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Next off, the prologue might feel a bit out of character but it must be done to further progress and improve the story.

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Time Index: Prismal Reflections

Prologue: Broken Glass

Academy City... It is the city of technology and science. It is the city with 2.3 million students primarily studying esper abilities. It is a city so technologically advanced that it is like an independent nation. Its doors are restricted, goods are regulated and laws enforced by its own myriad mix of the city's small percentage of adults. Many of those are actually teachers or have other occupations. For the norm, Academy city is not for the normal.

As for Kamijou Touma, his days aren't normal either. He had been through the thick and thin of the worst life in Academy City could offer. From lethally dangerous to even the simplest day to day matters, Kamijou Touma has never been on the good end of fate. He could call himself lucky for being alive this long. Now though, he has a new task at hand. This task has very dangerous implications if not done correctly. He has to prepare for an upcoming exam on his hated subject of esper development. If he failed, he would probably end up taking another row of remedial classes. He already has two dozen classes to go, adding another twelve will trouble him.

To prepare for the exam, he had already called for Misaka Mikoto, a level 5 Electromaster to help him out. The next problem will be the nun in the white tunic with gold linings. The arrangement was supposed to be at his apartment where there shouldn't be any bad luck. How wrong he was.

My misfortune…Index and her TV show. Index was watching the television, apparently her favourite show. What is its name again? Magical powered Kagami…no…Kamiga? Kanagi? No…gah. Additionally, Himegami Aisa made a visit and now she sits beside Index, watching the show.

Okay…we'll just study outside then. Touma decided to sidestep away from the problem. He left the door opened as he packed his things. "Index, I'm heading off for some studying."

Instantly, Index made a soft demand. "I'm hungry." Touma knew there's nothing in the fridge after that bottomless pit of a nun ate it all.

"You already ate everything for lunch. There's nothing left in the fridge so you'll have to wait until dinner." His bank account at this very moment is near zero. How close to zero? It's maybe plus or minus two hundred yen. Or then again, zero. Being thrifty is a must despite facing the black hole of the church.

Index glared sharply at him. He felt a shiver down his spine as though Satan was staring into his soul. Damn, that's creepy. "I'm really hungry." Index made her demand again with another statement. Touma felt his heart being taken hostage. If he doesn't give in, he'll be in trouble. If he did, its good bye bank account. His lips slowly formed a single syllable.



"YEARGH!" Touma grabbed his head in pain. Index's bite is as painful as it can be. It felt sharp like a shark's, tough grip as a crocodile, piercing as a spear. He spun himself around in an attempt to free himself. His bad luck added insult to injury. His feet tipped over the TV remote, throwing him off balance. His flailing hands caught Himegami in his fall.


"Touma!" Misaka Mikoto entered the room cheerfully, bag in hand. As to her school regulations, she was dressed in the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform. She had a shock to see Touma on the floor. Index and Himegami were atop him in their sprawled manner. Misaka noticed Touma's hands were around their hips. She gasped as her heart just stopped in witness. "Touma…"

Touma rubbed his painful head. "Misaka…" The weight of the two girls made it hard for him to move. They both were knocked out from the fall. This doesn't look good…

Misaka Mikoto was speechless for those long seconds before doing the unexpected. She ran. She ran away from the scene. Touma forced the two girls off him. "Misaka!" He yelled as he rushed outside. However, the electromaster is nowhere to be found.

"Have you made your end of the bargain?"

"It's almost done. It will be ready for testing."

"Good. We'll provide the rest of the funds after the test."

"Thank you for the assurance. It was certainly a difficult project."

"Difficult but scientifically rewarding indeed…"


Shirai Kuroko lied back against her chair with a sigh of satisfaction. "All done!" The task she just completed was of arranging her album composing of her Onee Sama at different times of the day. Wherever her Onee Sama would be in class or in the sport tracks or simply just on the streets, Kuroko has it all. Now only she needs are pictures of her Onee Sama in more mature underwear. Seriously, Onee Sama's underwear needs a makeover. Maybe she could loan some to her. I'd fix those shorts simultaneously!

The locked door to her room opened abruptly. She turned around in excitement. She could get to a good start right now. She said cheerfully. "Welcome back Onee….sama?" Misaka threw her bag aside. Her eyes are a well for tears. She jumped onto her bed and cried into the blankets. "Onee Sama!" Kuroko said in shock. What happened that even her beloved would break down like that? Kuroko touched Misaka's shoulders gently. "What's wrong?"

The electromaster's response is to lean her head against the teleporter's chest. Her sobs were starting to slow but only a little. "T T T T…"

"What is it? What is the problem?" Kuroko continued to try soothing her Onee Sama.

