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"So? What did you tell her?"

Naruto only responded with a confused look. Uzumaki, Naruto was meeting his mother for the first time in his life. Kushina Uzumaki was a beauty unlike any woman Naruto had ever come a across. Naruto would believe she was a strong woman yet a loving mother.

As he would listen to her, telling him how he was born and how he would lose his parents the night the Kyuubi attacked Konoha and revealing that it was indeed Madara Uchiha that released the Kyuubi. She would also tell him how she fell for his father and the late Yodaime, Minato then asked his mother something that he had been troubled with. He told his mother how one girl had put her life on the line all because she loved him.

Kushina took noticed that this was really starting to confuse the blonde. She couldn't blame him, for a child growing up alone and never knowing what love is or what it feels like.

"Have you talk to this girl?" asked the woman sitting next to him.

He furiously shook his head while giving a small childish pout which gave Kushina a warming smile.

"I have been avoiding her" Naruto then sighed, he didn't know what to do and he couldn't keep avoiding her that would just end up hurting her.

"Hinata..." he said softly thinking back then felt his mother's hand on his shoulder.

"This girl... Tell me a little about her... How long have you known her?" asked a curious mother, she was already ready to measure suitable girls for her son.

"Since we were kids... But we've never really talked 'til we were in the academy but even then we really didn't talk. She's quiet and stutters and always faints when I'm around her and I don't know why"

Kushina only nodded noting down this possible "Suitor" for her son.

"But she is also strong"

Kushina continued to listen to her son as he changed his tone to admiration.

"I've seen her when she fights, she is always determine to win no matter what and she never goes back on her word she follows her nindo, her ninja way! Just like me! She has definitely gotten a lot stronger since we were little!"

Kushina giggled at her son.

Naruto turned to his mother and saw as she gave him a warming smile.

"Naruto, my son..." she said as she looked upwards as if she was gazing at the stars.

"It sounds this girl has been crushing on you since you were very little"

Naruto looked at Kushina not believing that Hinata has had a crush on him for that long! It couldn't be! That was just crazy!


"And as she grew that crush became something much more" Naruto gave a confused look.


Kushina smiled at him as he looked at her.

"You see, a girl is always waiting for her Hero to come and save the fallen Princess" Naruto was lost at this point.

"In this case you are her Hero, her knight in shining armor and she's-"

"She's the Princess" Naruto finished her sentence.

The red headed woman nodded and smiled at her son. She found it cute how clueless he was all this time. She felt bad how she wasn't there for him but was proud of the man he has become.

Naruto couldn't believe all this time Hinata had held so much feelings for him.

"Hinata... You..." he said aloud enough for his mother to hear which made Kushina raise a brow at this.

"So is this "Hinata" your girlfriend-to-be?" giggled the red headed woman.

Naruto only blushed deeply.

He thought how sweet Hinata was, how she was unlike most girls he knows.

"Well?" asked his mother "Is my son going to talk to this young lovely girl or is he going to keep running away?"

Naruto stood up with confidence.

"I'm not gonna run any more!" he gripped his fist

"When I see Hyuuga, Hinata again I'll know what to say!" he grinned at his mother.

"Just you wait for me... Hinata!" He said to himself

Kushina stood up as well "A Hyuuga girl ehh? And here I thought Hyuuga's were stuck up, seems you got a Hyuuga fangirl, huh?" Kushina nudge at him with a devious smile

Naruto scratched the back his head "Well Hinata is different, she's uhh...-"

"Special?" his mother some how knew he had a special spot for this girl.

Naruto blushed as he looked away. "Y-Yeah"

She admired what her son had become.

Kushina then did the unexpected and hugged her son for the second time.

"I know you'll do the right thing" she said gently to him as she tried to hold back the tears coming out.

"Kaa-san..." Naruto looked at her as he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her gently.

"Promise me, you will talk to this girl" Kushina let a tear out.

"I promise!" said Naruto as he hugged her tighter not wanting to let go of this comfort feeling. The feeling that he had yearn for since he was small.

"Promise me you'll end up having grandchildren with this girl" She let two more tears fall.

Naruto chuckled a bit as he tried to hold back the tears "I promise!"

Naruto started to cry as he knew this would be the last time he would hold his mother like this again.

"Promise you'll live a happy life.. for me" Kushina's chakra was already at its limit and she started to slowly fade away.

"I-I promise Kaa-san!"

Kushina pulled back just enough to get one more good look at her son.

"I am so proud of you, Naruto" she finally let it all out, she cried infront of her son but not breaking eye contact with her son. She then was slowly fading.

"Kaa-san!" Naruto screamed as she was gone.

"Naruto... I love you" was the last thing he heard.

Naruto let the endless streams of tears flow as he gave a small smile "Arigatou..."

"...Kaa-san" Naruto woke to reality. With so much he had learnand a big toothy grin on his face he was ready to train with the Eight-tails. He was ready to face anything that may come in his life.

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