I do not own anything but the plot and a character that will show up later

Tony DiNozzo walked into the office about twenty minutes early and saw a beautiful blonde haired girl sitting at Gibbs's desk.

"Is there anything I can help you with beautiful?" He asked.

"I'm waiting for Jethro Gibbs do you know when he'll be in?" the girl asked, as she stood up.

"He might be here in about ten to twenty minutes." he replied as he looked her over she was about 5 feet 7 inches had short blonde hair that had silver streaks it looked natural she had the total gothic look. Just then Gibbs and Kate walked into the office.

"DiNozzo who's the girl?" Gibbs asked. As he walked into the office.

"Jethro Anthony Gibbs, I know you haven't forgotten me" the girl said.

"Now how could I forget the only good thing out of my first marriage Serenity, how is Irene?" he asked

"Mothers good but worried that's why I'm here dad" Serena replied. Gibbs looked at her and saw there was more to her makeup then met the eye.

"Come on we are going to see Ducky" Gibbs said as he grabbed her arm. As they walked in to the morgue Ducky looked up.

"Well if it isn't little Serenity" he said as Gibbs called up to Abby.

"Abby do you have any of your makeup remover with you?" he asked she answered that she did and he told her to bring it down.

"Gibbs what do you want my makeup remover for?" she asked when she got down to the morgue.

"Take off her makeup" he said with no explanation.

"Dad no" Serenity said but her father gave her the do as your told look, she sat back down. When Abby got finished Serenity's face showed all the bruises.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" he yelled taking Serena's face into his hands to look over the damage, he could see a hand print on the side of her face.

"Some shit from a long time ago caught up with me." Serena replied not looking her father in the eyes, Gibbs just looked at his daughter trying to stare the story out of her. "Not going to work daddy" she said around Duckies probing fingers. Suddenly her phone rang. "I have to take this be right back" Serena walks out of the morgue.

"Duckie, what do you think happened to her?" Tony asked. Duckie shrugged.