be treated like property, we are all human beings with feelings. You have to apologize to him and make it up to him." Neji just stared at her like she was insane. "You want me to apologize? Are you crazy?" Tenten stood up in a huff and smacked him clear across the face and stopped out yelling, "I hope he dumps your ass." Neji watched the door as he put a hand to his face, just how many times was he going to get hit today? He stood up and paid for their food and made his way to the market district.

Lee stared at his shaking hands after he had trained for hours on end at his personal training bag. It was the bag that Gai had gotten him for his birthday. He decided to call it quits and hit the shower. His mind was in so many different places that he didn't hear the movement within his place. When he came out he didn't know what had happened. He placed was decorated with his favorite things, there were new weights and a training dummy and even his old head band framed and hanging by the doorway. His mouth dropped open, what was going on? He looked around rapidly, not even caring that he was still only clothed in a bath towel.

That was when he felt arms snake around his waist and he shivered when a nipping kiss was placed on his neck. "I am sorry Lee…" Lee spun around to see Neji, cleaned up, and his jaw dropped. He had never been so happy before, because here was the man apologizing and trying to make up for his hurtful words. "Tenten yelled at me today to… and when she said that she hopes that you dump me, I realized I could really lose you." Lee looked into Neji's eyes and they still looked as cold as ever, but he could see the fear in them. Lee hugged Neji and preceded to nibble on his neck, he had never been so turned on.

Author's Note: So….. I keep getting favorites and such for this story and I am grateful! I haven't kept up with Naruto, so I had trouble recalling the attitude of the characters… Sorry. I hope you enjoy the little extra fluff. Sorry if it doesn't live up to the first one… D: