The bombs over head shook the very ground beneath their feet as they went off over the base. Yet that didn't frighten them anymore.

They had long grown out of being frightened by the bombs being fired at them. Just like they no longer feared the murderous lasers that were used to cleave through their bodies and kill be honest there was very little that they feared anymore aside from having what greenery that had once grown on their planet; and in some areas still did. Die or disappear like the rest had.

Because when that happened, they would truly be lost.

He walked down the corridors to his bunker, the metal floors making a soft clicking noise under his feet. The only time he made noise was when he was walking these halls. Every other time he walked, he moved far too stealthily for anyone or anything to hear him.

Some of his comrades likened him to a ghost. Randomly disappearing and reappearing as he wanted.

Like today for instance-

He had disappeared behind enemy lines and taken out several key points in the enemy base while collecting some of the once plentiful plant life. He'd gathered as many flowers as he could without making them a hindrance and had then slipped back into safer territory with his prize so that he could take them to his lover.

Whom he had left in his bunker, gloriously naked and sound asleep.

Hopefully she wouldn't be too pissed with him. After all it wasn't often that he risked life and limb to get flowers for her. But then again, everyday wasn't as special as today to him.

No. Today was the anniversary of the day he and his lover had gotten together. And he for one had wanted to give her something special even if she couldn't give him much in return. That was why he had gotten the flowers.

They were the moon flowers that had once grown in abundance all over the planet. The flowers that the males of his kind got for their special females, to show the depth of their feelings for them. The flowers symbolized unity even in hopelessness.

He paused outside of his bunker door and glanced down at the moon flowers silvery, opalescent, petals and lightly ran one of his fingers along one of the petals, marveling at the softness of the flower for a moment before sucking in a nervous breath and opening the door and stepping in then closing it again when he saw his lover standing with her back to him.

Her long ink black hair hung down her back nearly to her slender waist as she finished buckling her belt and reached for her shirt when he finally moved away from the door and leaned over her back a little bit and placed the flowers on his bed, where she could see them then straitened his spine and waited for her to say something as he settled his gloved hands on her hips. "Are these-" She started to ask.

"They are." He said in a rough sounding amused tone.

"They're beautiful-"

"I should hope so." He doubted that he would have risked his life for something hideously ugly.

She by passed her shirt and picked the flowers up and counted them. Their were nine in all. The same number of years that she and her lover had been together. "Oh Throttle... they're wonderful." She said in an awed tone.

He smiled, though she couldn't see it and wrapped his arms around her middle and rested his chin on her shoulder wanting to memorize this moment of contentment for all the rest of his days as she leaned her head to the side, brushing her cheek against his own for a second before laying the flowers back down and picking up her shirt.

"Do you really have to go?" He asked, trying to keep the worry out of his tone. He knew how much it annoyed her when he worried about her. But he couldn't help it. With the war going on outside and the dangers one faced in the field, he'd much rather have her here in his bunker at all times where he knew she would be safe.

Where he could protect her.

Was it so wrong of him to want this?

She slipped her arms through her sleeves and turned to face him, her gray eyes studying him. "We've been over this before Throttle. I can't stay here. And you worry too much." He stepped back a little bit to give her some space and said nothing, though he wanted to argue.

He was a male, dammit, it was his job to worry about and protect his female.

She thought he worried too much. But frankly he didn't think he worried enough.

But he wouldn't really grasp the concept of worrying too much until several days later. He and his lover parted ways like they always did. A small argument, ended by a desperate kiss and a few whispered words of affection.

He was coming out of his bunker for his shift in the trenches when he heard a buzzing sound among a group that had gathered just down the hall. Curious about the obvious breach in normal protocol ( never stand in the hallways, the hallways needed to be clear in case one of the bombs overhead managed to destroy one of the labs and the highly flammable contents within them) he walked over to the group and listened for a second to what his comrades were talking about in hushed tones.

"Did you hear about general Carbine?" One guy whispered to another. Throttle's ears twitched and he tilted his head closer to the ones speaking while the others crowded around them.

"No. What about her?"

"Well, don't tell anyone but general Carbine was captured by the enemy three days ago when she went in for her shift and-" Throttle's heart stuttered in his chest and he saw red. Oh no- He had known that he shouldn't let Carbine out of his sight, yet had hadn't wanted to make her a prisoner. He had known that doing so would kill whatever love she had for him and drive a wedge between them.

Well no more.

He thought as he shoved his way through the fools then scattered the gossip mongers with a scathing remark about their lack of brains and ran down the hall to the hanger intent to grab his bike and whatever weapons he may need to go rescue Carbine but was stopped by her uncle before he could get to the hanger.

Carbine's uncle was one of the top strategists they had. The great general Stoker stood before the door to the hanger with several armed guards, seemingly waiting for something. Throttle froze, his mind going blank with terror.

He'd seen Stoker deliver bad news to families and lovers of fallen soldiers, he'd just never expected to have the man tell him that someone he loved was now gone forever. He waited, hoping against hope that Stoker wasn't waiting for him and sank to his knees in shock and disbelief when the man looked at him with sad blue eyes and said gently. "I'm so sorry Throttle-"