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Chapter 36


Molly rushed around Peter's bedroom as she hurriedly got ready. She had left her mascara in here and she had no idea where he had put it! She snorted irritably as she dug around under his bed and found nothing. Molly knelt back and looked around her as she ran her movements through her head. An annoyed sigh left her as she spotted it on Peter's desk: the one place she had neglected to check. Molly stood up and grabbed the mascara then stood in front of Peter's mirror to put it on. Whitney would be here soon and then they would go and pick up Mercy and Lauren. She was sure that Kurt was coming with them too, she'd mentioned it to him and he'd seemed up for a night out with them.

Molly finished her make-up and smoothed out her dress: seeing as it was Halloween she had decided to dress up and was going out as Alice In Wonderland, though her dress couldn't get much shorter. She grinned and put her mascara back down as she headed back to Lucy's room and grabbed up her bag. She had moved all of her stuff into Lucy's room and as Lucy's wardrobe was empty she kept her clothes all in there. But most nights she slept in Peter's room with him.

Molly bounded downstairs and smiled as she spotted Peter, she twirled and grinned at him. "What d'you think?" she asked him.

Peter's jaw dropped at the sight of Molly in her skimpy costume.

"Well, now I wish I was going with you," he said as he gaped at her. He carefully slipped his arms around her and pressed his lips to hers. "You look amazing. Where do you plan on going, so Fatboy and I can hopefully 'run into' you at some point," he suggested with a grin.

Molly smirked at him and pulled him closer as she kissed him again. "Well, we aren't fully decided, but I'll be sure to send you a text when we do end up somewhere," she told him with a grin.

"Anyway, the girls will be here soon, so keep your eyes to yourself," she teased him.

"Actually, am out to meet up with Fats now," he told her and gave her another kiss. He pulled on his coat and quickly headed for the chippy to meet up with Fatboy, waving as he passed the girls.


Rowan nervously finished getting ready in the bathroom. She was very glad Alyssa was well enough to do this, or so Alyssa had claimed.

She looked over the overly girly dress she was wearing, puffy sleeves, high collar, skirt to her knees with a froth of petticoats and ruffles. At least it was long enough to hide the fact that the white tights she was wearing her thigh-high stockings and the dress fully covered the skimpy mini dress she was wearing underneath. She'd altered the backs of the frilly dresses so they could be easily pulled off at the proper moment and had loved the look on Alyssa's face when she'd shown her the outfits and explained her plan. She checked her over done girly make up and smiled. She'd also done her hair in a mass of curls and pulled the curls into pigtails slightly high up on either side of her head. She let out a long breath and finally left the bathroom after slipping her feet into the black heeled shoes she was going to wear.

She and Lyss would look like a child's overly ruffled baby doll until they tore away these dresses and Rowan couldn't wait to see Ray's face when it happened. At least Ray had finally left his mother alone and she'd come to London on the train and arrived safe and sound. Rowan was glad.

She smiled as she walked into the front room.

"I'm ready," she announced and did a very small twirl; it wouldn't do for her skirt to flare and give away secrets.

Ray looked up at Rowan and smiled at her.

"You look beautiful," he told her as he looked her up and down. He was half-relieved: he'd been expecting her to wear something that would make him want to lock her in the bedroom and never come out. This long dress she was wearing he could deal with.

Maggie looked up at Rowan and smiled at her as she rocked Denis gently. She couldn't be more proud of Ray, Rowan and their beautiful babies. She adored her grandchildren. They were perfect.

"You look lovely, Rowan," she smiled and then looked over at Ray again. Superman? She couldn't stop laughing.

"Shut up, Mam," Ray growled at her as he saw the look on her face.

"It doesn't look right with that moustache!" she argued back.

Ray shrugged. "I look better in it than Chris ever did, and at least I'm not going to be mistaken for a waiter, like the last time I dressed up," he said.

Rowan shook her head. "I wasn't going for beautiful, but thank you," she said and looked at his costume again as he argued with Maggie.

"You look fine, Ray, but…" she trailed off. She wished he hadn't worn something so form fitting. She shook her head and then turned to Maggie and the little boy she held.

"He's my Superman," Rowan said with a cheeky grin and bent to put a quick kiss on the baby's head. "I would wish he hadn't worn something so…tight," she whispered so only Maggie could hear and bit back a laugh. She turned and grabbed her coat and pulled it on.

"Let's go, hero," she said to Ray.

Maggie let loose another howl of laughter as she took Denis back and settled him in her arms.

"Have a good night," she grinned at them and Ray turned around to pull a face at her. He grinned and winked. "See ya, Mam," he told her as he shut the door and followed Rowan downstairs.

Ray led Rowan into the car, he couldn't help but feel relieved at her outfit. A sigh escaped him as he started the car engine and he sneaked a look at her again. He smiled as he caught her eye and started to drive towards the Square.


"Lyss, hurry up," Jack called up the stairs and tried not to stare as Whitney came downstairs in a very skimpy bunny costume. Whitney smiled brightly at Jack and nodded.

"Errr, nice costume," he remarked in as neutral a tone as he could manage.

"Thanks, me and the girls are having a girly night and we're doing an Alice in Wonderland theme," she told him. "I'm the White Rabbit."

Jack nodded and went to the mirror again to check his own costume. He'd found the idea of dressing up as a policeman fairly amusing, considering who his friends were.

Whitney gathered up her coat and bag and gave Jack a quick wave before heading over to Molly's house. She waved excitedly at Lauren and Mercy as she saw them also heading onto the Square. She rushed over pulling her coat close against the chill.

"So ready to party tonight," Lauren said. "What about you?"

"Oh yes," Whitney agreed. "Where's Mari?"

"She and Hugh had romantic plans," Lauren said in an overly breathy voice and then giggled. Whitney chuckled and then looked at Mercy.

"Did Fatboy like your costume?"

Mercy smiled at Whitney and nodded. "I'd say he did, yes," she laughed. "I don't think he wanted me to go out. But there's no way I'm missing this!" she added as they reached Molly's and she knocked the door.

Molly smirked at Peter as she let him go and hurried to the front door and she opened it and stood back for the girls to come in. She chuckled at the costumes, they'd all fit in with the Alice In Wonderland Theme.

"It worked!" she squealed excitedly.

Mercy nodded. "All we're missing is the Mad Hatter," she smiled as she went to sit on the sofa.

Molly smiled broadly. "Yeah, but he should be here soon," she said. "We can leave once he gets here," she added.

