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Chapter 9: Surprise; the state of amazement

At exactly midnight, Zoro lamely aroused on his bed and automatically scratched his eyes.

"Huh, Morning already?" Zoro said while stretching his arms. It seems that his good night sleep was disturbed by the ringing Snail Phone.

When he just realized that he was disturbed, he went to the living room where the snail phone is located and picked it up irritably.

"I am your worst nightmare!" the creepy voice said. From the expression of real person showing by the special ability of the Snail Phone, he is sure that this looking-maniac guy is Sanji. Moreover, his most funny trademark, the curly eyebrows, that's the Snail phone had now made Zoro easily distinguished the person on the line.

"Hey Sanji" Zoro lethargically said while yawning.

The expression on the Snail Phone dramatically changed. The curly eyebrows, which before seems so cheerful gone down and depressed. "You figured out so fast… HOOOWW?" longing the pronunciation of 'how' part.

"Why are you calling in the middle of the night, does the party already ended?" Zoro asked.

Sanji disregarded his question and proceeded to his request. "Luffy wanted you and Robin to come, though I don't want to include you but this is…" he said applying the 'as a matter of factly' tone.

But, another voice from the back interrupted. "Oi Oi Oi Zoro!"

From the changing expression of Snail phone and the eerie voice which he wanted to curse so much, Zoro knew that this is now Nami.

"Nami-chwaaaannn!" screamed by the voice from the back. "You're so cool!"

Zoro face palmed. Sanji wants to get hit again, he thought on the back of his mind.

"I heard from Chopper that Robin is now alright" Nami continued ignoring the crazy screams at her back.


"Well. Can you bring her here? We have a surprise for her!" Nami excitedly mentioned.

"Nami-chwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnn!" Sanji screamed again from back.

"Can you please?" the trying-to-be-polite Nami pleaded, changing again the expression of the Snail Phone who is now look like a furious devil.

Eeeck. Poor Curly cook, Zoro thought.

On the phone, he heard the loud booming sound of Clima Tact's assault from the back.

"Ahem. We wanted you to bring Robin here, NOW!" Nami commanded as she goes back on the line.

"Who am I, A serva—"He replied with an almost-yelling voice but before that, Nami already cut the connection.

"Damn it!" He said as he landed his fist to the table where the Snail Phone flatly located.

Zoro didn't want to obey anyone's orders but he thought of the 'surprise' thingfor Robin. "I wonder what it was?" he asked on himself. He recalled again the straggle to death of Robin a while ago.

"Hmm… If I will carry her, then there's no biggie." Zoro nodded as he proposed his new idea.

He quickly left the living room and snagged his swords resting under his bed. He first swung his swords and practiced a bit of his deadly strikes. Then, he tied it tightly on his hips. All are set for Aokiji's sudden attacking but he, himself, is not quite ready. It happens that when the moment he will leave the room, Zoro found his tidy image on the mirror hanging to his opened door bathroom. It is just like he got by on 97 percent confidence and three percent bullshit. He shook his head in disgust and his gaze dropped on the brown bag that Robin gave at him. He grabbed the white shirt that he remembered is the one Robin suggested and started on changing his attire. He went to bathroom and checked himself on the mirror. He gussied up a bit and practiced little speech like;

"Hey Robin… Sorry for waking you up but can I carry you?" he said confidently in front of the mirror.

"Uh. Carrying part appeared too early" Zoro realized, scratching his head. "How about…."

He pulled out his swords and done his fighting pose. He winked on the mirror imagining that the thing is Robin. "Oi Robin!"

Zoro stopped his pose. "Is it alright to approach her like that?"…. he said again as he thought of new idea. "Ahah!" he said, nodding in approval. "Okay. Ahem ahem" he started as he is doing his fighting pose again.

"Good Morning, Robin! I don't wa-" Zoro stopped as he recalled that he just said 'good morning'.

"What? Good Morning? Well. It is actually morning but, Uh... Sounds complicated" He glanced on the clock and found out that it is still 12:53. "I must find a good intro"

He put his hand on his chin and started on thinking of possible introduction. After minutes of thinking, he stopped his 'the thinker' mode and faced the mirror. "Okay. This is the moment. Ahem ahem"

"Uh, Hey, Robin. Wake up.. Uh… what's the next again?"…. he mumbled. "Ah, I okay. Uh, take two…ehem ehem…. Can I carry you?"

"ARGGHHHH! I screwed it up! Hmmm…." He said as he is doing again is "the thinker" pose. He is now recalling the way Robin talks. Afterwards, he came out on a brilliant idea.

"I knew it! I just need to instill some politeness on my speech! Yeah yeah." He started nodding on his "new" idea. "Let's do it!"

For the hundredth time, he faced again the mirror, trying to look as confident as he might. He started to pulled out his sword to impress Robin on his bravery.

