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Chiyo knew the boy was sad.

She could see it in his eyes. Even when he smiled, they remained two gray wells of hurt and mourning, always half closed, giving him a permanently somber expression.

Yes, Sasori was a lonely child. Chiyo knew how he longed to be like the children who played in the streets of the Hidden Sand-to have parents who loved him.

True, Chiyo was always there for him, but even a grandmother could not replace the unique love that only a parent could give.

In a way, she knew that one day Sasori would abandon Suna. Having only your grandmother and a couple of puppets that looked like your parents was bound to cause pain. So, he would inevitably leave the village to find the true reason for his existence. His own way to kill his crushing sadness and loneliness.

She always knew.

It didn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

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