"Good, I'm anxious to party, Molls," Lauren drawled. Once past the initial awkwardness of her dating Peter, Lauren had finally warmed to Molly and they'd become friends. Lauren didn't want Peter back anyway, she realized, and that had helped a great deal.

"I reckon Kurt will look pretty cute as the Hatter," she added. "We should go somewhere he can sing."

Whitney raised her eyebrows and looked at Molly. "Your mate can sing?" she asked curiously.

Molly nodded. "He's pretty good actually," she smiled and looked up as the doorbell went. "That'll be him," she smiled.

Mercy looked up at Lauren. "Isn't R&R doing karaoke tonight?" she asked. "He could sing there if he wanted to," she shrugged.

Molly walked back in with Kurt and pointed at her friends.

"Whitney, Mercy and Lauren," she said. "This is Kurt," she introduced.

Kurt waved at them with a grin. "How goes it ladies," he smiled at them. Molly grinned.

"Why are we all still here?" she asked. "We have parties to go and find," she said as she grabbed her phone and some cash and shoved it into a bag which she slung carelessly over her shoulder.

Kurt grinned at her and nodded. "Shall we," he said as he made his way back out of the front door.

Molly smiled at the girls as she followed Kurt out.

"Hiya," Lauren said. "Sorry we've not had a chance to talk at school," Lauren said and shook his hand. He was cute…very cute…especially in that costume. Shame she'd heard he was gay.

"Hi, nice to meet you," Whitney said and grabbed up her bag.

"Let us party," Whitney agreed and Lauren let out a whoop and bounded out the door.

"Should we get a cab or go to R&R, what do you think?" Whitney asked the others curiously.

Molly shrugged. "Well, R&R are doing karaoke, so how about we start there and then see how it goes?" she suggested.

Kurt looked up. "Karaoke?" he asked hopefully and looked towards the club.

Molly chuckled. "Yeah, karaoke," she confirmed as the others caught up. She looked over at the club, too.

"The queue's not too long," Mercy commented. "We could get in now while it's still early and move on elsewhere when it starts getting too full," she said as she looked at Lauren and Whitney.

Molly looked at Whitney. "I think they might," she laughed back. "Peter mentioned something about accidentally coming across us later," she added with a smile.

Kurt dashed towards the karaoke list and signed his name eagerly. He grinned at Molly and Whitney and then turned to the bar to get himself a drink. He pushed a load of drinks over to the girls as well. He knocked back a couple of shots and grimaced slightly at the taste then grinned at the girls.

Molly smiled back as she took her drink. "What're you singing?" she asked him curiously. Kurt tapped his nose mysteriously. "That, would be telling," he smiled back and Molly pouted.

"Tell me," she said and Kurt shook his head. "Nah, you have to wait and see Molls," he told her.


"Alex, let's go if we're going," Gene complained and adjusted his flat brimmed hat and then began to fidget with the serape. What was taking that bloody woman so long?

At least they were able to get out. Since Molly had moved in with Peter, Alex seemed reluctant to ask Molly to babysit as often. They'd got lucky though, he'd been trying to make excuses to Jack in the pub when Max had suggested he ask Dot. It never crossed his mind to do that, he didn't really know the woman. But it seemed she was watching Max's son Oscar and Bradley was going to be there as well as Abi and her friend Jay. Sammy should no doubt be fine. He'd quickly agreed.

He let out another annoyed breath and began to pace, the heels of his boots making a calming noise against the tile floor of the kitchen.

"Hang on!" Alex yelled back as she settled the feathered band around her head. She stood in front of the mirror as she checked her costume over: seeing as Gene was going as Clint Eastwood, and he had a love of Westerns, she was going as an Indian. She grinned in the mirror and put the final touches to her hair before emerging from the bedroom. She half-rolled her eyes at his costume.

"You're wearing that again?" she asked sarcastically. "You would have thought you'd be a bit more imaginative," she grinned at him as she made her way over.

"Come on then, are we going or what?" she asked as she began to make her way towards the front door.

Gene blinked as he watched Alex walk into the room. Surely she wasn't planning to leave dressed like that? She barely had a stitch on. He felt a growl rising low in his throat and strode towards her and grabbed her.

"What makes you think we're going anywhere?" he asked and covered her lips with his as he reached up and tossed his hat aside and then brought the hand to rest on her breast. His lips traveled from her lips to her ear.

"I'd much rather have a little pow wow, right here," he husked in her ear and began to plant kisses along the smooth column of her neck.

Alex's neck arched of it's own accord and she mewled gently as her hands came up and pushed on lightly Gene's chest.

"No," she protested. "Gene...stop!" she said, her voice taking on a breathless quality as she tried to step out of his grasp.

"If you start that now then we'll never get out of here!" she smiled at him and kissed him. "Let me go. Put your hat back on. And lets go to the club and party!" she told him.

"Bolly," he groaned against her flesh and slipped his hand into the halter top of her costume. "If you want to go out then you shouldn't dress like that," he said and continued to kiss her neck as he pulled her close against him with his other arm. He wanted to make sure she felt what her outfit was doing to him.

"We have lots of time to party," he growled.

"Well you shouldn't have been so predictable with the whole western thing," she said weakly as she pushed on him once more. "Gene," she sighed as she pulled him closer and chuckled lightly as she buried her face in his neck and breathed him in.

"You have to make everything difficult, don't you," she chuckled as she pulled her face out of his neck and pressed her lips to his. Alex pulled back and looked at him and wound her arms around his neck, "Come on then, Cowboy, show me what you got," she challenged as she ground her hips against his. "Because I'm really hoping that that isn't a gun," she muttered.

Gene grinned and pushed her onto the couch. He tore off her knickers and quickly shoved his own trousers and pants down and thrust into her.

"You didn't have to wear such a revealing outfit," Gene growled and crashed his lips onto hers again.

Alex chuckled as she threw her arms around him and pulled him closer to her, her leg coming up and over his hips. "Of course I did," she said as she tore her mouth from his. "How else was I supposed to get you worked up like this!" she added before pressing her lips to his once more.

"Stupid woman, you hardly need a fancy costume to get my attention," he told her, his voice rough with lust as he moved inside her. He slid his hands over her smooth skin. "God, I love you."

"I love you, too," she gasped out as she moved with him, tangling her hand in his hair as she pulled his mouth back to hers. Her body tensed as she hit her release and she broke the kiss to moan out his name as her hands clutched at him.

Gene gasped out her name as he came with her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.

