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It was supposed to be a magical night.

Kurt had been planning it forever; wanting to get every single detail perfect.

It was his and Dave's first "real" date.

Not just hanging out, or watching movies, or going out with a large group. It was going to be just the two of them. Leaving Lima, going to dinner and a movie.

When Kurt had first voiced his desire to go on a "real" date, Dave had immediately supported it, suggesting they go that same night. But Kurt had been dreaming of his first date since he was probably 4 years old, and although he and Dave had been in a relationship for several months, he wanted this date to be special. Memorable.

You only get one first date, after all.

Kurt wanted this date to be a combination of both of their interests; exciting and memorable for both of them. Which was why he'd decided against theater tickets or the ballet. He knew that other boy would have gone willingly anywhere Kurt asked him to go, but he needed this date to be about both of them.

Which was why they were having dinner in a fancy French restaurant and then going to see the newest action movie at the theater. Dave would endure the frog legs and unreadable menu for him, and he'd endure the carnage and poor production value of another blood soaked action film for Dave.

Thinking about the date reminded Kurt of his favorite song lyrics from Maroon 5. "It's not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves us along"

He wanted him and Dave to be together forever. It wasn't always going to be dreamy nights spent lying under the stars, or wonderful candle lit dinners. Some nights it was going to be greasy pizza and watching "Die Hard"…again. But he wanted loving Dave to be more than just words he said. He wanted his actions; his willingness to compromise, to be testament to his feelings for the other boy.

It had taken him a little while to plan everything. From the cuisine, to the theater, to what he would wear, to the love letter he wanted to write for Dave. Kurt considered every angle and planned down to the last detail.

Taking a deep breath, he strode towards his car. The date was all planned. Now he just had to ask the boy…

Dave was rushing through his algebra homework. Usually he didn't bother with homework on Fridays, but he wanted his schedule fully free for the weekend. He didn't know what was up, but Kurt was acting strange.

Strange and giddy.

Which; in Dave's experience, meant that the other boy had something planned. Most likely a surprise of some kind. For all Dave knew, it could be a surprise for someone else. But he didn't want to have algebra hanging over his head in case the surprise was for him. You know, especially if the surprise was a weekend of sex or something.

Not that he'd do it. No, he knew that neither he nor Kurt were ready for that. But if Kurt really had put a lot of planning into this weekend of sex surprise and he got demanding, maybe; just to be polite, Dave would have to go along with it.

Dave grinned. He didn't know why he was trying to lie to himself. If Kurt so much as uttered the word "sex" Dave would have jumped on him so fast, it would have made the other boy's head spin. Being gay didn't mean that he wasn't a teenage boy, after all.

Mentally chiding himself, he turned back to his math book, squashing the thought of Kurt demanding sex from him into some back corner of his mind. Exactly 30 seconds later, he was staring out the window of his bedroom, imaging Kurt locking an anonymous hotel room door and ordering him to strip, when he saw him.

Kurt; while known for his grace, was not known for his stealth. Which was why Dave was surprised to see his boyfriend attempting to sneak up the walk to his front door. Dragging with him what appeared to be a large, colorfully decorated piece of poster board. Maybe this was it. Maybe the poster board was a map to the motel 6. Maybe he'd taped a key to it! Maybe...

Dave smacked himself in the head. God, he was losing it. There was no way Kurt Hummel was sneaking up his walk to leave a colorful map to the Motel Six. But he was leaving something, Dave realized, hearing the door bell ring, and seeing the other boy jet off down the block.

What was going on?

Tossing his algebra book aside, he jumped up, sprinting down the steps, getting to the door at the same time as his mom.

"Ma, I think Kurt left something out there for me. I saw him through the window"

Mrs. Karofsky smiled at her only son.

"Let's see what it is, shall we?'

Oh God, now she was going to know. About the Motel Six, about the weekend of crazy sex that Kurt had planned for them. About the things Kurt was planning to do to him…the things...

Dave licked his suddenly dry lips, his mind wandering, and; in that second of distraction, he forgot his objective. Which was why his mom was the person to open the door, and the first person to see the poster board left lying out of the Karofsky's front porch.

