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It's Hard To Survive
Chapter 16

'This is the second time the boy's been ripped away from her,' he thought. 'Let's jus' hope it's not for good this time…'

Ellis groaned as he started to come 'round. At first, everything was a blur. All he felt was pain. But then, his vision started to clear.

He looked up and around, despite his body's protests. First thing he noticed was that he was in the middle of a forest. In the distance, he could see the lights of the carnival. He moved his body cautiously. However, as he tried to stand, he howled in pain and fell back down again. He looked down at his legs and gingerly moved his right one. A painful gasp escaped his lips. That was when he noticed the large amount of blood on and around his leg. He began to feel very nauseous. With his head swimming, he quickly turned his head to the side and gagged. Luckily, he didn't get sick. He groaned quietly.

"Wha' am I gonna do?' he thought to himself. 'I'm injured badly; I don' know where the hell I am, and I may never see my friends again!'

His nausea was now becoming almost unbearable. He felt his head hit the ground once more, the world spinning and starting to become black. But something kept him from letting that happen.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a growling voice sniggered.

Ellis immediately looked up, despite his nausea. He growled angrily at the speaker. The Alpha Hunter shook his head mockingly.

"Genio (1), Howler, genio," he said sarcastically in Infected tongue (2). Ellis continued to growl. The Hunter laughed.

"What's the matter, niño?" he asked mockingly. "Lesionado (3)? Feeling a bit enfermo (4)?"

Of course, Ellis didn't understand Spanish, except for maybe a few words, but he knew that the Hunter was mocking him.

The Howler growled louder.

"Get away from me!" Ellis hissed, trying to look as intimidating as possible.

The Alpha Hunter looked at Ellis' leg, and back at his face.

"Or what?" he asked. "You'll growl us to death? You're in no condition to do anything!"

Ellis' eyes widened.

"Us?" he stammered.

The Hunter let out a snort and gestured to the bushes behind him. As if on cue, four smaller Hunters came out and stood behind their leader. One walked right up beside the Alpha.

"You honestly think I would've come alone?" the Alpha snorted again.

Ellis couldn't help but smirk.

"Oh, yeah, I forget," he growled. "Yer too much of a coward to face me by yerself, even when I'm too injured to move!"

The Hunter tensed up. Ellis noticed and smirked again, knowing that he had hit a nerve.

"I wouldn't get too cocky if I were you, boy," the Hunter growled menacingly. "No-one around to save you this time and there's no way you can escape!"

The Alpha started to move in, the other Hunters close behind. Ellis growled softly. The growls got louder as the Hunters got closer. Ellis tried getting up again, attempting one last time to get away, but he fell down once more with a whimper. The Hunters sniggered as they continued getting closer. Feeling hopeless, Ellis bowed his head and waited for the attack.

Suddenly, a loud screech pierced the silent atmosphere. But this was no Hunter shriek. Ellis looked up towards the sound. The Hunters did too.

A large shape darted in front of the injured Southerner and growled deeply at the Hunters. Its voice sounded muffled, so Ellis guessed it was holding something in its mouth.

His guess was soon confirmed.

The shape in front of him threw a smaller shape at the small group of Hunters. Ellis realized that the smaller shape was another Hunter. One that looked scared out of his wits.

"Sending your pathetic Hunter after me again, Richard?" the larger shape growled.

The Alpha, who Ellis now knew as Richard, growled at the slightly larger Infected. He then turned his attention to the smaller, scared Hunter.

"You can't do anything right, can you, Owen?" he growled.

Owen backed away from his leader, his eyes wide with fear. Suddenly, Richard jumped forward and snapped his jaws at the smaller Hunter, causing him to shriek and run. Owen disappeared into the trees.

"Patético (5)," Richard muttered before turning back to the larger Infected that separated him from the injured Howler. "Now, get out of the way!" he growled.

The larger Infected turned his head for a brief minute, giving Ellis a chance to get a better look. First thing he noticed was that the Infected wore a similar black hoodie to the one he wore. Ellis couldn't see his face for it was covered with the hoodie's hood. He also noticed the bill of a cap sticking out from under the hood. Ellis couldn't help but frown at the slight similarities between him and this Infected.

The Infected turned back to the Alpha Hunter, growling deeply. Richard couldn't help but flinch at the Infected's growl.

"Not so threatening now, are ya?" the Infected sniggered. "Aren't you supposed to be El Diablo?"

Now Ellis was confused. Who or what the hell is El Diablo?

"I suggest you and your pathetic excuse of a group go back to your pack," the Infected growled. "Or you know what I'll do."

Richard didn't look like he was going to listen, but then the Hunter next to him gave him a nudge.

"C'mon, Papi," the Hunter whispered.

Richard looked at the slightly smaller Hunter, before looking back at the Infected in front of him. He growled, but reluctantly backed away. The larger Infected smirked.

"That's more like it," he growled.

Richard snarled menacingly before turning towards the trees. But before he ran off, he turned his head towards Ellis.

"You may have won this time, Halfie, but your luck won't last forever!" he hissed before giving a screech and bounding off into the dark, his pack right behind him.

Ellis gave a small sigh of relief as the Alpha disappeared. He looked towards his savior, who was now walking slowly towards him. Despite the fact that this stranger had just saved his life, Ellis still couldn't help his suspicions, and tried once again to get away. The Infected stopped before putting a gentle clawed hand on Ellis' side.

"Easy there, laddie," he reassured in clear English. "Don't put any more strain on that leg."

Ellis noted the Scottish accent as the Infected spoke. It sort of calmed him. He lay still as the Infected looked him over.

"How did ya get into this situation, mate?" he asked.

"I was in one of them whirly-birds before I was pushed out," Ellis answered sadly.

The Infected nodded.

"They didn't accept ya?" he asked, though already knowing the answer.

Ellis nodded his head, tears springing up in his eyes.

"I was with my friends," he continued. "They tried to save me, but…" he trailed off.

The Infected nodded again. He gently prodded Ellis' injured shoulder, causing the mechanic to hiss. The Infected drew his hand back quickly.

"Hmm, can you walk, son?" he asked.

Ellis shook his head.

"If I could, I would've run from them Hunters," he added.

The Infected looked him over again before leaning down and gently maneuvering the Southerner onto his back.

"What are ya doin'? Ellis asked.

"I have to get ya somewhere safe, lad, to take care of those injuries," the Infected answered.

As the Infected began bounding away from the scene, Ellis was in a bit of a daze. A million questions popped into his head. After a bit of thinking, he decided on one to ask.

"Excuse me, sir," he whispered, causing the Infected to stop.

"Yes, lad?" he questioned.

Ellis hesitated a bit before answering.

"What exactly are ya?" he asked. "And why did ya save me?"

The Infected seemed to freeze at these questions. He slowly turned his head, looking at the Southerner as best he could in his position. He sighed.

"I'm one of your kind, kid," he answered. "I'm a Howler, just like you…"


(1) Genio - Temper

(2) - Infected have their own tongue, but a select few can still speak in their native tongue.

(3) Lesionado - Injured

(4) Enfermo - Sick/Ill

(5) Patético - Pathetic

Some translations were made in previous chapters.

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