"I don't really want to go out," he confessed and pressed his lips to her forehead.

Alex smiled as she ran her hands up and down his back with a lazy smile on her face. "You see, this is why we should have gone out before you started all this," she chuckled lightly as she settled herself more comfortably on the sofa. She sighed and pulled the feathered band off her head and dropped it on the floor.

"So, if we're staying in, TV and beer, or bed?" she asked him. "Either way there will be cuddles," she smiled as she ran her hand underneath his costume and up his back lightly.

Alex smiled and reached around her to grab a cushion and pulled it out to set it under her head as she gazed at him.

"Mmm," she hummed back as she just enjoyed the feel of his hands and lips on her.


Max smoothed the coat of his costume and then picked up the mask. Tanya would never recognize him in his "Phantom" costume; he'd been smart enough to choose a costume with a mask. He would attempt to get her to come home with him and then see what would happen. He adjusted the opera cape and then hurriedly left the house. He ducked in an alley when he saw no one was around and put the mask on. Now, he was just another party-goer. He smiled under the mask.

"Mmmmmm, not sure I'm ready to move just yet," he drawled and dropped his lips to her neck and traced his hand over her flesh.


Alyssa sighed as she heard Jack calling her and put the finished touches to her costume. She was so excited to do this! It was a brilliant idea. She was wearing so much pink. She inwardly cringed, she avoided pink because it tended to clash with her hair, but this idea was too good to pass up. She nodded and made her way downstairs to chuckle at the sight of Jack. She wound her arms around his neck and looked him over.

"Mmmm," she hummed. "So, Rowan, Alex and Shaz and Simon all have a Policeman of their own, and now so do I," she smiled. "Suddenly I don't feel so left out," she added and ran a hand down his chest. "And I lurrrve a man in uniform," she added as she raised her eyebrows at him.

Jack grinned and pulled Alyssa close. "And I have my very own…Barbie type girl," he said and kissed her.

"Let's go, Rowan will likely skin us if we're late. I wonder what Ray dressed up as," he mused as he led Alyssa to the car.

Alyssa smiled as she let go of him and followed him out. She slid into the car and buckled herself in, she shrugged. "No idea. I know what Alex is planning on wearing and she had a good idea about Gene, hence her outfit," she smiled. "But as for Ray, who can say?" she sighed and shrugged once more.


Tanya hurried to Jane's once she was ready and knocked on the door excitedly. She rolled her eyes as her patience wore out and she opened the letterbox.

"JANE! Come on!" she called out and a laugh left her as she tapped the door again.

"Coming!" Jane called and quickly opened the door. "Sorry, I was having trouble with the shoes," she complained and quickly closed the door behind her.

Tanya smiled at Jane and looked her up and down before pushing open the door to the building and leading her outside.

"I cannot wait!" she exclaimed. "It's been ages since we have had a proper night out," she smiled.

"I know! When I'm not at the café I have a gig on," Jane agreed and walked next to Tanya. She was glad they had chosen these lovely renaissance outfits instead of something skimpy like she'd seen Lauren and Mercy wearing.

"Shall we just go to R&R or get a taxi into town?"


Rowan eyed Ray as he drove them to the club and felt the stirrings of jealousy. He really shouldn't have worn something so tight! Not that he didn't look fantastic, all their walking and eating healthy had him looking very good, but she didn't want to share. She sighed. She'd get him back when he saw what she had planned. And he just might regret wearing that outfit.

She climbed from the car and looked around for Jack and Alyssa as she shut the door.


Jack took her arm and began to walk with her to the club. He spotted Ro and Ray's car as it pulled up not far from the club and parked. He smiled as he saw Rowan in her outfit matching Alyssa's and then nudged Alyssa as he saw Ray get out of the car, his position causing his costume to be revealed.

"Superman?" he chuckled. "Well, that's interesting."

Alyssa's eyebrows flew up.

"Just a bit," she murmured as she dashed over to them.

Rowan waved as she caught sight of Jack and Alyssa and hurried over.

Ray clambered out of the car after Rowan and locked the door behind him. He couldn't help but smile at the throngs of fancy dressed party goers heading towards the club. Some interesting choices in costumes. He chuckled to himself and looked over as he saw Alyssa and Jack. He waved merrily.

"Officer Rimmer," Rowan teased and Jack rolled his eyes at her. Rowan looked at Alyssa.

"Are we ready?" she asked. "I'm going to need a lot of alcohol I think," she commented with a chuckle and then wound her arm with Alyssa's.

"So, Superman," Jack said in a dry voice as he walked over to Ray and watched the girls make their way into the club. "Brave choice."

Ray looked at Jack and shrugged.

"It's better than going as James Bond and getting mistaken for a waiter," he said with a shrug. "Besides, Chris was Superman last time and he looked rubbish," he chuckled.

"It's very ummm…..snug," Jack finally remarked.

Ray looked down at himself and sniffed. "It's not that bad," he said dismissively.

"So, the girls are going to perform tonight. I wonder what they have planned. Alyssa's had a mischievous sort of look on her face the past couple days, ever since Rowan brought the outfit over."

Ray looked over at Rowan and Alyssa and sighed. "Rowan's been acting oddly too, it's really beginning to frustrate me," he sighed and looked at Jack. "There are major downsides to pregnancy," he said with a heavy sigh.

Jack cocked an eyebrow at Ray.

"How do you mean?" he asked curiously and glanced over at Rowan and Alyssa who were hovering near the stage drinking and waiting for their turn.

"We should probably get closer to the stage," Jack suggested. "I think the girls will be on soon," he suggested as the young man who was singing, he was sure it was Kurt, the boy did have an amazing voice, finished and Doug introduced the next singer.

Ray gaped at him. "How do I mean?" he repeated incredulously. "I can't bloody touch her!" he snorted irritably.

Ray sighed and nodded and started to navigate his way through the crowd.

"How is that her fault?" Jack wanted to know. "Surely that's something she was told by the doctor?"

Ray frowned at Jack. "I never said it was her fault, I just said that I'm frustrated about it," he said defensively.

Jack sat down and took a drink of his pint as the woman who was singing finished. "And that's no doubt going to change soon, yeah?"

He grinned at Ray and took another drink of his pint and then put the glass down so he could clap as Rowan and Alyssa were announced.

Ray looked at Jack curiously and shrugged. "Better be soon," he muttered more to himself than to Jack.

Ray turned his gaze to the stage as Rowan and Alyssa climbed onto it.