"Oh, how sweet"

Sweet? A weekend at the Motel Six with Kurt was lot of things, but sweet wouldn't be his first choice to describe it.

Peering over her head, he understood her reaction.

The colorfully decorated poster board was a candy gram.

This was no illicit booty call invitation. It read:

To my baby (ruth),

You make me snicker and I love to give you (Hershey) kisses.

When I am with you, I see starbursts

And I feel (almond) joy.

Be twix you and me,

You make me fall to (reeses) pieces.

It would make me very jolly (ranchers)

If you would go on a date with me!



Dave couldn't stop the silly grin that spread across his face. He could see the time and attention Kurt had put into this project, and it warmed him to his very soul. He wouldn't trade the 8 pieces of carefully placed candy for a hundred Motel Six keys.

Grabbing his keys, he left his mom in charge of preserving the candy gram. He had a date to accept.

"Carol, he's not even here yet, and you've taken a million pictures"

Kurt; dressed in dark trousers, a button down white shirt, and a deep green sweater vest, smiled in humored exasperation at his stepmother. His dad wasn't any better.

For the last hour, as he'd prepared for this date, Carol had been popping up in front of him, taking photos, while Burt dished out the advice. He'd heard everything from "Treat yourself with respect" to detailed instructions on the use of pepper spray. He'd probably been most embarrassed when Burt had informed him that a gentleman never kisses on a first date.

His face burning, he informed his dad that he and Dave had kissed already, on many occasions. Which had been a mistake, as his dad had then demanded to know how many was "many" occasions? Burt had then informed his son that he had the number of every shady motel in Lima on speed dial and if he was even one minute past curfew, that he would start dialing.

It was still 20 minutes until Dave was scheduled to arrive and Kurt thought he might actually go crazy before the other boy could get there to start the date.

Would Dave still date him if he were locked in a mental institution?

As he pondered that question, the door bell rang.

Yes! He was here early. Kurt started for the door, only to be tackled by Finn. Kurt twisted out of his step brother's grasp, turning to face him, an expression of outrage and confusion on his face.

"Sorry dude, your dad's orders. Apparently he wants to have a little talk with Karofsky"

Oh God, would this comedy of errors never end? And to think that Kurt had wanted this.

Dave and his dad walked in from the porch 5 minutes later. Dave looking both breath takingly handsome and deathly afraid, was clutching a small bouquet of tiger lilies.

Kurt felt a rush of love for the other boy. He looked so endearing in that moment. He'd clearly taken pains with his appearance; wearing dark slacks, a white shirt and tie, with a dark blue sweater over them, his hair carefully brushed. He'd also just gone through a 5 minute Burt Hummel lecture, his wide eyes and nervous expression bearing testament to the painfulness of that ordeal. And he'd brought flowers.

Ignoring the flash of Carol's camera and Burt's continued glower; Kurt stepped forward, until he was standing in front of the other boy.

"Are these for me?"

Dave swallowed audibly, his hazel eyes shifting to Burt, as if for permission to answer the question. Burt's scowl was not reassuring.

"Y...yes. I...I hope you like them"

Kurt beamed, taking the flowers from Dave and burying his face in them.

"I love lilies! Especially tiger lilies. Did you know that?'

Dave shook his head, seeming to shake off some of his nerves at the same time. He smiled at Kurt, his eyes drinking in the other boy's appearance.

Kurt could feel his cheeks flushing from the other boy's steady appraisal and he forced himself to talk, trying to divert his dad's attention from the rapt expression on Dave's face.

" what made you choose tiger lilies, then? "

Another flash of light from Carol's camera seemed to reorient Dave to his surroundings. Glancing around at the assembled Hudson- Hummel's he ducked his head, mumbling a reply.

Kurt flashed him a questioning look.


Dave heaved a sigh.

"I liked their meaning"

Carol giggled, smiling her approval. She put down her camera.

"That's really sweet, Dave. What do they mean?"