"T…Touma…." Misaka managed to force it out before she sobbed some more. Kuroko felt an invisible bullet.

That barbarian! What did he do to my Onee Sama? Rage started to infuse into her. Nevertheless, she rubbed Misaka's back in what can be called a motherly fashion. "There, there Onee Smaa. Everything will turn out fine. Everything will be just fine."

"That is some excellent performance regarding the Orsola Aquinas case." Laura Stuart commended from her seat at the church. The other long seats are empty in its red leather finery. Stiyl Magnus did not answer from his seat at the sides. He had been recalled for a reason and it is not for the job well done.

Laura Stuart a white lily flower into a vase by the church organ. "Are you going to be so quiet?"

Stiyl answered. "You can imagine that you are talking to a brick wall. Otherwise, you can assume I am deaf from your Japanese."

Laura turned around stricken. "Is it still that bad?"

Stiyl gave the cold truth. "Yes."

The Archbishop sighed. It is still a troublesome problem indeed. "Anyhow, there are reports of movements by the Roman Catholics."

"What kind of movement?" The Roman Catholic Church has always been doing something. To warrant such a report means something big. Something very big…

"There are all kinds of movement against many sides both in magic and science. I want you to find out their plans against the science side."

"That means I must return to Academy City." The red mage concluded.

"Not only there, anywhere of necessity. Sherry Cromwell will brief you on the details." Laura delegated the task of briefing to the Necessarius librarian.

"I presume I will go alone."

"Correct. Kanzaki Kaori has been sent to Japan on a similar mission. You two might meet paths along with Tsuchimikado Motoharu."

"If I'm to meet him, it's likely to meet..."

"Yes, the Imagine Breaker."






Lift off….

"Today is a good day for shuttle 258. It is set to reach desired orbit in hours. From there, it will deploy the Hikoboshi II Satelite. The satellite will be used by Academy City geologists to improve geological mapping and analysis of Japan's terrain for precious resources.

"Hmph. They attempt to gull us with such news. I will turn their words against them."

"Sir, your coffee is ready."

"Thank you."

Tinkle of metal. "Ah…like this spoon, I will stir Academy City down to the pits of darkness."

With a click, the television was turned off.

"Such misfortune." Touma sighed. He's in deep trouble now and he has to amend it. He looked up at the front doors of the Tokiwadai dorms. I must clear up that misunderstanding! He entered through the doors and into the front entrance. His reach is just here. He informed his intention of meeting Misaka Mikoto to the guards. The guards accepted his intention and used the intercom to contact their room. It rang once, twice, thrice before it was answered. It was Kuroko.

"What is it?"

Touma answered. "It's me. I need to speak with Misaka."

"Fine, one minute." The call was disconnected. Touma waited at one of the free sofas while the guards returned to their duties. It was an antagonizing one minute for Touma, confirming his way of explaining to her. Exactly one minute is up as Kuroko came out from the electric gates. Misaka wasn't with her. He got up from his seat, his lips forming words when…

She slapped him in the face. It made a commotion, catching everyone's attention easily. Touma was shocked and utterly speechless. "You hurt my Onee Sama you barbarian bastard!" Kuroko cried out angrily.

When Touma did speak, it was just a name. "Kuroko…"

Kuroko punched him hard at his chest. It wasn't that painful to Touma, being a receiver of attacks far worse. Still, it was enough to stagger him a step back. "Get out of my sights before I teleport nails into you." Her eyes glared like a drill. "Judgment or not, I don't care." Her threat is real.

Touma backed off, turned around and made an orderly and humiliating retreat. Kuroko turned around and returned to her room. Her anger is still fuming in the air. Seconds later, it is back to normal for Tokiwadai. However, it is hell turned anew for three people.

"Aih...~~" Uiharu laughed sighed at the load of paperwork she saw before her. The stacks of document climbed up to a dozen to fill every nook and cranny possible. The backline is growing steadily with only just two people to work on it.

"Ah, don't be so pessimistic." came the voice of Satan with a pull of fabric.


Saten Ruiko laughed to that. "Cheer up a little. It's not the end of the world yet." She sat down on a chair beside Uiharu's desk with a cup of tea in her hand. "All that will be done eventually."

Uiharu scowled "You didn't have to do that every time Saten." She relaxed her shoulders. "I wonder why Kuroko had to take an emergency day off." It was the first time Kuroko had ever utilized that option in her entire Judgment career. For her to use it so suddenly must be important.

"It must be important." Saten said what they both knew out loud. "Say Konori Senpai, what did Kuroko say for her reason?"

Behind them in another desk, Konori Mii poked her head out slightly. "Kuroko said that Misaka is having personal issues. She needs help for today." With that, she went back to work against the tide of papers.

