Fifty Ways to Annoy the Soutaicho


Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. Nor do I own this idea. It was all Kirani56's idea, and I'll love her forever for letting me use it in Bleach. In fact, if you love Danny Phantom, you should go read 52 Ways to Annoy Vlad. It's fantastic. (:

Renji and Ichigo trudged back to the sixth squad quarters after a long day of training. Their bodies were sore from the constant abuse from the wooden training swords, and each stepped made Ichigo wince and Renji hiss.

As they neared the proper building, Renji noticed a notice on his door. They two curious shinigami edged closer to see what it could say. Written on the front was a neatly scrawled note.

For Renji and Ichigo.

In case you get bored.

There was no signature.

Shrugging, the redhead and the ginger pulled open the fancy wax seal, letting a new piece of paper tumble to the ground.

"Enclosed is a list of fifty things that will greatly annoy Yamamoto-soutaicho. Please carry out as many as you can and enjoy," Renji read aloud as Ichigo bent to pick up the paper. Both shinigami grinned, their injuries forgotten. This could be fun.


In his office, watching the two shinigami read the note, Byakuya let himself grin too. Life was about to get very interesting in Seireitei.

Just something I'm doing while procrastinating on The Beast Within. Again, thanks a ton to Kirani, and do enjoy. (: