Chapter 1: Happening during Zoro's absence

While sipping the last amount of tea remaining on his cup, Zoro glanced on his katanas and placed his left bandaged arm on it.

"How was it?" Chopper asked,smiling.

"What? My arm or my other katana?"

"Well. I was about to ask your arm but your katana. . . . . . ." Chopper said, showing his baby face. "What happened on it?" he continued.

Zoro bowed his head making Chopper only see the crosswise half of his face. He tried to manage a smile and suddenly he showed up his face, his paranoid look with the big eyes and sharp teeth- showing the chibi type of Zoro.


Chopper shivered, his eyes whitening. "Oh, Sorry. I-I-I Did not notice. Oh, That's why you've been emoting days ago after we get back of Robin."

Zoro stood up, irritated. And, he reached the window of Chopper's room and make a deep sigh.

"Z-Zoro-kun" Chopper said trying to get Zoro's attention. "Please finish your tea and I'll change your bandage. Your arm needs to recover before our new ship is done."

"Oh. Alright."

For 3 days, they've been staying on Galley-La in the Ocean Metropolis except Zoro who's wandering along the ocean docks for the whole 3 days alone. And Franky with Iceburg is still making their promised ship for Luffy.

Zoro sat on Chopper's "for-patient's chair" and relaxingly rested his back. "Everyone seems so busy."

Chopper carefully released the bandage on Zoro's firm arm and a fresh wound was shown. Zoro merely closed his eyes.

While Chopper is cleaning on his wound and changing the bandage afterwards, Zoro asked couples of questions due to his absence days ago.

"How was Luffy?" he asked.

"Still sleeping while eating. I can't heal that up because I know it's normal. Heeheh. Im proud of our captain. He just beat up the Leopard guy!" he replied, cheerfully.

"The curly cook?" Zoro continued.

"Shopping… for more stock of foods.. for our new ship." He answered while getting his medical kit.

"Nami and Usopp?" Zoro mentioned, placing his right hand on his forehead.

"Nami-chan is really depressed on losing Merry." He sniffed. "Well.. All are affected on what happened. Merry is the most amazing ship I ever knew. But still, Nami-chan is really depressed also on the things left behind in it. Uhh. Usopp, I mean Sogeking? I don't know. I didn't see him."

Chopper suddenly tighten the new bandage and smiled. "Done."

Zoro discarded his right arm on his forehead and put it in his left damaged arm. His gloomy deep eyes met into Chopper's and he took a serious breath.

"Zoro-kun. We understand your absence. Robin-chan, I know, already forgives you. It's the time to forgive yourself. It is not your fault, anyway." Chopper sadly mentioned without looking at Zoro.

"How's Robin?" Zoro finally asked, breathless.

"Better to see her in her room. Well. Still, she's not waking up. I started to worry but Im doing my best. Anyway, she's amazingly tough. She'll recover soon." Chopper smirked. Then, he faced up his medical apparatuses shambled on his table and started on fixing them.

Zoro nodded and stood up. He grabbed on his bag on Chopper's desk and held on the door knob. He's about to moved it but Chopper stopped him.

"Zoro-kun. Are you going to visit Robin nee-chan's room?"

"I'll see"

He moved the knocker and the door waved half open. He looked back at Chopper and he gave a wide smile. "Thanks" and the door shut closed.

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