Throttle spent the rest of the night, up until it was time to leave the club, laying on the bed holding Shara and letting his mind drift from one thing to another up until the early morning hours when the music was turned down and someone knocked on the door and said that it was time to leave.

Throttle got up and walked over to the door and opened it to ask if it would be okay to leave Shara in the room until she woke up since he didn't know where she lived. The woman that had knocked and told him that it was time to leave was, luckily, one of Shara's co workers and once she knew that Shara was the person that he was asking to let stay in the room to sleep a while longer, the woman smiled at him and gave him a wink and said that it was fine if she stayed in the room.

The people working in the club would take care of Shara for him since she was a local. Throttle was tempted to ask what the woman meant, but she walked off before he could which gave him enough time to slip back into the room and give Shara one last kiss before he had to go find his bros and leave the club for good.

He laid out the flowers and the small velvet box with the locket in it on the table, next to the bed, on Shara's side and then kissed her and left the room with his heart aching in his chest.


Shara slept until well after two in the afternoon before she finally woke up in one of the beds in one of the VIP lounges, tangled in the bed sheets, wearing nothing but a button up dark green cotton shirt that was much too big to belong to her.

She moaned softly and stretched her arms over her head and arched her back up off of the bed a little bit before settling herself back down on the bed and looked around the room for any signs of something that might clue her into what she had done last night. Aside from running into Throttle and drinking, her memory was an almost total blank.

Her body was sore the muscles in her legs and lower back protesting a little bit each time she moved. It wasn't exactly a painful feeling, just something similar to what she felt when she went for a long jog. Her limbs just felt heavier and less coordinated than they should have felt.

There was a slight twinge of discomfort between her legs. Again, it wasn't a painful feeling. Though it was certainly a puzzling one at first.

At least until she noticed the bouquet of flowers and the little velvet box sitting on the table right beside the bed. She frowned and looked at the two blankly for a second as realization seeped into her foggy mind.

She'd slept with someone.

She jerked herself upright on the bed, her eyes wide. Oh shit. She was starting to feel sort of panicked. And for good reason.

She'd given herself to someone. Oh shit.

She'd given her innocence to someone and at the moment she couldn't even recall who it had been. Oh shit- It hadn't have been a human male had it? She didn't normally find them very attractive. They were too sneaky, too conniving, and too arrogant. They always looked at her like an object. And the way some of them spoke to her was horrid.

They spoke to her like she should worship them. Like she should feel grateful to them for the very air that she breathed or the food that she ate. Hell, she had even run across a few who had attacked her because they felt that as a woman she owed them favors.

Like she wouldn't mind at all if they used her body then cast her aside. They'd all been fools.

They all were fools.

She wouldn't have given herself to one of them. She refused to acknowledge the possibility that she had drank enough to even consider something like that. She reached out and picked up the box, wondering what kind of guy had a one night stand with a girl then left her flowers and a-

She opened the box and blinked down at the silver, mother of pearl and diamond locket necklace with the words My Girl on it. My girl? She thought stupidly. Wondering if this was some weird way for whoever she had slept with to show that he was possessive of her.

There was something vaguely irritating and sweet about the gifts. And the words on the locket felt familiar in a small way since she could partially recall someone with saying, "You have to agree to be my girl."

"I have to agree..." Had she agreed to be someone's girl? She wondered as an image of Throttle leaning over her, his scarlet eyes showing over the rim of his shades, rose up in her mind. She blushed from the roots of her hair to the very tips of her toes.

Oh dear god-

Had she slept with Throttle? Had she agreed to be his girl? Because if she had...he'd never leave her alone.


Throttle had been sitting at the kitchen table drinking one beer after another since he had got out of bed an hour ago. And Charlie was finally starting to run out of beers. "Throttle?" He turned his head to look at her, the long neck that he was currently working on poised half way to his mouth.

"Yeah Charlie?"

"Is there a reason why your doing your damnedest to get drunk so early in the day?"

"I'm not trying to get drunk. I'm killing time."

"Killing time till what?" Charlie asked curiously. Throttle finished off the beer in his hand and set the bottle aside as he swallowed what was in his mouth and said cryptically.

"Till the shit hits the fan." By his calculation the main event should happen in another thirty minutes or so since he figured it should take at least that long for Shara to find his gifts, freak out, shower in an effort to get rid of his scent, then come looking for him.