In between Flash and Batman, the copy's story came out: a group of Cadmus detractors had tried to recreate the same experiments that made Superboy, except they used samples from another meta - Kid Flash. And they got it by sneaking into the Cadmus lab Superboy came from.

"Robin destroyed the samples Desmond had gathered." Batman said tonelessly. "The sample used for this copy came from somewhere else."

"Uhh yeah, I remember Supey knocking me through a glass tube thing," Wally rubbed the back of his neck. "I must've cut myself on the glass."

"But their experiments were doomed to fail." Flash continued. "Whatever Cadmus did to stabilize the metahuman gene, they couldn't replicate. So any use of metahuman powers would cause a general break down within a few hours."

Wally shuddered.

"And the detractors?" Aqualad spoke up. He and Artemis had been quickly apprised the moment they arrived at Mount Justice.

"The League can't chance their creating expendable metahuman soldiers." Batman replied. "So that will be your next mission."

A/N: This will be the last YJ fic I post for a while. Still have a couple of fics to work on for another fandom (still DC-related though). But when I finish those, I'll probably go back and add a sequel to this.