Hey everyone! First, let me say thanks for coming over to my new series of one shots. Which will make no sense to you if you haven't read "Love Letters". This will be a series of scenes I never got to write in the original. It could be set in any time from the present to 50 years in the future. Mostly Dave and Kurt, but some of Puck, Becky, and the Group! So, read if you are interested, or ignore if it looks boring. I am just happy to write this love story.


And then, with tears blinding his eyes, in front of an audience of thousands of people he didn't know, in front of teams from 49 other states, in front of his family, and Dave's, Kurt spoke the words that were on his mind and in his heart.

"Dave…you are my love story"

Getting up from his seat at the end of the aisle, Dave fixed him with an intense stare. A hushed silence fell over the crowd, as if everyone were holding their collective breaths.

Then, without a word, Dave turned and walked out the door….

Kurt was numb, an icy sensation pouring through every inch of his body.

He couldn't absorb what was happening.

He'd put everything on the line in front of thousands of people. He'd wanted to show Dave that his love...that their love, was stronger than anyone or anything. Stronger even then Dave's self doubt and fear.

Maybe Taylor Swift wasn't the perfect medium for declarations of love, but he never thought that Dave would reject him so completely. How could he have walked out the door?

And in that second Kurt let doubt creep in.

Standing there, under the glare of the spotlight, feeling the oppressive weight of Dave's rejection, he wondered if maybe they were like Romeo and Juliet, meant to be nothing more than an intense and brief glimpse of perfect love.

Young love that burned too bright to last long.

Wondering why they hadn't lowered the curtain, why they hadn't taken the spotlight off of him, Kurt spun around, turning his back to the audience, shouldered hunched. God, why wouldn't they lower the curtain?

It's as if everyone else was as paralyzed by shock as he.

The pounding of his heart was all he could hear. It was getting louder and louder with every second that passed.

Only… it wasn't his heart.

It was the sound of running feet. Running feet getting closer and closer.

Kurt was afraid to look. Afraid to hope.

But he couldn't stop himself.

Oh God. It was Dave.

And then everything was in slow motion, just like in the movies.

Dave emerged from backstage, flushed and breathing heavy; his brilliant hazel eyes locked with Kurt's pain filled blue ones.

And then, with their eyes still locked, Dave smiled.

Kurt's knees buckled, and he started to fall, but Dave was there and he swept the smaller boy into his arms and it was like every secret dream that Kurt had ever had. Dave, though he never had realized it, had always been able to read Kurt so well. He understood him, and reached his heart in a way that no one had ever been able to.

Especially with his words. And tonight was no exception.

Pulling Kurt close, burying his face in his neck, he whispered

""Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!.. For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

Kurt's eyes filled with tears. Dave was quoting Romeo and Juliet.

It was beautiful, poignant, and so heartbreakingly perfect.

Kurt could hear reaction ripple through the audience, even as the curtain finally starting lowering.

And that was nothing like the movies.

In the movies, the audience would have been on their feet, clapping and stamping their feet and calling for more.

Kurt could hear a smattering of applause, and some cat calls, but he could also hear booing, some shrieks from outraged mothers, and what he was pretty sure were some impatient Oklahoman's yelling "Get off the stage, Ohio!"

He could feel Dave's mouth, curling in a smile against his neck as he strode off stage with Kurt in his arms. Off stage and right into Glee madness.

The girls, with the exception of Rachel were crying and laughing. Dragging Dave and Kurt; who was still held in Dave arms, in for a group hug.

Rachel's smile was brittle as she reached over for a half hearted hug, all the while muttering "Taylor Swift? I mean, really…Taylor Swift?"

The guys of Glee were supportive, high fiving the pair, who now stood amidst the group with their hands linked. Well, all the guys except Puck. Puck was standing apart from the group, his back to them, shoulders shaking. Kurt, being the less soft of the two, tried to drag Dave out the door without addressing Puck's obvious distress.

Dave pulled Kurt along with him; stepping over to tap Puck on the shoulder.

"Are you ok, man?"

Puck turned to face the pair, his face splotchy with tears.

"I don't want to take anything away from this...you know, romantic moment. I just need you to know that me...and the group...we are starting to feel like the third wheel. That's it. I mean, I think it's fair to say that Dave wasn't the only one who could have used a sexy, heart warming public gay tribute song tonight. I think we all could have used one…you know?"

Leaving Puck secured in the supportive embrace of Becky, Dave and Kurt met up with their parents. Both the Karofsky's and the Hummel's expressed their pride and joy at seeing both the performance, and the moment between their sons.

Then they settled in with the rest of glee to watch the remaining performances and await the results.

Ohio came in 4th.

This was amazing, as they hadn't placed higher than 17h in the last 20 years.

It wasn't a win, but it was a victory of sorts, and; as everyone on the Glee Club would be back the following year, they were able to enjoy their accomplishment, knowing that they had another shot at the title the following year.

Kurt got permission to ride home with his parents, instead of leaving with the Glee club the next day. And his parents wanted to stay for the weekend, so Kurt got the chance to see New York again.

He walked the same paths that his feet had traveled in the days before, but this time with Dave. And it was like he was seeing it all for the first time.

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building. Seeing them from the vantage point of Dave's arms made them seem bigger, brighter, and filled with more promise.

With Dave, everything was different. The days seemed warmer, the air was crisper, the people nicer. The city didn't just glow at night, it sparkled. The food wasn't just good, it was delicious. Every moment and every sense was magnified by the other boy's presence.

On their last night in New York, Dave found the rooftop entrance at their hotel. Waiting for their parents to fall asleep they'd snuck out onto the roof with two blankets.

Wrapped up in each other's arms, they gazed up into the New York sky and talked about everything and nothing.

Dave told Kurt how he had come to realize that he needed to believe in his own worth, and to have some trust in Kurt.

Kurt told Dave about that moment; while he'd been waiting for Dave on that lonely stage, how he'd felt that maybe they were Romeo and Juliet, and how maybe this was how their love story was supposed to end.

Dave face crumpled and he apologized for the pain he had put the other boy through. Kurt; wrapping his arms even tighter around the bigger boy, had kissed him, telling him that there was nothing to forgive.

Dave; after a moments contemplation, had spoken again.

"You know..I don't think that what we have is really a love story"

Kurt was surprised.

"What do you mean; we don't have a love story?"

Dave shrugged his shoulders, and biting his lip, replied.

"Well, aren't love stories supposed to have happy endings?"


"That's why ours isn't a love story. We won't have a happy ending"

Kurt's free hand reached out to smack whatever part of his boyfriend that he could reach.

"What the hell do you mean, we won't have a happy ending, you jerk?"

Dave; laughing, fended off the outraged pinches and smacks of his boyfriend.

"What I mean is that we won't have a happy ending. Because, Kurt..." Dave looked into the beautiful blue eyes of his boyfriend.

"Our story has no end"