Naruto: Shinigami's Folly

In this fan fiction, which is Slight-AU. I wanted to have a slight foreword. I have read quite a few Naruto Fan Fictions, and I wanted to make this clear. This is a Mature rated Fan Fiction. With both Dark Themes, Mature Themes, and things some people would prefer not reading about. I will tag the beginning of a chapter that may contain anything that is described in detail that I feel is overtly mature. This story is also a Strong!Naruto Fiction, and really is probably one of the strongest ones I can conceive. Now, with that…I don't mean that he will be an instant powerhouse and stronger than everything around him all the time.

I reserve the right to change facts about the main story at any time. If it doesn't seem to fit, and you think I just made a typo, please PM me or Review. If you want to advise me on something you think I did wrong, please Review or PM me and I will look it over. I admit to not having a Beta, so it seems like my work is half done. I write fan fiction as my muse sparks. I don't get too caught up in editing all this with a fine toothed comb, only because when I do…I get particular. Please don't take this as my saying I don't care, because your words. Positive or Critic, drive my muse. She's very fickle.

I will also mention that I don't believe in pairing characters in Naruto's age group off for life without damn good reason. I mean, how many high school students date one girl/guy and get married? I will list themes for this story here.

This is starting basically with Naruto's Graduation. This is not a Bash fiction. If it looks like one…then there is a reason for it.

Primary Themes: Action, Drama, Romance

Secondary Themes: Relationships (Not just Romantic), Love, Hatred, and Sacrifice.

I removed some previous notations, due to my Muse driving me into new directions.