Hello to all. So here is my next story, which is basically a gender-swap of Beastly with the exception of the fathers of the beast and the beauty (sorry). Hope you like it. I apologize if this story is too much like the original or someone else on FanFiction. I plan to try to mix things from the story and things from the movie together. I do need help with the story; what I need help with is at the bottom of this chapter. Enjoy. I do not own anything.

Chapter 1: The Princess's Story

My dad taught me vey important lessons in my life. One of the two most important would be: "Don't do things out friendship or for love, Victoria. It will only cause pain and in the end the only person who really loves is you."

I remember when he told me that on my seventh birthday after him and my mom got into a disagreement. I was unsure about what he said or meant until two months later.

When my mom died.

I felt completely lost without her, but I realized that my dad was right. By loving my mom, I hurt myself. I learned that I should care about myself and let no one else in. The second important thing that he taught was that "looks are the most important thing in the world."




Good Looking.

These are all words that my friends, a.k.a. the popular beautiful crowd, used to call and describe me. My life was perfect. I was rich, beautiful, had a million friends, and I could get away with anything… or until he called me that word.

It was May of my first year of Rock Hill High School. Most of the student who went here had rich families. Like me.

I walked into my second period class, which was Math. Dumbest class ever. But I wasn't failing the class, can't complain there. After our new, young teacher talked about this was this, and that was that, he passed out the ballots for the school dance, The Spring Fling. I do not what is worse: the dance in generally or the fact that they called it something that is totally overused.

Just then, I was tapped on the shoulder by my best friend, Julie.

"Victoria, your name is on the ballot."

I looked down at the ballot and saw my name in black, bold letters.

Victoria Youtheart

"Well of course, it is" I was then texted by my other best friends Sue, Rachel, and Dianna of how I was on the ballot and mostly likely will vote for me.

After I text them back, I received about a hundred more texts from people saying they were going to vote for me.

Fifty-five of them were my other best friends.

Twenty-five were people who I talked every week or two.

Fifteen of them being people who I say hi to in the hallways and maybe have a quick chat.

Three were people who I met at parties.

The other two I had no clue who they were. I was so going to win.

"Hey look, my name is here too" Julie said tapping me again.

"That's great, sweetheart" I said, faking a smile. I was still going to vote for myself. I knew a good chuck of people who would vote for her. Beside, she would still be happy that I won.

As I was waiting for the teacher to pick my ballot, I heard a guy's voice from across the room.

"You have to be kidding me!" the voice yelled.

A moment after I turned my head to see the person who the voice belong to, Julie leaded forward to talk to me.

"What do you think the matter?" she whispered.

"I don't know, maybe he found gum on his desk." I replied.

I then turned my attention from Julie and to the voice. The voice belonged to a mix of a Goth and a nerd. He was average height, very fat, glasses (with an ugly frame to them), braces, an skull earring in his left ear, a couple of zits on his face, pig's nose, tattoos on his arms, brown eyes, gothic pants, gothic and nerdy shirt, and solid black hair. "You have to be kidding me!" the Goth nerd yelled again.

The teacher then turned around to address this ugly problem. "What seems to be the problem, Mr.…?"

"Charmstein, Mark Charmstein," the ugly Goth nerd replied.

"Well, Mr. Charmstein, what is the matter?" the teacher asked. The ugly Goth then stood up with his ballot in the air. "The matter is that people in this time will agree to follow this tread of unfair privileges."

"It's just the ballot of the spring dance royalty." Julie said about a second after the Goth finished.

"Exactly!" the Goth shouted in her direction, "The people on this ballot are picked to be royalty because of what? Is it because they are best people out of this school? No. It is of two things. It is because they are popular and good-looking." He shouted before tearing his paper in half.

"Draaaaaammmmma queeeeeeeeeeen" I sang aloud before standing up. "You're making a great big deal out of nothing. This shown the people chosen to might be royal. We pick the people be to royalty. Those people either win or lose. We were doing it just like how people pick the president or senators." I said looking into his darkish brown eyes. After I finish talking, people around me being cheered, clapped, and I even heard maybe two or three whistles.

"You go girl" I heard Julie said. However as I looked around the room, I noticed a lot of the people were silence. Most of them were nerds or ugly. Or little bit of both.

"Your "friends" are just sheep that are following the herd." The Goth said as walked closer to me with those dark brownish, almost black eyes. "They only follow because it's so easy to recognize it."

"Recognize what?" I said as he continued walking toward me until he was about a foot away from me.

"Surface beauty: deep blue eyes, flawless pearl white skin, beautiful black raven hair." As he said the last part, he touched a strand of my hair but I immediately smacked his hand before he continued "But presidents and senators are picked not only for look or popularity, but because people think that they are smart, strong, and they believe that they can make a difference. And that's harder see to in a person than just seeing a beautiful looking model like girl."

That ugly made me so anger that he used me as an example of his speech so I decided to do the same. "Well, someone was that smart, they would be able to figure out how to get less ugly." I quickly said while his back was turned. "You could lose some weight, get contacts, fixed your teeth, get rid of the zits, fix your nose, buy better clothes, and remove the stupid and ugly tattoos." I made sure he knew that was talking about him and not just some of ugly person out there in the school. "My dad says that people shouldn't have to look at ugly people." After I finished, he turned back around with a smirk on his face.

"Is how you and your news reporter father see things? See that if something is ugly, it should be left alone forever or should transform to make them in order to get notice by you? Is that what you think, Victoria Youtheart?" He said while making direct eye connect to me. I wasn't that surprise that he knew that my dad was a news reporter or my name. Most to all of the people at the school knew that information.

"Yes" I answered with a bold smile. "Yes, that is exactly what I think and know."

He continued to have that evil smirk on his face like a cartoon villain. "Well, I hope for your sake that you never became ugly, Victoriabecause you are now on the inside, where it counts. And if you do lose beauty, I bet you wouldn't be able to get them back. Victoria Youtheart, you are beastly and a monster."

As soon the ugly finished, the bell rang. As I was leaving, I noticed the teacher with a shock face of what happen. I quickly gave him a face that said "Don't tell anyone that this happen." He immediately nodded.

I didn't talk to anyone for the next period due to what that ugly Goth nerd said. Not monster thing. People who hate me, which were very little, said that to me before. but the other thing. Beastly.

Beastly. That word kept ringing in my head like echo. It was something that no one has ever called me before. It reminded me of the fairy tales that my mom told me before she died. In a way, it was worse than all of the cuss words my enemies called me. I then knew that I wanted one thing from the person who called me that.


As I said at the top, I do need help with this story. What I really need help in is the characters. I need basic opinions of what I should do for the gender swap characters of Magda and Will. I also need help in deciding is what the male beauty should look like. I already have his name (can't tell yet) decide that he is an artist and he has been little bit of tough side, you know from growing up in a not so great neighbor like Lindy. So if anyone has an idea, please let me know. Bye.