It was hard to describe what had happened exactly…. Even little Russia was unsure… But one thing was certain… The man was dead.

Russia played the events in his head over and over again, numbed by shock, frozen with his pipe lifted in the air but stopped by an elderly hand. The man who wanted to kill him had the metal barrel of the hand gun, pointing down at him. He told him that he had one shot and wouldn't miss. Then he said 'Say Goodbye Commie.' The fear and adrenaline had charged through his body wildly and he lunged forward instinctively, swing the pipe into the man's face. He could feel the bones being crushed beneath the frown metal and could see the hot blood run from the point of impact. The blood steamed in the cold. The man pulled the trigger and the blood grazed Russia's cheek. He touched the cheek which was bleeding a bit and looked at how red his own blood was. He noted it was the same colour as the man's. The man was stumbling on the ground, clutching the side of his face in pain and blood. His wound was a lot worse that Russia's.

"Fucking commie Brat!"

He swung the empty gun at Russia but missed by miles. He took another swing that almost hit him but Russia simply ducked under the arm and thrust the end of the pipe forward without hesitating. The pipe pierced his eye and he screamed up in agony.

"ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Russia pulled the pipe from his now empty eye socket. He held the bottom of the pipe and held it high in the air.

"Say Goodbye" He mimicked what the man said. The drainpipe swung downwards into the side of the man's head, silencing his screaming. He paused before continuing. He hit the motionless corpse over and over again. Sprays and splatters of blood cover his clothes and he repeatable hit the figure. His eyes looked dead like he didn't even realise what he was doing. He was quiet and emotionless as he turned the man into a bloody pulp, unrecognisable.

He raised the red metal pole high above his head again and made to swing it hard into the bloodied mess, only to find someone gripping the top, stopping his blow.

"Russia… He is already dead…" Russia blinked in surprise.

"Huh?" He looked around confused, breaking his cold emotionless face. He saw blood and a lot of it. He was covered in it, the white snowy ground was covered in it and the surrounding walls were also covered in the red, shiny liquid. The whole ally steamed with the volume of blood, filling and seeping into the snow, tainting it. He looked up to see who had stopped him, only to stare into a pale wrinkled face.

"G-General W-winter…" He stuttered, taking in the face of an enemy and the surrounding gory mess. He couldn't even recognise the thing in front of his as human. He released the pipe and slumped to his knees. The red liquid soaked into his trousers."H-Huh? W-w-what has h-happened h-h-here?" He shook uncontrollably as the winter spirit held the bloodied pipe in his hand above Russia.

"You killed the man, Russia." He looked hysterical and hyperventilated a little as he took in the information at what he could do, what he did.

"I-Impossible! I kill him?" Tears streamed down his face, fast and furious. "I k-killed someone!"He shook with tears with his head bowed down.

The winter spirit simply waited for Russia to be quiet or calm down. Suddenly the crying changed slightly. It still sounded hysterical but suddenly a demented sound broke into it. He raised his head a little and the change became clearer and clearer. He threw his head back and faced the sky, laughing loudly. His laughter became louder and louder and echoed through the streets. 'Kol's were being mixed into the manic laughter.

"Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol!" General Winter placed his free hand on Russia's shoulder.

"Calm down boy." The general voice was low and gruff. Russia turned around and looked up at him, smiling widely and splattered with another man's blood and his own.

"General Winter. I killed him." The old figure nodded. "This means I am bigger and stronger that him." The General didn't answer. "I won. I won. Russia is strong. Russia is strong." He sang in a childish, sweet voice that sounded innocent. The boy suddenly seemed a little taller and older but he still acted immature and childish. He seemed to have not aged mentally while his body had grown slightly. The spirit lowered the pipe back into Russia's reach and he grabbed at it and gripped the metal pole to his chest. He looked mad and insane as he smiled sweetly at the corpse and General Winter.

"Go back home Russia." Russia just smiled.

"But why?"

"Because I am here and it is cold."

"I am used to the cold. It is cold every year." The General crouched down to Russia's eye level and looked sternly at him. Speaking slowly and serious.

"The cold makes you brittle... easy to break... I'm scared that you might shatter. Go home."

Russia thought for a moment before smiling and nodding. "Da!"

He did a skip like walk to the entrance of the ally way and was about to leave the corpse and the spirit before turning around.

"General Winter!"The General looked at the boy, showing that he was listening! "I think I might be frozen now. Da." The General shook his head.

"You are not frozen. You can move." Russia giggled.

"No. I'm frozen here!" He pointed to his head and tapped it with a bloody finger. The spirit suddenly looked quite concerned.

"You are frozen mentally?" "Da! I think I am frozen here as a child. A child covered in blood. I don't think it is going to thaw out either. " He sounded okay despite what he was saying.

"That sounds quite serious Russia…."

"I don't care. I was already frozen here." He pointed to his heart next. "It froze over completely when the Mongols attacked me." He sounded so sweet and innocent; it was hard to believe that he was talking about one of the most traumatizing things in his entire history. Over half of his people were killed and his sisters were taken away from him brutally and he was almost killed in the most brutal way. The spirit nodded and repeated his command.

"Go home Russia."Russia nodded and began gigging. "What's so funny, Russia."

"It's too late!" He sang while giggling loudly. "It's too late! My mind has frozen and became brittle, like you said! And it has shattered now too! It's too late!" General Winter's expression didn't change or move but he was concerned and felt pity for Russia. The giggles turned into manic laughter and the "Kol Kol Kol Kol Kol"s broke through as he turned and began walking away. The blood in the ally way froze as the winter spirit watched the young boy leave. A thick purple aura surround the young bloody boy as he left the town, his mental state 100 times worst after his first murder at the age of 10.

(Must resist urge to hug and comfort him (plus the urge to run away in fear). General Winter may attack Russia every year and kill thousands of his people but he still cares a little for the country. Russia is the only one who trys to stand up to him or talk to him (all the other countries run away) so the lonely General has a soft spot for him. Not soft enough that he won't not attack him every year but soft enough that he will make sure that the country will live as long as possible. Russia seems to know what is wrong with himself here. He notices that he is mentally unstable at this point but that is as much as he will know. He soon forgets though and stops noticing that he is 'different'.