I groaned as the phone rang, turning into the familiar warmth next to me. A tender smile greeted me, followed by a chaste kiss.

"Sleep well?" I mumbled to my companion, ignoring the annoying device altogether.

He responded with a lazy nod, watching me watch him. Just as I leaned in to coax another kiss from him, the phone hit voicemail.

"Naruto. It's me."

I froze in surprise and curiosity, though anger quickly took a hold. How dare he call me here? I was with-

"This is goodbye..."

I rolled my eyes in exasperation. He could be so dramatic sometimes.

Remembrance struck me and I glanced to the lovely figure that lay next to me, a mixture of annoyance and confusion twisting his smooth features.

I suddenly heard crying, and was momentarily confused.

"Thank you for teaching me the meaning of love. And curse you for ripping it away from me."

The voice in the speaker wavered painfully, though whether with anger or despair I couldn't tell.

And that was it.

The line went dead, a conclusive "beep" hitting my ears.

I stared in that general direction for a minute, not quite comprehending.

"Your boyfriend needs to get a life," Sai grumbled, climbing out of bed naked.

"So, what do you want for breakfast?"

I still lay in bed silently, my brain working a million miles a minute. Of course I knew what he was implying... But would he really do it? And was it really all because of me?

The thought caught me as odd, yet it had a ring of truth to it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, reality dawned on me.

"He's going to kill himself because of me..."

Sai stared at me with a blatant "duh" look on his face.

"Yeah, I guess psychotic is another one of those endearing qualities we can add to the list. Now, tell me what you want to eat. And I swear to God if you say ramen-"

I was already getting dressed in a hurry, mentally slapping myself for having been so slow.

Sai's ramblings fell on deaf ears and I was out the door before he could finish.

I entered our home the same way I had left Sai's place—in a frantic rush.

Everything that stood before me was an obstacle (damn door) and time was my enemy.

I was afraid.

So unbelievably afraid of it all.

Where I was had become a haze in my hurry, but it all clicked into place when I tripped and fell to the floor.

Over a body.

A familiar, fair, cold, pale body.

It took my mind a while to register that the lukewarm puddle I had fallen in was blood.

His blood. So—So much of it.

I raised my trembling hand to my face in shock. Blood...

And finally I steeled myself, bringing my eyes upon the body slouched against the wall before me.

His amazingly soft, white skin—impossibly drained of what little color it had, had.

The gash in his arm... God, could someone really do that to their self?

I sat motionless for a good few minutes, not yet fully grasping any of it.

My thoughts came in short, random strands.

Blood. Too much.

Is he already dead?

What do I do?

So much blood, so much...

Was this really my fault?

How could I not have seen this?

How could I have been so cruel?




"Well shit man, he seriously did it. Are you gonna call 911, or are you just going to sit there like an idiot?"

Of course, 911! God, of course.

Wait, what?


"Sai, what are you doing here-"

"Yes, hello. My lover's boyfriend just cut himself to death I think. Yes, lots of blood. It's gross, so hurry up. 2768 Cedar Road. Oh I'm not freaking out—you should see Naruto."

I gaped at him.

Did he think this was some kind of joke?

No, it sure as Hell wasn't funny.

It was...mortifying. Sickening, even.

With that, I became overwhelmed with a wave of agony and anger. In that moment I can honestly say that I hated myself.

And Sasuke! What an idiot! What a complete, utter fool! How dare he leave me like this. How dare he-

I looked up at Sai, whom was still on the phone with the 911 dispatcher.

Sai. Of course.

My own voice startled me as I spoke and it faltered with un-shead tears.

"Get out."

The other stared at me dumbly, phone held at his side.

"Get out right now. This is your fault."

"Naruto come on, don't-"

"Get out!"

A frown deepened his pretty pale face, a feature he shared with Sasuke, and he dropped the phone into the pool of blood wordlessly.

He left in the same manner.

When he was finally out of sight, I pulled Sasuke's frail body to my own and held onto him tight, ignoring the blood seeping onto my own clothing.

Tears joined in on my silent tragedy.

The world was closed off for just me and him. I pet his dark hair gently, murmuring pointless coos and pleas.

"My dear Sasuke... My lovely, darling Sasuke... My angel... Don't leave me..."

All the while, the faint sound of sirens in the background stroked my ears.