Rowan dragged Alyssa over to the bar and immediately ordered them drinks, including pints for Jack and Ray. She glanced around and then looked at Alyssa.

"I don't see Gene or Alex yet, they must be running late," Rowan observed and thanked Sarah as the drinks were placed on the bar. She picked hers up and drained half of it in one go and sighed. "Been awhile since I've got to do that," Rowan explained. "Let's get signed up for the karaoke," she said as Jack and Ray came up to the bar. She pushed the pints in their direction and pulled Alyssa over to sign up. This was going to be sooo much fun!

Alyssa grabbed her drink and yelped slightly as Rowan dragged her towards the list. She grinned as she signed her name on the piece of paper next to Rowan's and then drained her drink. She swallowed and pushed the glass onto the bar.

"Right," she said. "Next round I think," she smiled and then looked over at Ray and Jack. "Why is he dressed like Superman?" she asked.

Rowan shook her head. "He just….I don't really know. It's awfully tight though. I have a feeling he is going to be regretting his choice before the night is through," Rowan purred and nodded as Alyssa suggested another round. She looked around at all the people gathering in. "Looks like everyone is staying local," Rowan mused. She drank her second drink slightly slower than the first, but still fairly quickly. She finally noticed Doug coming out from behind the bar. Looked like the karaoke was finally going to start. He climbed up on the stage.

"Welcome to R&R's, we're going to kick the karaoke off tonight with…" he trailed off and caught sight of Rowan shaking her head.

She gave Doug the barest shake of her head; she did not want them to go first.

Doug nodded. "Kurt," he finished.

Alyssa laughed as she glanced over at Ray. "Poor Ray," she laughed. "Not that I feel sorry for him at all," she added as she reached for her drink and drank it down slowly.

Alyssa looked up at Doug as he got on stage and her eyes brightened excitedly. She could hardly wait to get up there with Rowan and perform their little routine.

"Where's Alex d'you reckon?" she asked. "She and Gene are coming tonight aren't they?" she asked as she grabbed her phone and checked to see if she had a text from Alex. She sighed and shrugged, nothing yet.

She watched as a boy, clearly one of Molly's friends judging by the costume he had chosen got up onto the stage and started to sing. She looked at Rowan excitedly. "I cannot wait!" she squealed.

"One more act, then we go up," Rowan said. "I need at least one more drink."

She furrowed her brow. "I had thought they were coming, yeah, maybe they couldn't get someone to babysit. I see Molly over there with her friends," Rowan opined.

She glanced up at the young man singing. "He's really good," she remarked and clapped loudly when he'd finished and Doug introduced someone else.

Alyssa nodded excitedly as the Mad Hatter got off the stage and someone dressed as Elvis wandered up and took the microphone. She beamed at Rowan.

"I can't wait!" she repeated.

Rowan took a sip of her fresh drink and grinned at Alyssa. "We're next."Rowan watched as the woman who was singing finally finished and looked at Alyssa.

"Are we ready?" she asked and drained her drink.

Alyssa put her empty glass down and nodded.

"Indeed we are," she smiled as she led Rowan onto the stage.


Peter watched the time anxiously. He wanted to get to R&R, but he didn't want to show up too soon after the girls had. They'd been there an hour now, though, surely that was plenty of time. He looked at Fatboy.

"C'mon, let's go," he said and stood up and headed for the door.

Fatboy chuckled as he followed Peter. "Bout time," he said. "Come on P-Dog, sooner we get there the shorter the queue," he said as he dashed off towards the club.

Fatboy stood impatiently in line and argued and reasoned with the bouncer on the door until he let them in. He patted Peter's shoulder as he darted inside and looked around for Mercy. He spotted her and made his way over and sat down next to her.


Molly let loose a cheer as Kurt stood up and got up onto the stage. She looked at Whitney and grinned broadly "Now can he sing, or can he sing!" she said as she downed another shot.

Whitney looked at Molly. "He can sing," she agreed and glanced at Lauren who was also cheering and dancing as Kurt sang. She caught sight of Peter and Fatboy entering the club and looked over at Molly.


Peter looked around and caught sight of Molly and the way she was staring at the boy on stage. That Kurt. Dressed as the Mad Hatter and performing. Peter frowned. He was dressed in the theme of the girls' outfits. Why? Why did he get to be part of their group, it was supposed to be girls only. He hid his disgust and gave Fatboy a quick slap on his arm to catch his attention and began to thread his way through the crowd as Kurt finished singing to thunderous applause and left the stage.


Max caught sight of Tanya and smiled behind the mask. She looked beautiful. He quickly made his way in her direction and stood to one end of the bar from her. He sent over a glass of white wine and watched.

Kurt grinned as he came off the stage and headed back over to the group of girls. He smiled at them and indulged himself in a bow before looking back up with a grin. Molly threw her arms around him and hugged him

"You were amazing Kurt!" she exclaimed "I knew you could sing but not quite like that!" she said with a laugh as she let him go. Kurt smiled at her and shrugged then raised his eyebrows as he spotted Fatboy sitting with Mercy. He scanned the crowd and spotted Peter easily, he smiled at him and Molly followed his gaze. She grinned and picked her way towards him.

Lauren walked with Kurt as he went to the bar. "You were fantastic, Kurt," she told him and gave him a one-armed squeeze. She noted the direction of his gaze and sighed.

"You heard Kurt singing? How amazing is he!" Molly smiled at him.

Kurt sighed as Molly wandered over to Peter and watched them for half a second before going back to the bar, some people had all the luck.

Peter frowned. "Is he all you can talk about?" he thoughtlessly snapped. "If you're so keen on him then maybe I should just go home and leave you to it."

Molly frowned at Peter. "What the hell is wrong with you?" she asked him coldly. "You've been in a foul mood almost permanently for the last few weeks now!" she told him. Molly folded her arms and stared at him. "If you're not going to tell me what's wrong then do me a favour and stop taking it out on me!"

"And what have you got against Kurt?" she demanded. "He's my friend Peter, you can't tell me who I can and can't be friends with!"

"Just a friend, yeah right," Peter snapped. "You spend all your time with him, hardly any with me any more. And then tonight, you go on about girl's night and then I get here to see he's with you! How exactly do you expect me to take that?"

He drained his drink and slammed the glass down. "Maybe you should be living with him instead?" He pushed past her and walked over to Kurt and grabbed his arm.

"I want a word with you, outside," he demanded and turned, giving Kurt's arm a slightly pull as he went.


