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Make Me Smile

Chapter 6: The Movie Night

"Hika, Mimi's having some little movie night at seven tonight, wanna join us?" Taichi asked.

"Mmh, if you're sure it's okay." Hikari answered little excitetdly.

"Of course it's okay, you're part of our little gang."

"Takeru you're coming too." Yamato added glancing at his brother next to him.

"No I'm not." he stated and kept his eyes focused on his book.

"Yes you are."

"I'm not part of 'your little gang'."


"So I'm not welcomed."

"Yes you are, you're my brother."

"… I'm not coming."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't want to."

"I don't care, you're coming."

Takeru growled and slammed his book shut.

"Fine... But you owe me."

"We'll see about that." the older blonde murmured.

"Takeru obeys Yamato well… So why doesn't Yamato tell him to stop fighting? Or doesn't Yamato know? When should I tell Yamato about that… Incident… What if-"

"Earth to Hikariii…" Taichi said waving his hand in front of her face.


"What are you thinking?"

Hikari felt her cheeks get little warm as all 3 pairs of eyes were looking at her.

"N-nothing… So should we bring something like popcorns or candy with us?"

"Yeah, we can go to the store on way there. And of course..."

Taichi, Yamato and Hikari started to make plans and chat about Mimi's little movie night while Takeru had his mind somewhere else.


*Ding dong*

Taichi, Yamato, Takeru, Hikari and Sora (who they had picked up on their way) heard footsteps behind a door and soon a girl with a quite long, cherry-red hair, shining brown eyes and a huge charming smile on her face opened the door.

"Hi guys! Koushiro and I've been waiting for you!" she squaled and eyed everyone. Of course she noticed Takeru.

"Uhh..." she tried her best to remember who he was. But, since he looked about same age as Hikari, she said the first thing that came to her mind.

"You must be Hikari's boyfriend!" she blurted and her smile only got wider.

"NO MIMI!" Hikari exclaimed blushing deep red while Takeru looked little suprised. Other three just stiffed their laugh or laughed whole heartetly.

"Huh? He... isn't?"

"No, he isn't." Hikari said, still blushing, crossing her arms.

"He's my little bro Takeru, don't you remember him?" Yamato said nudging his brother.

Mimi was quiet for a couple of seconds, but then her eyes widened.

"TAKERU! Oh my gosh! Y-y-y-you're all grown up! I couldn't even regonize you, I mean look at you! You were once that cute little boy but now... Wow, you're a real man! Oh, doesn't time just fly, has it been, like, 5 years?" Mimi blabbered. Typical Mimi.

"Ten." Takeru corrected her.

Mimi's eyes watered. She just couldn't resist the urge to hug him, so she flung her arms around him.

"It's sooo nice to see you again little guy." she said playfully

Takeru sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Sure, nice to see you too Mimi."

"Why don't you hug me back?" she pouted.

Since Takeru didn't show any intrest to answer that, Yamato stepped in.

"He's pretty quiet and don't really like to show any kind of affection nowadays."

"Why? You were a sweet kid." asked another redhead behind her.

"Hi Koushiro!" all except Mimi said simultaneously.

"Can we come in?" Taichi asked once he caught the smell of Mimi's cookies coming out of the apartment.

"Sure, come on!" Mimi giggled and let everyone in.


"Mimi, I think I just fell in love with you!"

"You mean with my cookings?"

"Yeah. Can you make these for my next birthday?"

"... Taichi, I always make these for your birthday."

"Oh right."

"But now, go to the livingroom to make everything ready with the others, so I can clean up."


"Now or you won't get any of these cookies!"

"Okay, I'm reaally sorry I'm going!"

"WAIT! Take these cookies with..." Mimi glared at the drooling Taichi looking dreamily at the cookies she was holding.

"Ugh, nevermind. KOUSHIRO!"

In a second the redhaired boy was beside her.

"What is it?"

"Take these cookies to others. And make sure Tai doesn't drool all over them."

"Okay..." Koushiro took the cookies and saw Taichi stumbling out of the kitchen mumbilng something to himself.

"I see you didn't let him eat anything beforehand?"

"Yep. But..." Mimi winked and took a cookie out of her apron's pocket. Then she wrapped her one arm around his neck and brought her face close to his, enjoying the blush that was forming on his face.

"I saved one for you." she whispered to his ear. But before he could say anything, she took half of the cookie in her mouth, holding the other half out so he could bite it. She giggled as he gave a small smirk and took the other half to his mouth, not bothering to bite it away yet.

Yeah, he loved it when she made something in the kitchen.

"Hey, Koushiro, what's taking you so..." Taichi and Yamato stepped in and their jaws practically hit the ground. The redhaired couple quickly separated, making the cookie hit the floor and smash into two pieces.

"..." there was an akward silence and you couldn't tell which were redder; their hairs or faces.

Then Yamato found the ability of talking again.

"You two... YOU KISSED!"

In a second Hikari and Sora were in the kitchen.

"YOU DID WHAT!" they yelled at the same time.


"Uh... No... We... Di...dn't?"

"..." there was some more silence.

"A cookie... It's... Broken..."

Now everyone sweat-dropped and looked at the shocked Taichi. Yamato slapped him onto his back and he came back to his senses.

"Did you even notice that they were kissing?" he whispered to his ear, loud enough for everyone to hear.

"Oh, right... But the cookie..."

They all just rolled their eyes and refocused on the new couple.

"Since when have you two been together?" Sora asked, feeling little hurt that her best friend hadn't told her anything.

"Uhh..." Mimi gazed at Koushiro who nodded approvingly.

"... Just about a week... Sorry for not telling to you guys, we were going to tell you little later..."

"..." then, some more silence. Mimi slowly grabbed Koushiro's hand and he squeezed hers gently.

"Well... Congratulations!" Hikari said with a huge smile and hugged first Mimi then Koushiro, rest of the group following her. Koushiro and Mimi were beaming with joy.


Takeru sat on a couch listening to the chat that other ones were having in a kitchen.

"I knew I shoudn't have come here at the first place." he thought. Suddenly everyone were laughing at something Yamato had said.

"They were right. I'm just an outsider."

No matter how much he had tried, he had never forgotten. And he would never forget. All of the laughing at him, every single push, punch and kick... And most importantly, all the painful words that had left deep scars in his heart and soul.

He could never forget about it, since it was a huge part of his life.


Rest of the movie night went well; Taichi got to eat his cookies and fell asleep smiling at the beginning of the movie, Yamato whispered something to Sora's ear every once in a while that made her blush, Mimi and Koushiro snuggeled shyly on the floor. Takeru too fell asleep and Hikari found this pretty funny, but at the same time, it was really cute too.

"He doesn't look like some dangerous, violent or cold person at all. He looks just like an innocent child..." she smiled gently at the sleeping blonde. He started to murmur something in his sleep.

"Mmo... Mmmoo...mmm..." he frowned and suddenly his eyes flashed open. She was little startled and turned her eyes quickly back to TV screen, blushing lightly.

"Did he just say mom? OH GOD!" her eyes widened.

"Couple years ago... It was her funeral couple years ago..." she looked at him sympatheticly.

"I quess he's been through much..."


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