"Hi, Robin! Well... Please wake up. Luffy said that you need to be in the party right now..Oh oh oh! Don't worry about Aokiji! I have my sword….." then, he tapped his sword on his hips, "I'll protect you, I promise. Also, if you wanted me to… you know, if you still can't stand.. uh, you know, to carry you. Well. No! Please don't be shy, I'm willing to help you.. Well, to support you too"

Feeling so satisfied on his last act and on his oh-so-masculine appearance, he first smiled on the mirror checking how pretty guy he is if he smiles. Then, he quickly left the room with confidence.

When he is about to opened Robin's room, his hand suddenly froze on the knocker. He felt the loud thumping of his heart on his ears. "This can't help. I am the one who will be the greatest swordsman. And, the greatest swordsman should not fear no one. Well…. Even a woman's room!" he thought.

He slapped his face and smile as widely as he might as he could. He checked again the katanas on his hips and recalled the speech he practiced a while ago. "Maybe it is better to practice again."

"Okay. Uh. Ahem. This is the last one….. Practice makes perfect. Ahem ahem…I'll now imagine that I am in the real situation" Then, he imagined the room with Robin in front of him.

"Hi, uh,.,,, Robin! Well… ple-, ase…uh, wake up…." Suddenly, he turned red when it came to his mind that he's already tapping Robin's shoulders to wake her up. "Uh Ahem…. You know uh, what's the next again?... Ah! My sword! Yeah! My sword! Yeah yeah,,, I'll protect you with it… So. Ah! I CAN"T TAKE IT ANYMORE!" he finally gave up, shrugging his hair.


Then, he mindlessly gave a grip to the knocker, forgetting his impressions. The door flung open. His eyes wide opened in shock when the unconscious Robin lying on the floor came to his sight. He hastily picked up her body from the white-tiled flooring. She was so cold and pale. Zoro carried her to the bed and carefully dropped her from his arms. Robin opened her eyes and held her eye at him.

"M-M-Mr. Swordsman, w-w-why are you here?" she asked as she tried to sat on her bed.

"Hey, slow it down. You are still not in the condition" he said as he helped her. She blushed. Zoro noticed her sudden redness so he blushed also.

She wondered if it is still the sleepyhead, Zoro she knew before. After he confessed his feelings, he started to act a bit differently. It seems he became free to say what's on his inside. Robin smiled at him. "Thanks again" she said in an almost whispering voice. Zoro nodded as he smiled back.

Zoro grabbed the wooden chair on the corner of the room and placed it near the bed.

"So, why are you just on the floor?" he asked.

Robin froze. She don't know if she will say the truth or not. She cleared her throat first and started. "Well…." Then she paused.

"Well. What?" Zoro confusingly asked.

"Maybe I should kept it as a secret. It's not that important, anyway. If I will say it, Zoro and others will sure go and hunt Aokiji. I mean, Aokiji already left and will not disturb us again" she thought on the back of her mind.

Robin shook her head. "I don't know. I think I fell while asleep. heheh" she said, trying to be funny as she could to avoid being obvious on her lie.

Zoro seems convince. "Alright" he said. "I guess you had a bad sleep tonight" he continued, starting a long friendly conversation.

Robin frowned. She did not expect that he will believe easily. So, she gave a soft laugh at him and get along on the conversation.

"I think, yes" she lied.

"Ah!" Zoro enthusiastically said as he stood from his chair. Robin was surprised.

"This explains the riddle awhile ago!" he said.


Zoro nodded. He sat back and started narrating.

"Well. A while ago, an unknown man called. Of course, in the snail phone" he started excitingly. "Then, it happens that he wanted to play a 'guess who' game. So then… I'm just like 'hi' on the phone. But, I really know that it is the curly cook because of the curly eyebrow that the snail phone have." Zoro said, joining his palms together.

"What happened?"

"Then, he said, "I AM YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!". I'm just like 'Whoa! What does the cook is planning to do'. But because I'm actually sleepy, I didn't just know what I've replied"

Robin laughed loudly. "I bet he became depress"

Zoro blushed; it is the first time he saw Robin laughing in this kind of conversation. Usually, she laughed on a not-that-noisy manner.

Robin stopped on laughing, thinking that she's too exaggerating. "Ah. Sorry"

"N-no!" Zoro disapprovingly said.. "Actually I'm happy that I made you laugh" he blushingly said, avoiding an eye contact to Robin.

Robin blushed again. She paused for a second but decided to reply quickly on him. She clasped her hand on her head, thinking of a best answer. "I-uh, You're so funny today." she answered with a taunt smile. "Oh my gosh, It is more than a description than a answer!" the words bummed on the back of her mind.

"Oh my Gosh! Sorry. I just don't know what I'll say!" she loudly said. "Oops, I spilled" she continued, forcing to smile.