Whitney overheard Peter's words and quickly turned and headed over to where Lauren was sitting with Kurt.

"Trouble in paradise I think," she sing-songed.

Kurt tore his gaze away from Peter and Molly and looked up at Lauren. He smiled at her.

"Cheers," he said, the cheerfulness he tried to keep in voice failing miserably and making him sound glum instead. He sighed as he pulled the glass towards him and took a heavy gulp.

He looked up at Whitney as she came over and frowned. "Why?" he asked. "What's going on?"

"Peter just sounded a bit upset," Whitney whispered and ordered herself a drink. Lauren glanced around Whitney to look at Peter and Molly. Peter did look upset.


Brett sat on his own at the bar and cradled his drink. He'd seen the group of girls leaving Molly's house from where he had been parked. He was going to be a wonderful surprise for Whitney, she hadn't been around much recently and he was assuming that was because of her massive workload. He missed her. And she looked amazing in her little white rabbit outfit. They were definitely going back to his once they were done here. He kept his eyes fixed on her as he watched her and drank down some more of his drink. A few more minutes, then he would surprise her.

Brett stood up as Whitney went and stood by Lauren and a boy he didn't know. He walked over and slid an arm around her waist.

"You look amazing, Whit," he told her as he pressed a soft kiss to her neck.

Kurt looked up at the good looking boy that slid his arm around Whitney and sighed. He had spotted him from across the club, but clearly he was straight.

Whitney jumped as she felt an arm slip around her and then looked at Brett.

"What do you want, Brett?" she asked and pulled away from him slightly.

Brett frowned at her and dropped his arm from her waist.

"What do I want?" he repeated slowly. "What kind of question is that?"

"Brett, what do you think? Lately all you've been trying to do is nearly run my life, so I think it's a perfectly reasonable question," she told him and stepped away from him a bit more.

Brett's frown deepened. "I haven't been trying to run your life Whitney, I've been trying to help you!" he said in exasperation."But all you seem to do is go off in a strop and throw it all back in my face," he told her. "So, what do I want?" he repeated. "I want you to sort yourself out and stop acting like a spoilt, moody cow," he said.

"What you want..." Whitney echoed, ignoring Lauren's shocked face. "It's always what you want, Brett. It's always you doing for me because you seem to think I'm a five year old who can't do anything at all on her own. I'm sick of it," she said sharply. "And I am not a spoiled, moody cow. I just want to do it myself, you know, I don't want someone else doing it for me. It's my business, I don't know why you can't understand that. You just keep wanting to push your money at me, well news flash, I don't want your bloody money!"

She waved her hands out to ward of him trying to touch her. "In fact, I don't want you, Brett, I'm done with this. We're done, through, over with, so just...don't bother coming here anymore, okay?"

She slashed her hands in front of herself in a finalizing gesture. "We're through, I've broken up."

She looked at him a moment and then huffed out a breath and turned to leave. She should have done this ages ago.

Brett stared at her. That was how she felt? Fine! He didn't need her. He glared at her.

"You didn't seem so keen to get rid of me when I was helping you to make your business better," he snapped back. "But now I've got you that far you don't want me any more," he said angrily. "Fine!" he snapped.

She turned and looked at him. "That's because you were working with me, Brett. But now, you're different."

"We'll see how well you do without me. And if you come crawling back because you mess things up don't think that I'll be there to help you," he growled at her and sneered before marching off. He'd find some other party to go to: he wasn't staying around here now.

She shook her head at him slowly. "I won't," she said in a tone of finality and walked out, feeling better than she'd felt in ages.


Tanya looked up questioningly as a glass of white wine was placed in front of her.

"I didn't order that" she commented as she looked at the glass.

"No, he ordered it for you" the young man told her and pointed at the man wearing a mask at the other end of the bar before leaving the glass in front of Tanya.

Tanya looked over at him curiously and then back at the glass. She picked it up, raised the glass to him with a smile and took a sip.

Max smiled behind his mask and nodded at Tanya after lifting his own glass to her in return. He'd give it a few minutes and then if she didn't come to him, he'd go to her.

Tanya studied the guy that had bought her the drink as she sipped it slowly. He wasn't that bad looking, from what she could see anyway. She kept her gaze fixed on him and smiled as she carefully drank her way through the glass. Her gaze flew to the stage as she heard Alyssa and Rowan announced and watched for a few moments before looking back at the man. She shrugged inwardly and picked her way through the crowd of people towards him. She placed the glass on the bar next to him and took the bar stool.

"Tanya," she smiled at him. "Thank you for the drink."

Max nodded at Tanya and took her hand and pressed it to the mask in a mimed kiss. He tapped the nearly empty glass in question to see if she wanted another one and tilted his head.

Tanya smiled and nodded. "Please," she said. Whoever this guy was, he was charming.

Max gestured for another glass of wine and then looked back at Tanya. He trailed a gloved finger down her arm and then raised his masked face again to meet her eyes as he covered her hand with his.

Tanya raised her eyebrow at him but smiled at him nonetheless. She had to admit, that mask was going to start getting annoying soon. She reached for the wine glass and took a large sip of it.

"So," she said, he seemed unwilling to talk, that was also going to get annoying, though the added mystery intrigued her. "Who are you?" she asked as she leaned forwards slightly.

Max held up his finger and moved it from side to side in a "no no" gesture and then put his hand over hers again. Part of him was enjoying it, but part of him wanted to take off the mask and kiss her. Instead, he stood up and pulled gently on her hand to lead her to the dance floor as one of the karaoke singers began a slow song.

Tanya smiled and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor. A slow song. She bit back her chuckle as she placed her arms around his neck and looked at his mask curiously. She wanted to see beneath it. Either he was unbearably shy, or he enjoyed the mystery he was creating. She decided she didn't mind either way.


Rowan followed Alyssa up on stage and winked at her sister as the music started up and Alyssa started singing the first verse.

Rowan sang her part and danced away as they reached the point Rowan had planned for.

"I'm just a girl, take a good look at me just your typical prototype...Oh...I've had it up to here!" she and Alyssa sang and Rowan nodded at Lyss and grasped the sides of the dress and jerked so it came loose. She tossed her dress aside and watched Alyssa do the same and then kept singing. She glanced over at Ray, not quite able to see him due to the lights, but she was pretty sure he was in shock just about now.


Jack's eyes widened as he watched Alyssa tear away and toss aside the dress she'd been wearing. He lifted his pint glass and took a long drink and glanced at Ray before turning his gaze back to Alyssa. She looked amazing in that very skimpy pink, mini dress.

