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Kittens and Veela's

Chapter 1 - Back To School + A Veela

"See ya Freak" was all Harry heard as his 'beloved' family drove off, gladly ridding themselves of him till next summer. Harry just shook his head and picked up his trunk to walk into platform 9 and 3/4's.

Wheeling it through the barrier and lugging in onto the train, heaving it into the overhead compartment, Harry collapsed onto the seat panting in exhaustion.

'Shit they worked me hard this summer'

Harry thought, trying to catch his breath. 'Not to mention it was made worse with no food and my inheritance', for you see Harry's 'Family' had almost starved him while working him to exhaustion at the same time, making Harry look worse than usual behind his Glamour charms.

Skinny to the point of looking anorexic and ready to drop dead at any moment along with various bruises from his 'beloved' Uncle was not all he was hiding, no because on Harry's 16th birthday he had got an unexpected surprise….

*************************************Flashback July 30th 11:58 *******************************************

Two minutes till midnight, Harry was staying up till the clock hit 12 exactly to receive his Birthday presents and gifts from his friends as per tradition.

One minute left, he could see Hedwig and a bunch of other owls flying his way, carrying oddly shaped parcels.

45 seconds, his skin began to glow silver like it was trapped in this form and needed to be released.

30 seconds, his skin started to tingle, like pins and needles, unpleasant and slightly painful but nothing that he was too worried about.

15 seconds, the pain increased to crucio painful and started to burn his skin, Harry was worried now and wanted to scream in pain but didn't dare too for it would wake his Uncle.

10 seconds, the pain became centred on his head, ears and tailbone, outstripping the pain of crucio by far, being so painful Harry couldn't even think about screaming.

5 seconds, the silver glow on his skin increased like the pain, making his body arc making him look like a wingless angel in pain.

4 seconds

3 seconds

2 seconds


'AHHHHHHHHHHHH' The pain suddenly increased, feeling like it had broke some sort of pain barrier that no living soul should have to go through, finally thou he passed into unconsciousness escaping the pain he was forced into.

"Huh?" Harry mumbled gripping his head in pain, "What the hell happened last night?" He slid his hand back with a yawn, to stop… there was something on his head, things that felt like cat ears, things that were moving on there own and could pick up sounds from two streets away.

'AHHHHHH' Harry scrambled to the mirror on the back of his wardrobe to see it was true, He had cats ears, something swished behind him, and a tail too.

*********************************************End Flashback************************************************

He had of course immediately put up his wandless glamour's like he had being doing ever since the abuse from his family had started. The abuse of course wasn't helped by the fact Dumbledore insisted he absolutely had to stay all summer rather than the first month like usual, the Dursley's weren't happy about that.

However, for a change, it wasn't the Dursley's that made Harry's summer unbearable it was the feeling of not being whole, of missing part of himself and needing someone there to fix it and stop the horrible pain he was feeling. It had started the night of his birthday and the only conclusion he could find was that he was a creature and had a mate that he had rejected and caused pain to. The pain he had felt was his body's way of punishing itself apparently. Speaking of which he still couldn't find out what creature he was or which parent he got his inheritance off of. While he pondered he became aware of a horrible, pain-filled screeching with the most calming, delicious scent beckoning him, inviting him to follow it.

Harry couldn't resist and with eyes glazed over like in a trance he tracked the scent and screeching to a locked compartment with dozens of wards over it. But of course that didn't stop him, he simply walked through, not even realising what he did was impossible to normal wizards. Opening the door he came across all of the 'Silver Trio' (Pansy Parkinson, Blaise Zabini and Draco Malfoy). Pansy and Blaise were currently pinning Draco down while trying to reason with him. "You can't go out, I know you want to find him but you…" noticing Draco had stopped struggling and was looking at something behind her Pansy turned around to see Harry swaying in his trance with an expression like he had found Nirvana and never wanted to leave.