"Personal issues…" Uiharu wondered. "Why wouldn't she call us to help?"

Konori answered from behind the monitor. "Maybe that's because we have a lot of work now to do. Don't laze around thinking about it."

"Maybe she just got herself a boyfriend!" Saten had a light bulb idea. "And she needs Kuroko's help for a plan."

Uiharu was excited as well. "It could be! It might explain why Misaka was so cheerful yesterday." Her reply was a retort.

"Uiharu, more working, less talking."

"Hai." Uiharu answered dejectedly as she prepositioned her fingers onto the keyboard. Saten took a small stack of documents from the large piles.

"I'll help along. Just tell me what to do."


"COME BACK HERE YOU BRAT! I'LL KILL YOU!" A young albino haired man walked furiously with his walking stick. People on the street moved aside instantly at his approach, frightened by his aura of anger. His eyes alone could kill. However, there is one who is not afraid. That person is a small young girl with brown hair, wearing a blue dress and sandals.

"Misaka Misaka wants to have some candy! Misaka Misaka exclaims as she holds Accelerator san's wallet!" Last Order ran ahead in joy with the stolen possession.

Accelerator rolled his eyes as he chased with his two feet. The MISAKA network was blocked off from him due to Last Order. Without the MISAKA network, his abilities are denied from him. Now all he has is his very self to chase that little brat.

The little girl turned around and teased. "Misaka will enjoy the chocolates so dearly with love from Accelerator!"

"That money isn't my very love you stupid brat!"

"I don't care. Misaka Misaka says with delight of the chocolates that are soon to enter Misaka's small mouth." Last Order turned around to hit something soft.

"What are you doing little kid?" A teenage gangster said in anger from being bumped into. "Give me that money to say you're sorry!"

Accelerator called out from behind. "You stay away from that stupid brat!"

The black haired, red bandana wearing gangster teased. "Oh you crippled idiot, what are you going to do with your stick?" He obviously didn't know who Accelerator was. Oh my oh…he should have known.

Accelerator smiled from ear to ear. "A crippled idiot huh…" He flicked the switch to the MISAKA network, this time with full granted access. "HOW ABOUT YOU TAKE ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE?" Accelerator swung his stick just a little but it blew the teenager back seven feet onto the pavement. "A true villain takes on someone their own match." Accelerator licked his lips. "Although, I think that I will have to manage with a small fry like you…"

His opponent turned tail and ran. Accelerator eased up and turned off his electrode device. "What useless small fries." He walked with his stick to Last Order that is now stuck to the ground. He started hitting the little Misaka in the head with his stick.

"Why is Accelerator hitting Misaka so hard? Misaka Misaka pleads for forgiveness!" Last Order tried to shield her head at the small taps of the stick. The albino boy grabbed his wallet from the small hands of the little girl.

"If you want something, next time just ask you stupid brat." He started to walk on towards the convenience store as rain started to fall. Last Order frowned before following him to get her chocolate candy.


It is now raining. Thunders of Zeus joined the freefall of sky juice. People seek for shelter from the torrential tide of rain. Traffic grew with difficulty. However, for one particular boy, it doesn't matter. Touma entered his room. It was dark, quiet and gloomy. The rain outside added the final touch. It is just like how his heart felt. Index and Himegami are outside somewhere else. Good, he needs to be alone. He sat down beside his table.


"Damn it!" He cursed. His knuckles felt a tinge of pain from hitting the wooden table. "Why did you made such an assumption biri biri?" Now he has two problems. He has his exam and now he has to deal with Misaka. Screw the exam. That gave him one, one he still cannot fix right heart was pumping him with adrenaline as he let out a sigh to cool down. He glanced to a deadly decoration beside the TV. It is a wakizashi, a short sword. The white metal blade was sheathed with an old worn scabbard. It once belonged to a friend, Yori Tamotsu. He had quite a history with Touma as a friend and as an enemy.

Touma had a minor flashback, recalling how he met the sword slashing gunman. It was during the early part of the year, when Yori transferred into his class. The ability to control time is his special esper ability. It was clearly unheard off even within Academy City. They went through thick and thin together or against each other at times. In the end, Yori had died sacrificing himself to save Touma from an explosion during their fight to end the weapons smuggling into Academy City. That wakizashi and two useless pistols are what are left of Yori.

How long has it been? How long has it been since they left their respects at his empty tombstone? It's been three months… Even with life being peaceful as it is, trouble just keeps coming. He only has one word for it.

"Fukou Da."

"I found something. Misaka 10044 reports her discovery."

"Present it to the network immediately, Misaka 10083 requests for the discovered information."


"…." A united silence sat in the network.

"This is very dangerous; Misaka 10032 confirms the danger of this information."

"We must find help."