Zoro just nodded.

"Anyway, what's the riddle on that?" Robin said, trying to approach him.

"Ah. Okay. Then, I think you dreamt of Sanji…Because on what he said about the 'I am your worst nightmare thing'" he responded, laughing boisterously.

Robin laughed back, happy that she chose to come along on him at first place.

"Oh, Why did Sanji called, by the way?"

"Well. They wanted us to go in the party place. The witch said that there's a surprise for you.. But, I don't think you can make it there. You are not healing. So, never mind them" he explained.

"Oh no! Why didn't you say awhile ago!" Robin said as she gets out of her bed.

Zoro stopped her. "What are you doing? I'll just called again to cancel the surprise thing"

"No, I can't do that. I don't want to throw away their efforts"


"Yes, Mr. Swordsman. Their efforts" Robin stared at him seriously.

Zoro swallowed in nervous. "Alright, I'll help you. Just, uh, you know. I can carry you" he shyly offered.

"Oh. I'm glad. Thank you" she said, feeling her heart pumping so fast. She doesn't know if she's excited or what but she thinks it a bit awkward. But, she thought of her other crewmates and their surprise. She can't just ignore it.

Zoro carried her on his back. He refused to look on Robin because of his burning-in-red cheeks. Same as Robin, she felt shy at first about her whole body resting on him but she tried to resist her feelings. Along their way, she fell asleep.

Midnight in Water 7 is like the other normal countries. The place is pitch black, calm and serene. The only light their using is the light coming from the bright full moon. After traveling for a half an hour, Robin finally woke up.

"Oh… May I know how long I'm asleep?" she asked.

"Half an hour, I guess" Zoro breathlessly answered, continuing on running along the places.

"Ah. I did not know that that place is actually far" she confusingly replied.

"Let's walk again after a quick rest" he suggested as they stopped across the magnanimous building with a poster of 'Galley-La's luxurious lotion' advertisement.

Zoro carefully let go of her from his back and they sat on the bench in front of the chocolate shop.

"Lotion?.. what's that for?" Zoro asked.

Robin looked up to the advertisement poster and began. "Well.. Lotion can help conquer dry skin and prevent these conditions from occurring…. Wait a minute, why did you just ask?"

Zoro shook his head. "Nothing. I'm just curious"

Robin smiled. "Alright"

"Oi, Robin. Let's go. Luffy and others are sure waiting.

Robin nodded at him and threw her arms to Zoro's back. Then, he continued on walking. On their way, Robin noticed that they passed again the magnanimous building. She just ignored it because she thought it was just a look alike. After minutes of walking, it happens that Robin noticed again the big building. She second glared it and saw the poster of Galley-La lotion. When she realize that they are actually lost, she quickly approaced Zoro.

"Mr. Swordsman… I am afraid that we're just circling this place"

"Huh? Really? No, I'm sure of this" Zoro defended as he continued on running.

"Uh, Alright"

They continued again, ignoring what Robin noticed. It happens that after a minute again, they passed again the building with the poster of the lotion. They're really just circling the place.

"M-Mr. Swordsman. Please let me down" she requested as she raised an eyebrow.

Zoro confusedly let her down and faced her.

"I think we're lost" she said.


"We passed again the big building with the lotion advertisement."

Zoro shook his head, not convinced on her. "Maybe there's so many building with that poster on it? It is an advertisement, remember? So they are posting it everywhere."

"Well...Can you give me a better explanation about the Chocolate store across it?"

Zoro slowly gave a glare to the chocolate store and the bench where they sat to rest. Zoro faced palm.

"Have we been traveling according to your directions, Mister Swordsman?" she said as she crossed her arms.

"It's just a coincidence, you know" Zoro said in an apologetic tone.

"You should have said that earlier" she replied, frowning.

"Okay. I'm sorry"

Suddenly, water droplets started to fall from the dark blue sky. The moon hid behind the clouds and the wind started to blow harder making Zoro's earrings dangled at each other.

"Here, Robin!" Zoro said, inviting her to the extended roof of the chocolate store. They sat along the corridor for the entrance door. The rain continued to pour down from the sky.

"I-I-It's so cold" Robin said as she breathed on her freezing hand.

Zoro sat closer beside Robin and unexpectedly pulled her on his body. Robin's eyes fluttered wide.

"Sorry. This is the only think I know to give you warmth" Zoro said as he increased the tightness of his hug.

Robin refused to reply. Instead, she held him back and rested her head on his broad shoulder. As she felt Zoro's athletic body, she intensely blushed.

Suddenly, a thunder flashed loudly that echoed in the whole city. Robin pulled Zoro away from her.

"What's the matter?" Zoro asked.

Robin stood up. "W-we need t-to get g-going", she tremendously answered, coughing.

"Come on. You can't!" Zoro yelled as he grabbed her arms and forced her to sit.

