Halliwells in Hogwarts

By charmedgal005 and fantasylovergal

Disclaimer: If we owned these characters (aside from the ones you don't recognize), both Charmed and Harry Potter, we probably wouldn't be writing these. If we owned these characters, you would probably see this story on the show, or included in the book.. Hey! You know what? We are writing these and you don't see this story line on the show, or in the book, therefore, WE DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS!!! So don't sue us!

The sound of the door clicking shut was barely heard over the excited chatting that was coming from the kitchen.

"Piper, Phoebe? You guys, what is up? This is the third time this month that I have had to leave work because of family emergencies, and the month is only half over! This better not be a false alarm!" An angered Prue Halliwell called to her sisters who were in the kitchen.

She walked into the kitchen only to see her sisters drinking coffee and talking. When Prue normally came home because of an emergency, it meant that something evil was going. Her furry multiplied when she saw the smiles on Piper and Phoebe's faces.

"Yeah! Prue! You're home!" Phoebe exclaimed. She ran up and gave her sister a big hug. Prue stared at here with anger, amusement, and confusement. "Ok," Prue said, very confused at the scene that just played in front of her.

"We're going to London!" Piper exclaimed.

"We are?" Prue said, still confused.

"Strictly business." Phoebe said, trying to make it more understandable. But you could tell from the way that she was smiling that she didn't want it to only be business. She wanted to take a vacation.


"I had a premonition of some demon killing an innocent, and I could tell it was London because of like the things I see before the premonition to help me locate it, and there was the palace, and the London Bridge, and Big Ben. And I'm not so sure our innocent is an innocent, well actually he is. It was a boy about twelve, and he had powers, and I think it was really weird. There was a place called Gringotts Bank. And another was Ollivanders: Maker of Fine Wands since 382 B.C. I think is a load of weird places, but I saw it. We're going to London, and save the kid." Phoebe said.

"Phoebe, what did you touch when you got the premonition?" Prue asked. She had heard of those places before.

"Um… That book you recommended for me, the children's book. I decided to read it after you have been pressuring me to read it."

"You mean Harry Potter?" Prue said.

"That's the one. It does make sense. Doesn't the book take place in London?"

"Yes and no. Phoebe go read for a minute a chapter called Diagon Alley, and tell me if that description helps you." Prue said.

Phoebe shrugged her shoulders, picked up the book and left leaving Prue and Piper in the room together. "Do you think it was fiction that she saw?" Piper asked, almost getting at what Prue was getting at.

"I don't know, but those two places that she mentioned were in the book, in that chapter, so either Harry Potter is true, or Phoebe is making it up, or she can see premonitions of book out comes now, even books not written yet." Prue said, trying to analysis the situation.

"Ok, well we will see, Phoebe is reading now… so it will be a minute." Piper said, looking at Phoebe reading in the living room. They sat there, sipping coffee, and almost enjoying the silence.

"It would be fun to go to London." Prue admitted after a minute, "I'm not trying to be a party pooper or anything, I so want to go, but I need to make sure Phoebe is right about this before I miss anymore work. Christopher is already really pissed a t me. I don't think he believes that they are family emergencies any more." Piper looked at her sympathetically, she thought she understood. "Don't look at me that way, you have your own business, your hours are more flexible than mine."

"Prue, how naïve can you be? I if anything have less flexible hours. I need to be on top of everything at all times. And I worked at Quake for a while; where I did need to take off for emergencies." Piper defended herself.

Prue thought on that for a moment. Then realizing that Piper was right, she stuck out her tongue playfully at her. "I knew you were right." The two shared their tender moment with laughter. Phoebe came into the kitchen and slammed the book down.

"Wow. That was fast. Did you know that you could be in a race to see who could read the fastest?" Prue joked, trying to retain the mood from a moment earlier.

"Well yeah, I skimmed it, trying to find names from my premonition. I didn't want to ruin the book by reading the chapters out of order." Phoebe said.

"Well…" Piper prompted.

"That was definitely what I saw." Phoebe exclaimed. She was filled with mixed emotions. She didn't like the idea of having to save yet another innocent, but the idea of going to infamous London thrilled her.

"So we're going then?" Piper said, on the edge of her seat.

"We need to save that innocent." Phoebe said. One could have thought that a bomb had gone off in the Halliwell manor. The three erupted in cheers; they were going someplace different for a change. "So, are we going to fly there? Or are we taking the whitelighter express?" Phoebe asked.

Prue thought for a minute. "I don't think we could afford three tickets on such short notice. I say we take Leo." Piper agreed.

"LEO!!!" The three called. It was an instant later when their trusty whitelighter orbed into the kitchen.

"Hey there!" Piper greeted her husband. He gave her a kiss, and then turned his attention to all of the sisters.

"What's up you guys?" Leo asked.

"We need you to take us to London." Phoebe said.

"Oh. Ok. Dare I ask why." Leo asked, something's he needed to ask about, and others he really didn't want to know about.

"I had a premonition of some demon killing an innocent." Phoebe said.

"And it was in London. Are you sure about that?" Leo questioned.

"Unless there is a Buckingham Palace in San Francisco, I'm positive."

"Ok… when do you want to go?" Leo asked.

"As soon as we are ready." Piper said, all too enthusiastically.

"I'll go grab the Book of Shadows. We may need it." Prue said.

"I have a backpack we can use." Phoebe offered.

"I'll go get some money from the bank for anything we may need." Leo said, grabbing keys off the rack and exiting the door.

"I'll get some potion stuff we may need." Piper said. The three departed, each getting something different. Half an hour later, they were ready to go

"To London." Piper said, grabbing one of Leo's hands.

"To London." Prue and Phoebe said, grabbing his other arm.

"To London." Leo said orbing out.