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That Someone

It had been a week since Ronald had saved Harry. One week since he had faced his worst nightmare; or so he thought. Still it was a week filled with bittersweet feelings. He loved to be back with them, with her, but she was still giving him the cold shoulder. 'I know I deserve it' he told his best mate, 'but it still hurts. Do you reckon she'll ever forgive me?' he said, eyes pleading for a yes. 'Of course she will. Just,' he looked from Ron to his makeshift sister 'just give her time Ron. She has been hurting,' Harry looked back at Ron, his eyes very serious 'don't give up on her, or you. But Ron if you ever hurt her again…' he trailed off. Somehow Harry Potter, the boy who lived, had become a kind of mediator between his best friends. 'I know' Ron said looking glum.

Another week passed and Hermione was still not talking to Ronald. He, however, had made up his mind: I will get her to talk to me by the end of today… whatever it takes. Ron had tried being extra nice, cold, sad, pleading, technically every emotion he could think of and still Hermione ignored him. Today he was going to do what he knew what to do best when it came to Hermione: provoke a fight. He told Harry about it. At first he disapproved, but it was clear that Ron needed to hear Hermione's voice directed to him, just like Hermione needed to talk to Ron. It was kind of silly, the way she was punishing herself just so she could punish Ron. 'Do your worst' Harry said with a small smirk and stepped out for his watch shift.

When Hermione came inside, like every time she did, she ignored Ron's presence completely and went to the bathroom, which was the warmest room in the tent. Although he didn't know it she was always aware of where he was, what he needed, and well, everything about him. Still she couldn't forgive him so easily; after all, he had made her suffer for months. He reduced her to a sobbing couch decoration for at least a month. Now she was trying to keep what little part of her ego was left, intact.

She felt him near the door and she sighted deeply trying to take in his scent. Oh, how she missed it. Suddenly a loud knock threatened to tear down the bathroom door.

'Hermione!' he yelled loudly.

'What in the bloody world do you want?' she didn't enjoy swearing, but somehow it made her feel closer to him. Maybe it's because he likes to swear too much she thought.

'I've had enough! Either you forgive me or you don't; so what will it be?' instantly he regretted his words. What if she didn't forgive him? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

'You've had enough? You, Ronald Bilius Weasley, has had enough? Enough of what exactly? What can you possibly have had enough of?' she stammered.

'This!' he pointed between them.

She glared at him. 'I am very sorry for you Ronald, if you feel uncomfortable here. If you hate it so much you can leave. No one is holding you here. I think we all know that very clearly' She had gone too far, she knew it, but she pretended not to care.

Ron tried to hold his composure, he thought about what Harry told him. 'She'll be defensive, you know. But don't listen to her, listen to her… and don't take her bait.'

Hermione was being hurtful, because she didn't want to be hurt herself. He knew and understood that. So like Harry told him, he listened to her, his Hermione, not the angry and hurt girl in front of him.

'You don't have to do that'

'What?' she asked angrily

'Close up.' he said simply. 'You don't have to run from this fight. I know I won't. I'm sorry Hermione, I really am! I just… I don't know what else to say' he looked at her beautiful brown eyes and found the strength to continue, 'I was so angry… but that's no-'

'You were angry? That's the best you can come up with? Angry at what exactly? Our living arraignment? Our destiny to help Harry fulfill his? At me?' with that last question she turned, she couldn't face him anymore.

'No! Not you, never at you' he said quickly 'listen Hermione, maybe someday I can explain better, but for now I'll just-'

'SOMEDAY! No Ronald! You don't get to play that with me!'

He tried to explain what had happened, but it was still too hard for him. 'I can't right now, please understand that. I'm so sorry Hermione!' he couldn't think of anything else to say. 'Let's just move forwards, please' he pleated. 'Please forgive me. I know I've treated you badly, awfully in fact, and you don't deserve that, but I'm here, I'll always be.'

With that she looked straight at him, 'Sometimes I wondered, why am I still waiting for him to come? If he wanted to be here, he would've never left in the first place.' She was now trembling. 'That… this, Ron is how you make me.' She said pointing at herself, 'You made me feel so insecure when you left, you made me question my sanity. You, Ronald, made me doubt everything…' she stopped. 'I just want to understand why' she half said half whispered.

Ron remembered what the horocrux had said to him; how the love of his life and his family preferred Harry, how anyone with half a brain preferred anyone that wasn't him. You are nothing, you mean nothing; not to her, not to anyone else.

Hermione was crying; Ron was failing to hold back his tears as well. He remembered when they used to share smiles instead of tears of anger. None of their thousand previous rows could ever compare to this one. She could only wish that this unspoken war ended; that her thoughts could once again wonder to the magnificent notion of a future with him.

She turned again. He felt he was losing her again, he felt irrational. 'I'll wait, you know.' She looked at him, the question forming in her eyes. 'I'll wait for you. I'll wait forever if I have to.'

Even though she was blotchy he could see her blush.

'I want to be the bloke that means everything to you. And for that I'll wait forever.'

As she walked away he could've swore he heard her mutter 'You already are.'

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