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"That's our shipper name!"

Beckett turned to face him, her hip leaning against the counter and a steaming mug in her hands. She looked at him incredulously as Castle suddenly got up from his chair and stood beside her.

"Like a funeral casket?" she sniped.

"No!" he continued, his eyes sparkling with a boyish excitement, "Beckett and Castle makes Caskett, like Fox and Cannon make Foxcan and Esposito and Lanie make Esplanie. . ."

Beckett rolled her eyes good naturedly and shook her head a little as she took a sip of her coffee, "One problem though Castle."

He looked mildly affronted, "What?"

"We're not a couple." She said, her eyes glittering as she watched him chew on his lip in mock thought.

"Hmmmm, you're right, we should really work on that."

"In your dreams, Castle." She chimed as she started to walk out of the break room.

He followed her out, his voice low but still loud enough for her to hear, "Oh you have no idea Detective. . ."

Castle couldn't see her face as a sly smile graced her features.

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