Author's Note: Magnus and Alec's love from A to Z! Expect a lot of fluff and maybe crack and just pure love from Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood. A collection of one-shots that are no longer than 1000 words.

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The Alphabet

A is for Air-conditioning

Magnus Bane has been living with his boyfriend for over six months now. And it's come to his attention that Alec Lightwood has quite the problem with body heat, in terms of a room's temperature and of the cold. Really, it was cute whenever Alec would snuggle a little closer to him whenever it suddenly got too cold, but it was also unbearable when Alec just distanced himself a little bit too far from Magnus because it was suddenly so stifling hot.

And so Magnus Bane thought of a solution. A solution that came in the form of something as magical and maybe not as powerful as him but something close to magic, anyway. Air-conditioning! Sure, he already has one in their bedroom. But the whole apartment? Yep, that had been his plan.

He could have just snapped his fingers and it would perpetually snow but then that would take too much of his time and effort and not to mention energy, and so he decided on air-condition. For the whole apartment. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the living room. To Magnus's own version of Narnia, so far and deep into his closet. Yep. It was a winter wonderland in their apartment.

Thus, when Alec arrived from his usual demon hunting day and Magnus had collapsed onto the couch after his usual screaming-at-idiots-aka-clients-day, the first thing he noticed was the cold. Alec was in the process of removing his coat when the cold suddenly hit him. And it hit him very bad because it made him shiver and his blue eyes actually deepened in color, something Magnus was very interested in.

"Magnus?" Alec called from the front door, keeping his coat on and his boots – dirty boots – on for that matter, too.

"Present and tired," Magnus raised a hand and grinned as Alec finally rounded the small table that led to the living room.

He looked around, blue eyes wide and arms crossed over his chest.

"It's cold," He said flatly.

"I'm glad you noticed," Magnus might have said this a little bit too giddily because Alec wrapped his scarf tighter around his neck.

"Alec, come here." Magnus moved under the covers, his ankle hoping to brush against Alec's hot skin. But he was met with fluff and a large amount of blankets.

"It's cold, Magnus," Alec said, his voice muffled from under the huge amount of blankets he'd thrown and wrapped himself in for the past twenty minutes.

Magnus groaned and threw a hand over his forehead, laying on his back on the bed as Alec remained on his side, curled under the dozens of blankets, trying to fight off the cold.

"Body heat, Alexander. Have you forgotten I'm unusually warm?" Magnus murmured and there was a shifting under the mountain Alec was crushed in – maybe that was him shaking his head.

"It's warm under here." Alec said, voice coming out soft.

Magnus finally pushed his own blanket – the same blanket he should have shared with Alec if only Alec had not decided to burry himself in the dozens and dozens of comforters.

"You're still cold. Let me slip under and-"

"No!" Alec said a little bit too fast and biting that Magnus fell against the pillows again. "I mean…You'll let the cold in. And Magnus, I'm really cold and we have a meeting at Central Park tomorrow at five in the morning and I just want to sleep. Good night,"

Magnus had kicked his blanket off the bed and stared at the ceiling after that, not even bothering with a response.

Was this the thanks he deserved after the effort he's made to keep Alec cold just so he could warm him back up?

Okay, so maybe it was an incredibly dim-witted plan but still…

No. It was his fault. And he should suffer a cold night alone. Not really alone, but you know – not snuggled against his boyfriend. Really, that was the worst.

He deserved this, though. He really did. He could snap his fingers and have the temperature just drop but then that would mean having Alec wake up all hot and sweaty and wanting nothing more than to rid himself of the mountain of blankets he'd wrap himself in and maybe of his shirt and pants and-


And so Magnus Bane snapped his fingers, firmly turning off all active air-conditioning systems. It would only be a matter of seconds before Alec came up for air and-


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