This is it.  The last an final chapter in a long story.  I know the ending sucks, but I chose to end it with a sucky ending.  No, I didn't, but I couldn't think of a better ending.  Maybe I might write an epilogue, but I don't know.  I kinda like the end here.  Maybe I'll write a sequel, after all, there are some things that I left unsaid.  Well, in any case, here it is folks. The final chapter.

            Prue and Piper watched as Phoebe packed up her things.  It was the next August, and Phoebe was getting her things together for her first year teaching at Hogwarts. "I can't believe you are going away for a year."  Piper said.

            "I'll be back in the summer, and if any demonic problems arise, Cole or Leo can come get me.  I'll still see you guys."

            "But you won't be there to take my clothing." Prue said.

            "Piper, will you take it upon yourself to steel Prue's clothing for me?"  Phoebe asked.

            "Certainly."  Piper said.

            "Hey!  I didn't mean I was going to miss that.  I was just going to miss the whole idea of it all."

            "I understand."

            "Hey have either of you guys seen my other shoe?"  Phoebe asked, holding up a shoe.

            "Oh yeah, about that."  Piper said.  "We need a shoe for a potion about three months ago.  And yours seemed like the perfect candidate." 

            "I'm not sure which is more confusing, needing a shoe for a potion, or you choosing to use mine."  Phoebe tossed the lone shoe into the trash.  "It's ok; I haven't worn those since I got them.  And I wasn't planning on wearing them at Hogwarts either."

            "What time is your flight?" Prue asked.  To help store up Leo's orbing energy, in cases of emergency, Phoebe opted to fly

            "I still have three hours before I need to leave for the airport.  But," Phoebe walked over to her purse and held up three plane tickets.  "Dumbledore gave me enough money that you guys could come to London with me, and stay three days." Phoebe said.  "Start packing."

            "Phoebe, work." Prue said.

            "Don't worry about it.  You're already taking today off, and you'll fly back Sunday." 

            Prue realizing how right Phoebe was ran over and gave Phoebe a big hug.  Piper quickly joined in.  When Phoebe lost her balance, all three of them fell onto the bed, laughing.

            "We're really going to miss you."  Piper said.

            "Definitely."  Prue added.

            "Me too."  Phoebe said.

            "I got to go pack!"  Piper said, running out of the room to her own.

            "Thanks Pheebs."  Prue said, acting like Piper.

            Phoebe looked around her room.  That had been her room for all of her life, and hadn't been away from it for longer than the couple of months that she had lived in New York.  She went underneath her bed where she kept a small trunk.  She pulled it out, and gathered the last of her things, a photo album that not even her sisters knew about.   She put it on top of a Hogwarts Staff issued trunk, and then closed the lid.  She looked around to see if there was anything she could have possibly forgotten.  "Is there anything I have forgotten?"  She asked herself.

            "How about me?"  Cole said, from the doorway.

            "Baby, I haven't forgotten you, but I don't think you'd fit in my suitcase."  Phoebe said.

            "Were you going to leave without saying goodbye?"

            "No, never.  That is why I was finishing packing three hours early." Phoebe said.  "So we could say good bye."  The two stood in silence staring at each other.

            "Have you eaten breakfast yet?"  Cole asked.

            "Not yet."

            "I know this place that has really good pancakes."  Cole said.

            "Pancakes?"  Phoebe said.  "Ok, but I have to come back to the manor for my sisters."  She said.

            "I know.  But it will be fun.  We don't go out for breakfast much." Cole said.  He wrapped his arms around Phoebe.

            "Pancakes sound good."

            "So we're going?"

            "Yeah.  I'll just tell Prue and Piper."  Phoebe said, sneaking out of Cole's embrace.  Phoebe came back from breakfast, slightly depressed.  She hadn't realized how much she would miss Cole.  Phoebe had always known that she would miss Cole deeply, but she didn't realize just how much.  It was the fun times like they had just had that kept her going.  Cole had to leave for work after breakfast, so he quickly shimmered her home, and then gave her a good bye kiss before leaving for work. 

            "Pheebs, its time to go."  Prue said.  Phoebe looked into her bedroom. 

            "I'm going to miss being home."  Phoebe said, she took one last glance to make sure she had everything, and then turned off the light, and shut the door. 

            "We're going to miss you home too."  Prue said.  "Come on, Leo and Piper are getting everything in the car."  Phoebe grabbed Phoebe's trunk, and was surprised.  "Wow, this is really light, are you sure you have everything?"

            "Yeah, there are all sorts of spells on it to make in bigger than it looks, and to make it lighter.  If I wanted I could fit my entire room in there, and have it weigh less than a feather."

            "You got to teach me that trick."

            "I sure will."

            "I can't believe we're going to London on vacation!"  Prue squealed.

            "I can't believe I won't be back for a while."

            "Glad we're in agreement."

            "Remember last time I left?"

            "How could I forget?"

            "There were no regrets then.  I didn't think I'd miss you.  Piper I thought maybe, but I was just so…"

            "Naive?"  Prue finished.

            "Yes.  But I did miss both of you.  Now here I am, and I'm leaving, and almost wishing I'm not."

            "Then don't."

            "Prue, I can't back out now.  If I really get too homesick, I can leave after this year, but it's not fair to Dumbledore, backing out now."

            "I know."  Prue slammed the door shut.  "I was just joking with you."

            Phoebe was quiet on the ride to the airport, and the air plane ride.  She was nervous, and scared.  Piper and Prue could sense this about Phoebe, and didn't push her to talk.  They knew that Phoebe was nervous.  But being near each other calmed Phoebe's nerves.  Phoebe had purposely gotten tickets for two days before she left.  That gave her plenty of time with just her sisters.  They did some sight seeing of London, something their last trip to London never gave time for.  But on Sunday night, it was the day before everyone left.  Phoebe couldn't believe that it was her final day with her sisters.  Prue and Piper were putting their clothing into their suitcases.  "I'm scared you guys."  Phoebe quietly said.  It was something she hadn't said yet, and something she had been feeling.

            Piper walked over and put her arm around Phoebe.  "I've been waiting three days to hear you say that."

            "Feel better?" Prue asked.

            "Yeah, I just needed to say that."  Phoebe met the other teachers at the Leaky Cauldron that night.  After everyone complaining about how early they had to be at the pub, Dumbledore decided to change the time so that they would be down there at night.  Already slightly late, Phoebe took her time saying good bye to her sisters.   This made her really late.  But Dumbledore only smiled.   Some things, like sisters, are more important than punctuality.  The train wouldn't leave without him.  He wouldn't leave without Phoebe.  As Phoebe stepped onto the Hogwarts Express, she took one last look.  It wasn't the world she was going to leave behind, but it was close enough.  She took a deep breath before she shut the door, and sat down in a compartment, finally ready for the task ahead of her.