For the girls at TNGF, Listen, Blue, Sherbert and Zhie ;D

Haha, I was dared to write this, by the way ;)


holding hands by the black lake


You're never good enough for any guy

Snape only ever wanted that [Evans girl]

Dumbledore's gay

And you don'teven want to think about that m i s h a p with Professor Flitwick

So you spend your days teaching

(trying) to fill the empty void

And then one day, [he] comes along

With his s h o r t n e s s, bald head, and badly dressed body

You fall in love.

"Dobby," you say, blushing the brightest red

"How do you do?"

he'll giggle and say, "just fine, Professor, just fine,"

soon enough, you're | s n e a k i n g | kisses before bedtime

and holding hands by the Black Lake

While the great squid slashes around, you say

"I [love] you, Dobbster,"

And he says, "I love you, also Minnie,"

and then you both share a p a s s i o n a t e kiss.