Okay here is a story I started out of random thought so everything was made for my desire to write a NaruHina fic. This started out in my Ipod so there's bound to be errors and such. Its a short story with one or two more chapters. Please enjoy.

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Its was a rare beautiful snowy day in Konoha which made this day much more special. You see it was a special day for a certain girl, no not Anko, it was Hyuuga, Hinata's eighteen birthday. She had been very busy getting ready, well her maids had been busy getting her ready. She was to be getting a big party for her birthday. "Turning eighteen is a big deal for the daughter of the head branch" said her father. Hinata was in the Hyuuga's private onsen, enjoying the soothing warm water relaxing her body.

She sighed she had been waiting to get this party over with but it seemed that getting ready was what she wanted to get over with. It wasn't that she didn't want a party, she just didn't want to have a big party with a lot of people she didn't know. She just wanted to have a normal family dinner with some of her closes friends but her dad once again came to say "Turning eighteen is a big deal for the daughter of the head branch". She sighed again "Why couldn't of I spent this day with Naruto-kun?" she asked no one in particular then thought about how they got closer through the earlier years Hinata had confessed her love to Naruto, later she had been worried why he was avoiding her. Had she scared him off? Or was he disgusted by her? Had he not felt the same way? All those questions in her surrounded her mind back then.

She decided to take a trip down memory lane and remember how it came to be between the two.

Hinata remembered that she would be in distress whenever they would bump into each other. He would not look at her or spare her a glance and he would always make up an excuse to avoid talking to her. She was heart broken when Naruto wouldn't even talk to her and during the war she found herself getting distracted by this.

When her squad was deployed into the battlefield she was very nervous because this was war and it would ultimately be different from any mission she has ever done. She was relieved that her cousin, Neji would be there with her but she knew she shouldn't rely on him nevertheless she still felt better having him with her.

Through out the time even though she didn't know where Naruto was during the start of the war, even though she was still waiting for him to finally talk to her, she hoped he was safe and that they would both make it out alive. But when her squad had been suddenly ambushed by the enemy, nearly taking everyone out. Her squad backed in a corner with overwhelming power, she felt weak.

"Naruto-kun" she thought.

"This is it... This is my end" as she saw shinobi getting picked off one by one.

"I wish I was stronger" another shinobi was killed as she fell to her knees, tears started to stream down her cheeks.

"Maybe then you would of accepted me".

Neji noticed Hinata's will starting to wither "Hinata-sama!" he screamed as he tried to push back the numerus white Zetsus.

"Don't give up! Remember who you are! " he pushed a dozen of white Zetsus with the use of his Kaiten.

"Remember your ninja way! Hinata-sama!" Hinata's eyes widen as she realized.

"I kinda like people like you"

She remembered what Naruto had said back then to her.

"Thats right, you taught me how to be strong" she remembered all those times she watched him train nonstop and never giving up.

"I never go back on my word that my ninja way!" she slowly began to rise from the ground.

"You made me smile and made me believe in myself again" she gripped her fist as a strong wave of confidence hit her.

"And I won't go back on my word!" she formed hand signs.


She activated her bloodline and slowly two lion chakra shaped beast formed on her arms."Juuho Soushiken!" she rushed towards the enemy, taking down the white Zetsus.

With one palm thrust she was able to take down many of Zetsus. "Hinata-sama!" screamed Neji in pain "I've used up too much chakra, dammit!"Hinata successfully punished another wave of the enemy but notice her chakra won't last long.

"Theres no end to it" she pushed another incoming Zetsus but was intercepted by another of enemies recruits this time it was the late two tails jinchurriki, Nii Yugito.

She swiftly jumped towards Hinata avoiding her palm thrust and dived kicked her making her fly a few meters into some boulders. "Ahh" her body landed harshly breaking the huge rocks. She grabbed her side trying to get up "Gyaahh!" but the pain was far too much for her she spat blood out. She looked towards Yugito, her face showed sadness and regret as she walk slowly towards the downed Hinata.

Hinata's vision started to get blurry "N-Naru... to...-kun" Yugito stood before her taking out her kunia "I wished we wouldn't have met this way, please forgive me." she raised to arm kunia in hand as Hinata's life started to slow down.


She heard a familar voice faintly reach her, as her eyes open wide she looked up to see Naruto holding off Yugito. "Na-Naruto-kun...?" she was stunned and suprised. Naruto turn his attention over his shoulder to her. "Heroes always come at the last second..." he turned his attention back to Yugito "to aid a fallen PRINCESS!" he threw her Yugito far rushed to her side and picked her up in a bridal style, he looked at her. Hinata's vision slowly faded as she fell into conciousness. "Hinata!" was the last thing heard. The rest was a blur from what she can remember.

She does remember that Naruto had told her he had seen that she had a big smile when she was in his arms. To which made Hinata very red at the moment and very hot. She submerged under water and started to shake her thoughts away. "Kyaaah! Naruto-kun!" acting very oddly every once in a while when thinking about the blonde, she decided this might be a good birthday party after all. On the other side, Hanabi sweatdropped as she found her older sister very weird at some points that she wondered if that's how it felt to be in love.

I'm pretty proud of this accomplishment since I haven't publish anything since "Attending Ino's body" I'm not very good with fight scenes so I had to cut it short. This part basically shows how Naruto should get into the war. Anyways love it, hate it review and tell me what to improve just please do it nicely.