"No" Robin cried out, straggling to tight grip of Zoro's hand on her arms.

"I can't let you!"


Suddenly, Robin used her attack, "Tres Fleur". Zoro's eyes widen, he did not expect that she can do the attack even she's still weak. She held his body with her three hands to stop his tight grip. The hands forcedly let go his hand to hers. Robin successfully did it and managed to run away to Zoro. Zoro chased her after the hands disappeared.

"Damn it! Hey! Nico Robin!"

Robin refused to listen as she continued on walking.

"Hey! Stop right there!" He yelled.

"No, I can't. You guys always done so good to me, I can't ignored this"

On the tallest building in Water 7; the floor below the rooftop,

"Oi Usopp, what's happening at them?" Luffy complained as he tried to sneak on Usopp's binoculars.

"Nah, Robin ran away then Zoro is chasing her. No progress. Just the hugging ones" Usopp replied in a disappointed tone.

"WHAT? Hugging ones?" Nami interfered, snatching the binoculars to Usopp.

"What hugging? There's no hugging!" Nami yelled as she threw the thing back to Usopp.

"There's hugging a while ago. When Robin is cold and Zoro, you know, like a gentleman, warm her." Usopp explained as he takes a look again.

Chopper stood up on his seat and nodded. "This explains all"

"Are you sure?" Nami asked.

"Yes. They just so close when I saw them along the way" Chopper reassured.

Nami grinned. "I'll make a storm again. And this time, if there's a loving moment again…" Nami started, focusing her gaze to Usopp…"Hand me quickly the binoculars!" she continued, giving Usopp her killer glare.

Usopp jerked from his seat in horror. "Y-Y-YOSH!"

Nami started to swing her Clima Tact and made a much stronger storm cloud on Zoro and Robin's place. She evil laughed afterwards.

In such a frightful laugh, Usopp and Chopper hugged each other as they cried for someone's help.

"Oi..Sanji! Give me meat!" Luffy yelled.

Nami slapped Luffy's head. "Stop it! We are already in the climax part!"

"Where's Sanji?" he asked, checking his head if there's a bump.

"I locked him on the bathroom. I'm sure he will be a great hindrance on our plans" Nami said confidently.

"D-devil…" Chopper and Usopp cried out loud.

"What Devil? Hey! Get your ass out of here and proceed to your works now. The storm is done!" Nami commanded fiercely.

Suddenly, the storm that Nami sent quickly approached on Zoro and Robin's place.

Robin stopped as she noticed the loud cracking sound.


Robin covered her ears on the loud cracking of the storm. At last, Zoro finally reach her.

Both of them are soaked due to the heavy rain.

"Their efforts…" Robin cried as she fell from the ground.

Zoro paused for awhile, "What do you know about efforts?" he asked flatly.

Robin coughed. "What?" she confusingly asked, tucking her wet hair behind her ear.

"Is this how you repay my efforts?" Zoro replied, turning back at Robin.

Robin, who doesn't get what he meant, tilted her head. "What?"

Zoro clenched his fist. He felt pain on what Robin didn't realize. She didn't realize how much he care for her by doing the job as a body guard of her, she doesn't realize that he's trying hard to protect her and most of all, she doesn't realize the efforts of doing such reckless things for her.

Robin recalled. She covered her mouth out of shock. She sobbed.

"Sorry" Robin cried out.

Zoro smiled and turned around to face Robin. He walked slowly in the wet ground and picked Robin up.

"I'm happy you appreciated, somehow" he whispered on her ears.

"Thank you" she said, sniffing.

The blushing Zoro wiped her tears away and gave her a kiss on cheeks. Robin blushed.

Nami moved the binoculars away from her eyes and she smiled.

"Oi… Nami! What happened?" Usopp and Chopper asked.

"Nothing" Nami answered flatly as she sat on the sofa beside the already-sleeping Luffy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

They looked up at the sky and see the rain still falling above their heads. Robin grabbed his collar and pulled him closer. "So, Mr. Swordsman, how can I repay your efforts?" she said, whispering on his ear.

Zoro smirked at her. "I just want you to say my name"

Robin smiled. "That's easy"

She stood up and placed her hand on her hips. She opened her mouth, staring to pronounce his 2 syllable name. "Zo-ro"

Zoro scowled. "Hey! Can you pronounce it much good sounding?" he complained as he crossed his arms.

Robin started to walk with her hands clasped on her back. Zoro followed her.

"Why do you want me to say your name?" she asked.

Zoro placed his arms behind his head. "Since we first became comrade, I just notice that you are not calling me in my name unlike other of our crewmates. So, you know.. I'm actually happy about the Mr. Swordsman but, well... Sometimes, I still preferred to be called in my given name."

Robin smiled sweetly. "Is that so, Zoro?"

Zoro grinned. "Yes"