Chapter One:

After the twins and Haruhi had graduated, the host club found half its members scattered across the world. Hikaru was studying design in France, Kyoya was at Harvard, and Kaoru had taken up residence in San Francisco to study business, while our four remaining members stayed in noble Japan to study at Ouran University.

This particular story revolves around the oldest Hitachiin twin as he lives, studies, and how he finds romance on the streets of the city of Love: Paris, France.


Hikaru Hitachiin was easily bored. He was a man with the attention span of a goldfish and the insatiable appetite for mischief. Yes, Hikaru Hitachiin had a puckish side that would not be denied.

His Paris apartment had the greatest view of the Eifel Tower and he wished that he could hear Notre Dame's great Emmanuel ring on the hour. But the bell was only rung for special events and nothing was happening in Paris today. Still if he pictured it in his mind, he could hear the bell's deep bronze baritone resonate through the air.

Paris was a city of wonder, glamour, and romance. It was the place that young couples dreamed of going on honeymoons and vacations. However, Hikaru didn't understand the romantic standing that Paris had. Love wasn't determined by a set of GPS coordinates.

To the young man, love was something that just happened. It had happened to him once with the charming schoolmate named Haruhi Fujioka, but in time he came to realize that his love was unrequited. He had his brother's love, but there was still something that ached in the pit of his stomach, the feeling that he was missing something else in his life.

In an attempt to start a new chapter of his life, Hikaru separated from his twin, his home, and his friends. He wanted to study some place foreign, extravagant, and far from Japan. Halfway around the world wasn't bad. Paris also was a fashion hub, so he could learn a lot.

Hikaru walked out onto his balcony and looked down at the quiet street. He held a small cup of coffee. He watched as the everyday French people went about casually in their everyday routine.

A flash of light caught his eyes as he was observing a man paint on the sidewalk. He turned his attention to the flash of light and found a young woman taking pictures of a bush of blooming coral roses. She had long blond hair that was braided into a thick cord.

Hikaru smirked as he got an idea. He left his apartment and walked down the street. He circled the woman's back and leaned forward next to her ear. "Are roses really that interesting?" he asked.

The woman jumped and whipped around to face the fashion heir. "Oh my god!" she blurted out in quick English. "You scared the crap out of me." She said in French as she turned around.

Hikaru was instantly intrigued. She wasn't French. She was British… no, there was a different sound, Irish? "Did you get any good photos?" Hikaru asked as he stuffed his hands in his pockets and rocked back on his heels.

The woman looked at her expensive digital camera. She scanned the photos she had. "A couple good ones, a lot of them are blurry."

Hikaru chuckled. "You must not be very good," he said as he grinned. He slid his gaze over and met a pair of grey eyes.

"You're very rude," the girl said.

"You aren't from around here are you?" Hikaru asked.

"Toronto," the woman said. "Sort of, that's where I came from before. Belfast is home. It's not every day that you see a red headed Asian."

"Are you here on vacation?" Hikaru asked inquisitively.

"No, I live here. I think you could have figured that out by my speaking French. I suppose you aren't here on vacation either." The young woman tilted her head to the side as she discreetly stepped back a little bit.

"I go to college here," Hikaru said with a smile.

The girl looked around uncomfortably. "I need to go; my father is expecting me for lunch." She avoided his gaze. She messed with her camera strap.

Hikaru stared at her in shock. He was having fun talking to her. He liked making her uncomfortable. "Wait, you can't go," he said.

The woman looked at him quickly before turning on her heel. "Yes, I can," she said. "Have a good day," she smiled and waved nervously before he walked away.

Hikaru looked at the rose bush. How could a single flower hold the entire premise of 'Love'. It was a simple living organism comprised of red petals and sharp thorns. Or in this case it was coral petals. Kaoru's flower. The symbol of happiness.


Faye Bennett sat in her home and flipped through her freshly printed pictures. She stopped on the last photo she had taken of the red haired Asian with an itching curiosity. He hadn't even noticed she had taken the phot.

Faye lived with her father close to the British Embassy. Her dad was a Chauffer for the Ambassador, and Faye took the chance to see more of the world.

She needed to get out of Toronto anyway. He was there. The man who made her life the horror film it was today. College in Paris seemed like a good idea. She could study art and dream about love. She had one problem with the love thing though. She didn't trust men her age. They made her body freeze in fear. They made her mind race with horrible ideas, and she found herself unfocused and afraid if a man so much as smiled at her.

The red headed Asian was different though. She was still nervous, but not paralyzed in fear like the many times before. She was able to respond to his teasing remarks. Was there something in those amber eyes she just inherently trusted? She thought about going back to the rose bush. Maybe she would see him once more.


Hikaru was walking home from lunch when he spotted the blond girl from the day before. Tamaki's obnoxious ranting entered his head. 'Hikaru, go and apologize to the young maiden you terrorized this instant!'

Hikaru mentally sighed, but jogged over to the girl and her camera. "You're back," he said.

The blond turned to face him. She pulled her camera close to her body in an attempt to protect herself. "Hello," she said quietly.

"Why are you do quiet?" Hikaru asked. There wasn't a response as the woman gathered the courage to speak.

She looked him in the eye. "I'm sorry. I don't do well with strangers," she held out her hand. "My name is Faye Bennet."

Hikaru stared at the hand awkwardly. He smirked and took it in his own. "Hikaru Hitachiin." Perhaps things were about to look up in Paris.