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By waterrain

"America, Here is a survey that I have created for you to answer." England commented calmly as he placed it down by the blue eyed Nation. "I have already handed out survey to everyone else."

'To be honest I just threw the survey's onto the table and left along with telling them no need to put your name. I only made America's survey personally, but I'm not going to inform him of that fact. He would laugh.' England briefly thought and it had been when America had went to get a hamburger that he had tossed the survey at the other Nations.

"Yeah, I know that England. I noticed that everyone else has multiple choice." America said cheerfully and he smiled brightly at him. "Why is mine not multiple choice?"

"Because I know you would just bubble in the answers without even reading the questions." England stated bluntly and his arms were crossed in annoyance. "Like you did to the other survey's. On a few of them you played connect the dots or just bubbled all four choices or-"

"I'll let you know when I'm done with your survey." America told him, England rolled his eyes, and walked out of the room to go back to the World Meeting Room where everyone else is at the moment filling out the survey or not. Personally it didn't matter to England if the other Nations filled it out or not. America was by himself in a room due to the fact he would have been distracted with the other Nations around.

'I'm going to have some fun with answering.' The blue eyed Nation thought as he briefly glanced at a few questions and grinned widely. 'I'll put half-truths, the truth, flat out lies, and everything else. I'll even draw a picture. This is going to be pretty fun and England is going to be so pissed off.'

America wrote on the top of the survey America, The United States Of America, USA, US, America The Beautiful, and ended with Alfred F Jones after putting in several nicknames.

"Heh, I bet no one else has as many names and nicknames as me." America said happily, he was grinning, and then looked at the first question.

Meanwhile England noticed that several of the survey's were on the floor and that one survey was ripped to pieces along with being in a jar of Vodka.

"Bloody hell. A waste of paper." England said in an irritated voice.

"Only two Nations decided to fill out your survey." France said smoothly and that was when England noticed the two surveys in tact on the table.

"I know you didn't fill it out." England commented flatly as he picked the two surveys and glanced down at them.

"I spilled red wine on it." France commented calmly and a smirk was on his lips. England ignored him, walked away, and decided to look at the two that were filled out.

'Let's seeā€¦Several drawings of pasta along with not being completely filled out. The other one is filled out.' England mentally thought and he decided to wait outside the room he had left America in. The other Nations left and England waited by the door while wondering how long it will take the blue eyed Nation to answer all those questions.

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