Ray's face darkened as Rowan tore off the long dress to reveal a tiny pink dress underneath. The type of dress he had prayed she wouldn't be wearing in the first place. He gulped and his eyes widened as he realised just how tight his costume was. Ray gulped again and looked around quickly to see if anyone had noticed. He snaked a hand over his shoulder and grabbed at the cape that hung down his back, he pulled it off and tied it around his waist.

Ray sighed as he looked down and made sure he was covered then looked back up on the stage at Rowan. She was in for it when she got off that stage. They were leaving. He smirked to himself as he fixed his eyes on her.


Alyssa enjoyed the look on Jack's face as she stripped herself of her dress and kept dancing around on the stage with Rowan. She finished the song and then grabbed up her dress as she handed the microphone back. She skipped off the stage and smiled at Jack happily.

Rowan grinned at Alyssa and bent carefully to quickly grab up the dress and stepped down from the stage.

Ray's arm reached out and snatched Rowan's arm, pulling her towards him and against his chest, his arm fixing itself securely around her waist, holding her against him.

She flashed a grin at Ray and felt desire begin to burn through her as he pulled her close. She could feel the hardness of him. Clearly he regretted wearing such a tight costume, but she had no intention of not having him.

"You know, I felt relieved earlier when you came out in that long dress, because Rowan, when you were wearing that dress, I didn't have this problem I have now," he growled into her ear as he pressed his hips against her. "What am I supposed to do now!" he demanded to know as he pulled her closer.

"I have to use the little girl's room," she whispered in his ear and then stepped back and gave him a look before turning and striding very slowly to the restrooms, glancing back over her shoulder once and giving Ray a wink, knowing he would be watching her walk away. She carefully licked her lips as she stared at him and then turned away to make sure she didn't run into anyone as she continued on.

Ray watched her go and his fists clenched. He knew that look, he knew that look all too well. He let out a shaky breath, he stalked through the crowd, uncaring as to who he walked into. He caught up with her and grabbed her arm.

"A toilet, Rowan?" he questioned huskily. "I think we can do better than that, there's not enough room in a toilet for what I want to do," he told her and dropped a few soft kisses on her neck. "You sure you're ready?" he asked.

Rowan looked up at him, shivering as his lips touched her skin.

"I'm so ready," she told him. "Why do you think I wore this? I fully intended to make sure that I had you tonight. I'm not waiting any longer. So if you want to go somewhere else it better close by because I'm not sure I can wait much longer," she nearly purred and pressed close to him.

"So, where do you suggest?"

Ray shuddered. "Get yourself in the car, now," he told her. "We're going," he told her and turned her around, pushing her gently to get her to move. Ray grabbed her hand and pulled her along with him as he marched through the crowd, then, deciding this was going far too slow for his liking, he turned and lifted Rowan into his arms and pushed his way through until they got outside. He dropped her on the pavement as he opened the car and got inside. He forced the keys into the ignition and started the car as he waited impatiently for her to get in.

Rowan nearly tripped over her own feet at Ray's rush. The heels she had on were quite a bit higher than she was used to and although it was a bit embarrassing and she actually didn't mind when he picked her up. She simply kept tight hold of the dress and her bag when he dropped her down outside. She climbed into the car as quickly as she could and nodded.

Rowan barely managed to yank her shoes off before Ray pulled her up the stairs of the B&B. She kept her face turned away from the few people that were there, staring. In her outfit she knew what they might be thinking, although it was Halloween and it probably helped that Ray was in such an outrageous costume.

Ray drove to the B&B and pulled Rowan out of the car and inside; he was still uncomfortable about getting up to stuff with his mother in the flat, let alone the twins. He demanded a room key and then pulled Rowan up the stairs with him, ignoring the people that stared at him, he assumed it was because of his costume but was in no position to give it much thought. He threw the door open and pulled her inside the room after him. Ray rested his head against the door, breathing heavily. A deep breath and he turned to her, his eyes blackened with lust as he reached out and took her hand, pulling her hard against his chest before finally dropping his lips onto hers and kissing her for all he was worth.

Rowan swung into the room and while Ray leaned against the door, she dropped her things on the floor and half smiled when he pulled her to him. She couldn't hold back a moan at the feel of his lips on hers, not now that she could anticipate for herself. She kissed him back hungrily and her hands crept around him and scrabbled at his back to find the fastening to get the ridiculous Superman costume off him.

She broke off the kiss and quickly unhooked the basque and her tight, tiny dress dropped to the floor. She reached out and plucked at the fabric of the front of his costume. "You hadto wear something complicated," she said, annoyance coloring her tone. She stood there, nude but for a very brief pair of knickers and the white thigh high stockings. She put her hands on her hips and looked at him. "Mind you, it's so tight there's no doubt how you feel," she said in amused tone and smirked at him.

She tilted her head at him. "Well, hurry up, I'm ready as you can see," she teased and gestured at herself and then went over to the bed and leaned back on it, propping herself up on her elbows.

"Come get me," she invited and put herself in a deliberately provocative pose.

Ray stood there and looked at her, a strangled groan escaped him as he pulled at his costume in a desperate attempt to get it off him. The second it was in a muddle around his feet he pulled off his underwear and clambered onto the bed, Ray braced himself above her, shaking slightly as he devoured her with his eyes. He hadn't really let himself look at her, not properly, since she'd had the twins just in case he lost all of his self control. He didn't have to deprive himself any longer. Another groan, he dropped his mouth onto hers as his hands pulled her hips against his once more. He broke the kiss somewhat breathlessly and rested his forehead against hers

"Thought I'd die before we got here again," he murmured to her as his hands ran up and down her sides a few times before finally coming up to cover her breasts. "We're not having any more kids," he said decisively. "I don't think I'll be able to survive that again," he added as he dropped his lips to her neck and kissed his way along her shoulder and then down her arm.

"Two is enough," she whispered in agreement.

He raised his head and looked at her again for a moment. "Please tell me it's been hard for you, too," he said as he moved his hands back down to her hips and kissed his way to her breasts.

Rowan carefully didn't laugh as Ray fought to get the costume off. She felt her heart pounding at the sight of him.

She watched him look at her and her breath sped up at the look in his eyes. She melted against him as he pulled her close and kissed him back desperately. She moaned at the feel of his hands on her.

She met his gaze and nodded. "I can't tell you how hard it's been, Ray. I've been wanting you so much. Every time I've...well...taken care of you...it's been nearly torture. I didn't mind," she quickly added. "I love you and I wanted to do it to help, but it was hard."

