"Let's play strip poker!" Quil yelled at his friends. It was Saturday night at Jacob's house and they were all getting drunk and having a wild time.

Everyone sat around the table while Quil shuffled the cards.

"I don't think so." Emily said uneasily.

"Oh. Come on. It will be fun!" Paul said slyly.

Sam glared at him. "You guys play. We'll be watching tv." Then he grabbed Emily's hands and walked away.

"Hmp. Whatever. I'm so up to this." Lora, Quil's new girlfriend, said wickedly.

"What are the rules?" Embry asked.

"Okay, so if you want to bet you bet an article of clothing. And no jewelry does not count," Quil explained. "If you win the hand you take everyone's clothes and get to keep your article on. So once you're naked you lose!"

"You just want to see us naked!" Leah snapped at him.

"I've seen you naked Leah. Didn't know you'd be a chicken." Quil said with mock disappointment.

"Come on Leah. This would be fun." Jacob nudges Leah beside him, grinning.

"Fine." Leah sighed.

Everyone else nodded and Quil passed out the cards.

"I'm in." Everyone said.

"I raise my shoe." Quil said.

Everyone else agreed.

"Okay lay out your cards." Embry said.

Everyone did and the lucky winner was Kim.

"Ooo I see we have a poker player with us." Jared said.

Kim smiled. "My family loves this game."

20 mintues went by, and everyone was bare foot, and Paul lost his jacket to Rachel.

Embry shuffled and dealt.

Everyone folded except Leah and Embry.

"I raise my cap." Embry said.

"I'll throw in my shirt." Leah said.

"Ooo, this could be the first real strip." Paul said excitedly.

Leah laid her cards on the table.

Embry smiled. "Take your shirt of baby, Full House!"

"He has a full house he beat Leah." Quil explained.

Embry grinned at Leah. "Take your shirt off."

Leah shrugged "No big deal it's just my bra." She said as she took her shirt off and flung it at Embry.

It was Jacob's turn to deal.

Everyone folded except Jacob and Kim.

"Okay I raise my shirt." Jacob said.

Kim looked down at herself. "My belt."

"Come on you're a stripper, raise something fun." Leah protested.

Kim gave Leah a glare. "My belt."

They both laid their cards down and Kim won.

Jacob smiled then he took his shirt off.

"Wooo! Sexy!" Quil said.

Jacob's face turned as red as an apple.

A half hour later, everyone was shirtless and all belts were gone, and Leah was down to her bra and underwear.

"Not doing to good at your own game." Jacob said while looking at Leah.

"It's not my fault you are all to pussy to bet." Leah said.

Leah dealt and everyone folded except Jacob and Leah.

"I'm in." Jacob said.

Leah eyed him then her cards. "Okay, me too… and I bet my bra!"

Everyone let out gasps and glanced at each other.

"This is getting good!" Paul said.

Jacon smiled. "My shorts!"

"Come on Jacob you can do this!" Quil shouted.

"Perv!" Leah hissed.

"Lay your cards down." Kim said.

Jacob and Leah both did and Quil looked at their hands.

Quil started laughing.

"Who won!" Paul and Embry both asked at the same time.

Quil looked over to Leah. "Take that bra off baby!"

"SHIT!" Leah screamed.

Paul and Embry cheered and slapped five.

Leah stood up. "Fine, it's not like you haven't seen it." She said and striping her bra off."

Jacob couldn't help but felt blush. Oh shit. He thought. He tried to think of Old Quil.

A half hour later, everyone was down to they're bra and underwear or boxers.

Now the game came down to Rachel and Paul.

"This is intense." Kim said.

"Come on Paul!" Quil shouted.

They watched the cards get dealt out. It was finally time to reveal the hands. They both laid them down at the same time.

Everyone looked at them. Leah laughed loudly. Then the loser took off his underwear. Paul grumbles as he hesitantly took his boxers off.

Everyone laughed.

"What's going on here?"

They all look to see Billy, who appear surprise, and Charlie beside him with disapproving eyes.