I happen to like the pairing of NabooruXGanondorf, so I decided to try my hand at writing a one-shot for them. Let me know what you thought of it.

I wonder what would happen it I put here "I own Legend of Zelda"? How many days before men in black suits came knocking at my door telling me otherwise?

Nabooru stood respectfully as the organ started up. The double doors at the end of the hall opened and the princess walked through, escorted by Impa and looking radiant in a white dress. The bride and her escort made their way down the aisle to where a blonde man in formal dress waited. Impa handed her charge over to the hero and sat down in the front row.

Everyone regained their seats as the priest started in on the age-old words. Nabooru did her best to pay attention, but found her mind wandering.

Gerudo, as a rule, did not marry. There were exactly two exceptions to that rule: those who ran off with their boyfriends, leaving fortress life forever, a stunt which had happened perhaps a dozen times in Gerudo history; and the king's bride.

In the same breath as the rule that the male born every hundred years must be king was the rule that he must have someone to rule by his side. Someone he could tell everything to, his closest adviser, his queen.

Nabooru tried to pay attention, but her mind drifted off to what her own wedding might have been like, had Ganondorf not turned evil.

Traditionally, her outfit would have consisted of the pantaloons that served the Gerudo so well in the desert, along with a long sleeved, midriff baring top. Her outfit would have been a light red, while his would have been darker, nearly maroon. She would not have carried flowers, as Zelda did, but one of her swords.

She would have gone out to meet him in the courtyard, before all Gerudo. He would have been amazed at how beautiful she was, and she would have smiled and winked at him before they turned to the massed Gerudo.

"This is the one I have chosen as my queen," he would have said, "Are there any who wish to challenge my decision?"

Then someone would have stepped forward to duel the soon-to-be-queen. There was always someone, usually a friend of the bride's. For the Gerudo, being the one to duel the bride was the equivalent of being the maid of honor. For her, it would have been Argera, her best friend since they were in training together.

After the duel, which she would have won, she and he would have had their wrists bound together, her right, his left, and sent into the training grounds. They would have had to make their way through and return with the small dagger that had been placed in the chest at the middle.

Argera would have taken this dagger and sliced their right wrists, pressing them together and allowing their blood to mix. They would then have been considered officially married.

There would have been a great feast, dancing until their legs gave out, and everyone falling asleep where they lay. At some point, she and her new husband would have snuck off together. Everyone would have pretended not to notice their absence, but there would have been a great ruckus and many jokes when they walked into the dining hall the next morning.

Nabooru would have shrugged them off, wound her fingers with Ganondorf's and sat down to eat.

She was shaken from her thoughts by the minister saying "you may now kiss the bride."

She applauded politely when Link kissed the princess and the priest pronounced them man and wife, but in some small corner of her mind, she was jealous of them.

They had gotten their happy ending, while she was left to dream.

Tell me what you think, even if it's "this stinks, don't ever try writing for Nabs again."