A gasp slipped from her lips at the feel of his mouth on her breasts. She'd missed it so much! She tangled her fingers into his curls and reveled in the feeling.

Ray's hands slid down her legs and pushed the stockings off her, then curled into the material of her knickers, not that they could be called knickers. More like a scrap of fabric. He tore it regardless and threw it away from them and off the bed. He finally pulled his head off her chest and looked back up at her face, a smile breaking out over his face as he noted her expression. His hands slid down her legs and pulled them over his waist, he had wanted to drag this out but he found himself unable to contain himself: it had been far too long.

Ray pressed his lips to hers and eased himself inside her, a groan leaving him again. He was never leaving it that long again! Ever! He rocked his hips slowly against hers as he pulled his mouth away and panted.

"Rowan..." he groaned again. "God I love you!" he gasped out.

"Oh, Ray," she sighed and gasped again as he tore away the tiny knickers she was wearing. She moaned again as she felt him inside her and dug her fingers into his shoulders. It had been too long.

She began to move with him and gazed up at him at his words.

"I love you, too, oh Ray," she nearly sobbed and clutched at him, her hands slipping from his shoulders to his back as she bucked to meet his every thrust. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the feeling of him. Glorious perfection.

She didn't hold back her shrieks of pleasure as she felt herself getting closer and closer and finally went over the edge.

She buried her face in his neck and panted his name as she held him tight.

Ray held her tightly to him as he rolled them onto their sides and crushed her to his chest. He breathed in the scent of her hair and sighed happily. "I love her and everything, but I'll be glad when Mam goes home so we can do this whenever we want," he mumbled quietly as he ran his hands up and down her soft back and pulled her impossibly closer.

"I've missed this so much, Ro, it's nice and everything when you umm...sort me out," he sighed. "But it's not the same," he said as he hugged her tightly.

Ray decided that Maggie could cope without them being at home. He wasn't feeling inclined to move, especially seeing as he felt he would be more than ready for Round 2 in a moment, he still felt uncomfortable getting up to stuff with her in the house. They could get up and go home in the morning. He wasn't leaving the B&B now they were there.

"I've missed it, too," Rowan said and pressed a kiss to his chest and slid her hand between his legs.

"Hope your mother doesn't mind being on her own awhile, because I'm nowhere near finished with you yet," she purred and then pounced.


Jack slipped his arms around Alyssa and pulled her onto his lap.

"You look absolutely amazing, Lyss," he told her and stroked a hand along her thigh to her knee and let his hand rest on her knee. "I admit I can't wait to get you home."

Alyssa settled her arm around his shoulders and smiled at him as she set the long dress on the floor next to his legs. She smiled at him as she pressed her lips to his. "I'd love to take credit for this idea, but it's all Rowan's," she smiled. "I don't know how she comes up with this stuff, but it's brilliant," she grinned.

"So, Ray and his tight costume..." she trailed off as she craned her neck to look for Superman. "How did that work out?" she asked.

Jack chuckled as he watched Ray walk off after Rowan.

"I think he's probably glad he had a cape," he said and burst out laughing. "Would you like another drink?"

Alyssa smiled and let loose a small chuckle. "Yes, I'd imagine so," she said.

"Another drink?"

Alyssa looked at him and then at the bar, she nodded. "I think so," she smiled as she got off his lap.

Alyssa chuckled at him and nodded. "That was half the reason for our little performance. She wanted to work him up," she smiled. "Seems like it did the trick, too," she added with a smile as Sarah placed their drinks in front of them. She reached for hers and took a sip.

Jack barely saw the flash of red from Ray's cape and then he and Rowan vanished in the crowd.

He stood up to go with her to the bar. "Looks like his long wait is at an end," Jack remarked and gestured at Sarah. He looked at Alyssa. "I take it tonight was definitely the night when Rowan could...um...well...you know..." he trailed off uncertainly. "Surely she wouldn't have worn that otherwise."

"Alex and Gene didn't show then," she sighed. "Maybe they couldn't find a babysitter after all," she shrugged.

"Did she really think...well, never mind."

Jack picked up his drink and took a sip. "Don't suppose you feel up to it tonight?" he asked and eyed her in her skimpy dress then grinned.

Alyssa looked up at Jack and smiled. "Why Mr Rimmer!" she gasped. "That's no sort of question to be asking in public!" she grinned at him teasingly and then took a step closer and nodded at him. "But my answer is yes," she smiled at him and winked before reaching for her drink again.

"Then you better take it easy on that orange juice," he joked. "I wouldn't want you passing out before I get to have my wicked way with you."

He grinned and then swung her out onto the dance floor.

Kurt looked up at Peter in alarm but stood up off the stool and followed him regardless. He looked at Peter's face as they got outside and raised an eyebrow at him.

"What?" he asked defensively.

"I want you to stay the hell away from Molly. She's mine and I'm not going to put up with you trying to take her from me," Peter stated. He leveled his finger at Kurt.

"So you just back off, okay?" he ordered and glared at Kurt.

Kurt couldn't help the chuckle that escaped him.

"You can't be serious," he snorted. "Molly?" he shook his head.

Kurt moved forward and cupped Peter's cheek before kissing him. He pulled away with a small sigh and looked directly at Peter.

"I'm not interested in Molly. Yeah, she's a laugh, but she's not my type," he said softly.

Peter's eyes widened and he back away and put his hands up.

"You...you're...you're gay..." Peter gasped out the question and scrubbed his hand across his lips as he kept backing away. He hadn't expected that, though he probably should have, now that he thought about it, a lot of things made sense.

He pushed past Kurt and rushed back into the club and grabbed Molly's hand. "We're going...now," he said insistently and nearly dragged her from the club. He glanced at Kurt, but rushed Molly past.

Kurt nodded at Peter slowly and sighed as he pushed past and into the club again. He leant back against the wall of the club and ignored the glances he was getting from the bouncer.


"Peter!" Molly called after him "You've got the wrong..." she trailed off as he marched away and sighed "end of the stick" she finished lamely and went to sit at the bar with Lauren, Mercy and Fats.

Fatboy looked at Molly. "Hey, baby girl, what's going down?" he asked.

"Peter's jealous of Kurt because apparently I spend all my time with him" she sighed "What he doesn't know is that Kurt is gay" she added "They're about to have a very interesting conversation" she half-smiled.