After casting a nervous side glance at Kurt's still frowning dad, Dave seemed to decide something in his head. Taking a deep breath, he walked over to Kurt, placing his big hand on the Kurt's cheek.

Never taking his eyes away from Kurt's, he answered Carol's question.

"They mean...I dare you to love me"

They were 30 minutes late for their reservation at the French restaurant. Chez something or another. Dave hadn't caught the name. His mind was kind of fuzzy. A 30 minute "I love the flowers you gave me" make out session with Kurt on a deserted road will do that to a person.

Glancing across the candle lit table, trying to avoid looking at whatever it was on his plate, he thought he'd never seen his boyfriend look so beautiful.

He was excitedly chattering about something he wanted to see when they went to Paris one day. Every time he said "When we go" Dave's heart skipped a beat. He would find walking the streets of his neighborhood with Kurt fascinating, but to think of the two of them across the world, seeing the amazing French city together, was almost beyond Dave's powers of imagination.

He wanted it to happen so much that his body ached.

Especially now, when he could see how much Kurt loved it at this restaurant. It was dimly lit, with haughty waiters, high prices, and small portions, but Kurt glowed. And Dave would do anything; go anywhere to see this happiness and animation on his face more often.

He knew that Kurt felt stifled living in Lima, but tonight had shown him just how much. He had seen some of this side of Kurt when they'd been in New York together as well. He knew that Kurt needed to spread his wings and find his happiness in a place that had French restaurants more than just every 100 miles or so. And because Dave's happiness was Kurt, he'd have to go on that adventure with him.

Life with the other boy would never be boring, and as long as they had each other, they were invincible.

Kurt was proud of himself. He'd only screamed 3 times during the action movie. But really, they should warn you when you buy your ticket that someone is going to be scalped. A person should be prepared in advance for something like that.

Sighing, he leaned back against Dave's truck. He was waiting by the truck while the other boy went back into the theater; already showing another picture, to try and locate his phone. Kurt would have just called it for him, but Dave had turned the ringer off for the movie and he wouldn't be able to hear it.

He would have climbed in and waited for him, but he was enjoying the night breeze and looking at the stars. It was a beautiful night to end a beautiful date. Random scalping aside.

Except that it had gone from a breeze to a chilly wind. Shivering beneath his thin sweater vest, he decided to grab Dave's letterman jacket from the second row of seats.

Shoving his arms into the letterman jacket, concentrating on warming up, he almost didn't hear it at first.

The sound of footsteps.

"Well, well, well...what do we have here?"

Two boys; about Kurt and Dave's age, were standing at the end of Dave's truck, their mocking words directed at Kurt.

Kurt's heart stopped.

There was no mistaking their threatening posture. These boys weren't stopping to have a pleasant chat. One of them spoke again.

"You're the little fag boy who kept screaming in the movie, aren't you?"

His friend laughed. It was a hollow, ugly sound.

"What's a little fag boy like you doing in an action movie? Shouldn't you be watching the Sound of Music or some crap like that?'

Kurt's shaking hands groped in his pockets. Where had he put that pepper spray? Why hadn't he listened to his dad? Where was Dave?

The two boys were slowly walking towards him.

A quick glance around revealed to Kurt that there was no one else around.

He was on his own. Summoning courage from somewhere, he forced himself to speak

"Listen, meat heads. I don't want to talk to you, I don't need to explain myself, and you had better get out of here before my boyfriend comes back"

His rushed words lacked the heat he'd intended to give them He sounded exactly like what he was. A scared boy.

The two thugs laughed again.

"Are you trying to threaten us, nancy boy? Cause we ain't scared. Not of you, or your little boyfriend. He'd probably just as pretty as you. Is he pretty like you, fag boy?"

They had Kurt quickly backed up against the passenger side door of Dave's truck, obstructed from the view of anyone passing by.

Kurt tried not to let his fear show, but he felt like a cornered animal. His eyes searched the darkness around him, desperately looking for an avenue of escape.

One of the boys shoved him and his body hit the side of Dave's truck with a dull thud.

