"Fun party today," I said and Kendall nodded, pulling me closer in his embrace. Carlos' birthday party went off without any troubles in the slightest. And Carlos was more than elated to be bouncing around amongst the presents and birthday cake, happy that we didn't forget his birthday.

But how could we forget? He was practically counting down the days until the party.

Logan didn't mention anything about the ring at the party and just said his gift came in three parts. Carlos obliged, he was just happy that he was spending time with Logan again. And Logan whisked him away to the restaurant as soon as people were leaving, which left me and Kendall in the lobby with a bunch of birthday cake sitting in front of us to eat by ourselves. Kendall scooped a finger of icing off his slice and he sucked it off, humming to himself and I smiled, scooping some icing up myself and dabbing his nose.

"Hey!" he shouted and smeared some icing on my face and I frowned, grabbing some cake and smashing it into his face. He coughed and grabbed a chunk of cake as well, pushing me down onto the couch and straddling my waist and smashed the cake in my face. I spat some that got into my mouth out and he smiled. "Not so fun, is it?"

"I hope you're happy. My face is all sticky,"

"That's what she said," Kendall said with a goofy grin and I rolled my eyes, trying to locate a napkin and wipe the dessert off. He held my hand down and turned my face to his. "But I must say, you look delicious,"

I hummed as he gave a kiss to my cheek, smearing the icing around and then licking some of it off of my face. I pushed him away, turning my head.

"Ew, what are you a dog?"

"You liked it," he said with a smile and kissed my frosting-covered lips, licking and sucking until they were most likely red and swollen.

"Bitters is going to kick us out if he catches us," I mumbled under his lips and he scoffed, giving another playful lick on my cheek.

"Aw, who cares. He'll just see the cake and take it, he wouldn't even notice us,"

I smiled and he kissed me again, hips lowering and rolling against mine slightly. I stifled a gasp and he moaned into the kiss, hands that were most likely covered in frosting starting to go through my hair and grab at the pillow beside my head. My eyes fluttered open slightly to see two people in suits walking around the pool, illuminated by the pool lights and candles on the table.

Carlos and Logan.

I pushed Kendall off of me and he gave me a confused look before I pointed over at the two and he looked. He nodded and smiled, Kendall grabbing my hand and pulling me outside to go and spy on the two lovers.

Carlos and Logan were walking around the pool, hand in hand and talking quietly with each other as me and Kendall watched from the potted plants. The place where we usually did our spying at the Palm Woods, just no tree-hats this time.

"Dinner was great, Logie," Carlos said softly and smiled, "you even found a place that doesn't make you take off hats. . .and helmets,"

"Well, half of the credit goes to Camille, she helped pay for some of it,"

"I know. And I'm going to thank her too when I see her, just. . .you're so amazing,"

"Oh Carlos," Logan said, taking the Latino's face and kissing his lips and I tried my best to resist the urge to go 'aw' and risk them finding out we we're spying on them. Everything about how Logan and Carlos interacted made me want to coo and smile at the two of them. Logan pulled away and kissed each knuckle of Carlos' hand and kissed his forehead. "There's one more part of you're birthday,"

"Ooh, what is it? What is it?" Carlos chirped some more and Logan smiled before reaching into his coat pocket and pulled out the little black box that held the ring.

And got down on one knee.

"Oh shi-" Kendall slapped a hand over my mouth, eyes looking as surprised as mine. He raised a finger to his lips and shushed me before turning all attention to the two boys. Carlos' eyes were wide and he stared down at the boy, lip quivering.


"Four months ago I put everything down on the line and confessed how much I love you in this exact spot," he looked around the pool and smiled, "and now I'm going to do it again. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Carlos. Whether if we're singing in a band or playing hockey or I'm a doctor and you're a superhero, I want to be with you. And until I find the ring to ask your hand in marriage that perfectly explains how much I love you and would do anything for you, I hope you'll accept this ring and wait until I do,"

Carlos stared at him, slowly nodding yes and Logan slipped the silver ring on Carlos' trembling hand. He stood up, gave Carlos a kiss on the nose and wrapped his arms around him in a tight hug.

". . .Carlos, please don't cry," Logan said softly and Carlos sniffled.

"This is the most romantic thing anyone's ever done for me," he cried, wiping his eyes with a sad smile and Logan hugged him tighter. He looked up into the sky and sighed.

"James. Kendall. You can come out now," Logan called out and both me and Kendall tensed before slowly moving from behind the brick wall and to the happily pre-engaged couple. Logan raised an eyebrow at our frosting-covered faces and shook his head and I scoffed.

"It's just icing, don't let your fantasies run wild," I said and Logan smirked, giving Carlos a tighter hug and kissed him, taking the still struck Carlos by the hand into the lobby. I looked over at Kendall.

"So are you going to propose to me anytime soon?"

Kendall shrugged before throwing an arm around my waist.

"Why not? Marrying you would be quite the adventure,"he said with a smile and nuzzled my nose with his and I smiled back.

"Dating you is already an adventure for me," I whispered and he kissed my lips. What am I saying, life with everyone here at the Palm Woods was an adventure.

And I hope it never ends.


Well, thanks for reading this story, you guys. A story that I wrote with the Twilight Zone in mind and has been compared to Inception and The Lovely Bones. Believe me, I'm so happy how many people loved this story. And I'm still writing and have a bunch of ideas for some more stories. More are whimsical, this is the first time I ever written something so angsty in my whole life. Maybe the next one I write will give off the same vibe as 'State of Mind'. But until then, thanks for reading.