Mercy patted Molly's arm. "It'll be fine Molly," she said reassuringly.

Lauren couldn't help but giggle.

"Yeah, verrrry interesting," she agreed and grinned at Molly and began to giggle again.

Molly nudged Lauren before bursting into laughter herself. "I can't wait to see his face," she said through her giggles.


Lauren walked over to Kurt, looking back to make sure Mercy and Fatboy were following her.

"So, we're going to find someplace else, Fatboy thinks he knows a good party. You up for it?" Lauren asked him as she slid an arm around his shoulders and grinned. "Fatboy's driving."

Whitney leaned against the wall awhile and contemplated going home, then she saw Lauren go over and start talking to Kurt. Why should she go home and feel bad? She felt great! She hurried over and slung her arm around Kurt, too.

"Yeah, I'm ready to party, let's go," she said and flashed Kurt a big smile.

Kurt looked around at the girls and nodded. "Sure, why not" he grinned.

Fatboy sauntered over with his arm around Mercy. "You lot coming? The Fat-mobile awaits!" he grinned and Mercy rolled her eyes.

Kurt nodded. "Lets do it," he grinned back and followed the rest of the little group out of the club.

"WOOOOOO!" Lauren and Whitney hollered and high-fived over Kurt's head before dragging him towards the van and climbing in.


Molly half stumbled as she struggled to keep up with Peter and glanced back at Kurt as they passed him. He waved shortly at her before turning back into the club. Molly tugged on Peter's hand to get him to stop.

"What Peter!" she demanded. "What happened?" she asked as she made him stop in the street and put her hand on his cheek to get him to look at her. She frowned at him curiously as she squeezed his hand. "Tell me," she said, her voice gentler.

Peter looked at her. "I don't want to talk about it. But you could have said he was gay," he told her and turned to head towards home.

Molly bit back her chuckle and ran to keep up with him.

"I thought you knew," she said as she slid her hand into his. "He doesn't hide it Peter, why else would he arrange a shopping trip?" she smiled as she looked up at him affectionately.

A thought occurred to her suddenly as his bad moods suddenly clicked and she couldn't help a sly smile from crossing her face. "Peter..." she began slowly as she looked up at him. "Did you think I liked him?" she asked curiously.

"Well, what else was I supposed to think? You're spending almost all of your spare time with him and tonight...he gets to go along. I was hardly around him, how was I supposed to know?"

He huffed out a breath in annoyance.

"Now I'm glad I wasn't," he told her as they reached the gate. He looked at her and drew in a long breath. "He made a pass at me," he finally confessed.

Molly shrugged and shook her head. "I dunno Peter, I just assumed that you did know," she sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you okay" she said.

Molly bit back her smile and raised her eyebrows.

"I can't say I'm surprised," she said as she cupped his cheek and leaned in close. "You are gorgeous after all, poor guy didn't stand a chance," she told him quietly before kissing him gently. She smiled at him and moved past him, through the gate and pulled her keys out of her bag to open the back door. Molly let herself inside and dumped her bag on the table before making sure the door was shut behind Peter.

"Well, I didn't punch him or anything," Peter told her and made sure the latch was thrown. He looked at her in the costume again.

"Let's go upstairs, Alice," he teased and wound his arm around her waist and led her to the stairs. He stopped suddenly as a figure blocked the way.

"What's the matter, Peter, can't say hello to your old man?" Ian asked in a slightly scathing tone and folded his arms.

Peter looked at Molly as his jaw dropped.


After two dances, Max noticed that Jane was getting annoyed. She and Tanya had clearly come here together and he was nearly monopolizing her time. He pulled something from his pocket and slipped it into Tanya's hand, then made his voice a husky whisper.

"I'll be there in one hour," he said in her ear, trying to make sure he didn't sound like himself. The mask helped, he was sure. He made sure she curled her fingers around the B&B room key and then brushed his fingers against her cheek and left.

Jane saw the strange man leave and walked over to Tanya.

"What in the world was that all about?" she asked, her voice alive with curiousity. She turned to watch the man disappear in the crowd and looked back at Tanya.

"And where can I get one?"

Tanya sighed and shrugged. "I honestly have no idea, but you can't have my one," she grinned as she looked down at the key he had given her. From the B&B. She smirked at Jane. "That's my evening solved," she smiled.

She looked at Jane. "So, that's me sorted, lets see..." she said as she glanced around the club, she nudged Jane. "What about him?" she said as she pointed out a man dressed as Zorro. "He looks tasty" she smiled. "Or...him" she said as she pointed at another man near the bar who was wearing a pirate costume. She smiled at Jane and looked down at the key again.

Jane laughed and shook her head.

"Honestly, Tan, I'm not sure I can be bothered right now. Men are just still a complication I'm not sure I want to deal with," Jane sighed and sipped at her drink.

Tanya sighed and looked at Jane. "You sure?" she said. "Because finding you a bloke would be so much fun," she said with a small smile.

Tanya waited the hour and downed her glass of wine as she looked at the time. She smiled and looked at Jane, she hugged her. "I've got to go, mystery man is waiting," she grinned at her. "I'll see you tomorrow and tell you the details, I promise," she said with a wink.

Tanya made her way out of the club and walked across the road to the B&B, she read the number on the keychain and climbed up the stairs to the room. She knocked on the door and then took an excited breath before turning the key in the lock and opening the door.

Jane waved Tanya off and caught sight of Denise and Kim still dancing like mad things in the corner and went over. She had some fun still to have.

Max sat up and adjusted the mask before getting to his feet as he heard the key in the lock.

"She came," he whispered and waited patiently for her to open the door.

He stepped towards her and pushed the door closed before taking her hand.

"I'm glad you came," he said in a husky voice. "I've been really missing you."

He took another step closer to her so their bodies were almost touching and then pulled off the mask.

"I still love you, Tan," he confessed softly and tossed the mask aside.

Tanya gaped at Max for a second. He had done this? He was Mr Masked Mystery Man? She stared at him for a second. "You?" she gasped out.

Tanya swallowed as she looked at Max, he was so close. She placed a hand on his chest, intending to push him away slightly, but her arm snaked up over his shoulder and she rose to press her lips to his, her brain screaming at her to stop, but her heart telling her to keep going.


Author's Note:

We hope you have enjoyed part 3 of the "Walford Saga". We are currently working on part 4, to be titled "Walford is My Home Sweet Home." For part 4 we will be jumping over two years into the future.

Hope everyone will carry on reading it...and enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing it.

Thank you :)