"My friend asked you a question, homo. Is your boyfriend pretty? And who did you two swipe this letterman jacket from? "

Tears pricked the corners of Kurt's eyes, eliciting another round of laughter from the boys. The loomed in closer, crowding Kurt, shoving him.

Suddenly another voice could be heard.

"I think he swiped the letterman jacket from me"

The two boys turned quickly, defensively, sizing up the boy who was striding towards them from the theater.

Something about his size and appearance must have relaxed them. They saw that he was another jock like them. They laughed at his comment. Completely missing the trembling look of relief on their victim's face.

"Oh really? You know this fag boy? He claims he's here waiting for his pretty boyfriend"

Dave strides had him almost at the group of boys. Smiling, his eyes cold, he spoke.

"Oh, I don't know if you'd call me that"

The meatheads were puzzled.

"Call you what?"

Dave pushed his sleeves back, and any hint of a smile fell from his face.


Before the boys could process what he'd just revealed, he was on them. Kurt had never seen his boyfriend move so quickly.

He slammed the first one's head against the side of his truck, while at the same time kneeing the other one in the groin. While the two boys reacted to the sudden attack, Dave pushed Kurt out of the way, hurriedly instructing him to wait in the theater.

There was no way he was going to leave Dave out here alone, against the two boys. Racing around to the driver's side, Kurt dived into the car, looking for his pepper spray.

Frantically rifling through his stuff, he heard a series of muffled thumps and groans, as well as the sound of glass breaking.

Finally he located it, buried in the glove compartment where he'd shoved in upon climbing into Dave's truck.

Peering out the passenger side window, he saw that the side mirror was smashed. And both of his attackers were down. But Dave was still hitting them.

Hopping out, Kurt raced back around to the other side.

Dave was punching both of them over and over, though they made no move to respond, clearly defeated. And as he punched, Kurt could hear him speaking, in a voice he'd never heard from the other boy before, not even in his worst bullying days.

"You don't get to touch my boyfriend. You don't get to breath near him. He is the best thing in the entire world and I will kill you for this. Kill. You. For. This. "

Each word was punctuated by a punch.

Kurt realized that if someone didn't intervene, Dave could very well end up killing them.

Pocketing his pepper spray, he approached the other boy.

"babe...babe…they're down."

Dave turned to look at him, his eyes clouded with rage.

"I'm so sorry, babe. I should have been here to protect you. I'll make sure they never hurt you again. I'll make sure..."

In the end, Kurt had to pull him off the other boys. Had to hold his shaking body in a comforting, calming embrace for a solid 20 minutes before he could get in the truck.

Kurt drove them home. He dropped Dave off; stopping in to help his mom ice his knuckles and bandage up his scratches and bruises from the scuffle.

Mrs. K had told him she'd drive Dave over the next day to get his truck.

Kurt had kissed him lightly, thanking him for the beautiful date, and left.

He'd come home; exhausted, barely answering Carol and his dad's questions. He'd skimmed over the altercation, not wanting to ruin their memories of his first date.

Climbing the stairs wearily, he had stumbled into his room, feeling like he'd lived a year since he'd last seen this room; when it had been 6 hours at most.

In pulling off his clothes, he discovered the love letter he'd written Dave that morning in his pant's pocket. The one he'd meant to give him at the close of the date.

Opening the letter, he looked at the words he'd written that morning. He'd quoted a love poem and talked about how happy Dave made him.

They were nice words, but tepid. Without true feeling or depth.

Crushing the paper in his hand, he blindly reached for a new piece.

Hand trembling from exhaustion and delayed shock, he wrote Dave a new love letter. A letter to reflect what they'd been through together that night.


You once said to me that ours was not a love story with a happy ending.

You said that our story had no ending.

I want you to know that I agree with you.

Ours isn't a love story.

Because it's not love I feel for you.

What you are to me goes beyond feeling.

You are my religion

You are my safe harbor

You are my streets of Paris

And my starry nights

You are every song I hear

And every poem I read

You dared me to love you

And you gave me the most beautiful first date

And then you saved me

And even though you're there and I'm here

I still feel your arms around me

It's always going to be us, ok?

You and me.


Love, Kurt