As the sun started to set I had just finished off an ordinary day of teaching and now the day begun where I started my night job. It was at the famous Gotie 13 night club. There was strippers, hockey games and other sports, nightly entertainment like karyoki and an amazing bar. This club was both hetero sexual and homo sexual which pleased many people. I took this job because secretly as a kid I liked to dance besides doing other combat martial arts. My shift started in an hour and a half but I never bothered me to be early since I would have to get into costume. Traffic was also light too which was surprising for a Friday night. I was thinking over my routine tonight and I usually had a regular one but tonight I was infuriated by my students that I would most likely dance to "one of a kind" by Breaking Point. Tonight Rangiku would be so pleased with my performance because I would bring in a lot of money tonight. My shifts were usually every other night because if it were every night I would not be able to be a teacher. I had just started this year though. Being twenty was pretty good. Yawing loudly I stretched and then placed my hands to the back of my head.

"Ichigo!" yelled a familiar voice.

Turning around I saw Keigo and kicked him in the face as he quickly approached me. Honestly the man has not changed since high school.

"Why did you do that Ichigo?" whined Keigo, "do you not want to be my friend?"

"Shut up!" I yelled, "I gotta go."

"Why?" he asked, "got a date. Awe why couldn't we go doubles on it?"

"No," I muttered

"Is she hot?" he asked curiously.

"I said shut up!" I boomed.

"Jezz someone's grouchy," he whispered.

"I need to get to the store before it closes," I lied.

Only a few people had known about my job as a dancer for night clubs and Keigo would not be one of them.

"Let me join you," Keigo piped in.

"Just go home," I grumbled.

"Aw come on," he said.

I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Hey Strawberry- chan," said a voice.

"Hey Shinji," I said.

"Aw man are you going out with him and not me?" Keigo whined again.

"you wish," Shinji said and then winked.

As me and Shinji walked away I had a scowl on my face. I did not need him getting the wrong impression on me again. I'm pretty sure I already scared him in high school with Renji. All I wanted from him was my necklace but sadly it sounded as if I wanted to have sex with the man. I got jokes from Shinji for a month with his pout and asking why I would go for Renji before giving him a try. I not gay so I preferred to have a women in my bed rather than my best friend. Shinji always tried though saying he would treat me nicely the first time but I flat out refused, He was so open about being gay that there was no embarrassment for him. Though if anyone pissed him off he kicked there ass just like that. That was the main reason we became friends. We attended the same elementary school and Shinji had extremely long hair that reached down to his ass. One day after school we were all on the playground awaiting for our moms or dads to pick us up when a bunch of eight year olds came and started prancing around Shinji and mocking him asking if he was a girl or a guy and lifting strands of hair and tugging at them. Though in a blink of an eye Shinji had attacked each of them leaving them on the ground helpless, bloodied and crying.

"Ready for tonight?" asked Shinji breaking me out of my flashback, " suppose to be a full house."

"Really? " I said shocked.

"Yup," he said," ready to get rich and party this weekend?"

"Good thing I finished marking those papers at lunch," I said.

"Yeah," he said, " or else we wouldn't have the energy to sex up the crowd."

Rolling my eyes I shoved Shinji a little.

"Goof ball," I said.

"I'm not as much a good ball as you," said Shinji.

"Wanna go Hirako?" I asked in a taunting voice.

"I would but..." he said, " Matsumoto would kick my ass if I ruined this hot bod and have my head for sure."

"Pussy," I muttered knowing that would get him to fight.

Just as expected Shinji had me pinned to the ground giggling and having me laugh.

"Gotcha," he said with a flashy grin.

"Come on time to get off me," I said.

"Aw come on Ichi you know you love it, " he said teasingly.

"Oh yeah," I said," like a person lactosintolarent loves cheese. No, yes, oh don't stop! No!"

That got Shinji giggling again.

"Okay," he said.

Shinji's face was suddenly so close to mine that I could feel his breathing on my face. His lips extrodinarily close to mine.. It made me want to learn forward and have my lips touched by his. Wait! What? That's not right but it could not hurt. One kiss was all I needed. Pressing my lips to his I heard him gasp. Fire burned in my stomach already along with in my groin. Oh God. Lifting my shaky fingers to Shinji's hair I ran my fingers through the strands then clutched his hair holding his face in place. Opening my mouth I licked his upper lip then tugged on his lower lip with my teeth then sucking on his lip. I heard a soft moan from the man which triggered a moan deep from my throat ot escape my lips. I hated to admit this but man was he a good kisser.

"God," Shinji breathed.

I gave his lips one last encounter before is toped locking lips with my best friend. I saw Shinji's face for the first time since I kissed him and he was blushing a vibrant red.