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Chapter 13: The Artist

I started using the mirror for when I had free time and when I was alone. I would normally use the mirror to spy on my "friends" and able to catch them at embarrassing moments. I also watched people who weren't in the popular. Sometime, it would be interstate and sometime, it was boring. One day, I though of a person I wanted to see through the mirror. The boy that I gave the rose to. I took me around an hour and a half before I was able to find him in the yearbook. Robert Thomaston. Rob. From his yearbook page, I could see that he was apart of the art program and in the A honor roll.

"I want to see Rob." I said to the mirror. The mirror faded from my beast face to a very unfriendly neighborhood. All of buildings were graffiti. Most of the lamp posts were missing light bulbs or broken. There were one or two homeless guys, sleeping in an ally. The mirror then moved to a spefic building in the neighborhood and faded to him. Rob. He didn't look any different from the night of the dance. He was in his bed room, drawing. He was sitting at a desk that faced the window in his room. I noticed the drawing he was doing. It was a woman, who looked to be in her thirties.

"Well, Mom, I think you're done." Rob said, while putting down his pencil and looking at his work. "I know you would have love it." It hit me that Rob's mom was dead a second later. Well, that's makes two of us. It still sucks though.

I then watched him as he took out a book and started to draw again. I looked at the title of the book, The Phantom of the Opera. I had at least since the movie once. Maybe I saw it twice, just to see Gerald Butler. I was at least curious of what they changed from the book. I continued to watch him draw of what I though to be the Phantom until I heard a voice from the mirror.

"BOY!" The voice yelled.

"Yes?" Rob replied.

"I'm cold. Get me a blanket. Ok?"

"Ok." Rob replied before he rolled his eyes, got up from his desk, went to a closet, and got a blanket. He then went to the living room with the blanket. He put the blanket on a man, who looked to be in late forties. I was pretty sure that he was Rob's dad.

"Do you want any tea to help?" Rob asked.

"Sure." His dad mumbled. Rob then went to the kitchen and turned on the kettle. However, when the tea was ready and Rob went into the living room, his dad was asleep. He then returned to his room with the tea and continued to draw.

I continued to watch Rob all that week. I was unsure why. He didn't do anything that exciting. However, I liked watching him draw. I was impressed by his drawings. One day, I saw watching him, drawing some ugly person, when I heard the door opened and closed. Rob got up from the desk and when to the living room, where he found his dad with some woman. She had brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin. She had to be in her early to mid twenties. She was also wearing a blue tank top and very short jean shorts.

"Dad, who's this?" Rob asked.

"Oh, this is Sally. She's just going to hang out here for the afternoon." Rob's dad said as Sally waved. Rob waved back with a weak smile.

"Dad, could I speak to you for a second?" Rob said before he and his dad went into his room. "Dad, please tell you're not going to do it with Sally. You promised you wouldn't keep on bring prostitutes here."

"I think you're forgetting who the adult is and who the child here is." His dad said sharply.

"Dad, you told me that you wouldn't do this or the drugs anymore." Rob said clearly.

"I don't know what you're talking about." His dad said, playing dumb.

"Dad, I found them in the couch." Rob said. "You didn't even try to hide them."

"Well, maybe you shouldn't have gone and looked for them." His dad quickly said.

"I didn't." Rob quickly said back. "I dropped my pencil while I was drawing and found your drugs. Also, I got rid them and I'm telling Sally that it's probably better if she leaves." Just as Rob finished speaking, his father quickly lunged himself at Rob and hold him against the wall.

"I'm tired of your constantly meddling." He said, before hitting Rob in the face and then in the stomach. 'Should I call the police?' I thought as Rob got back up. Before his father hit him again, he quickly got his drawing book and ran out of the apartment.

"Is he ok?" Sally asked; unaware of anything that just happened.

"Yeah, he's fine." Rob's dad said as he walked back to him, lying perfectly through his teeth. "He's just going to hang out with some friends of his. That's what he was telling me." He lied before the two of them went into his bedroom and did it. However, I quickly told the mirror to follow Rob. I then saw him ran into the subway and got on a train.

"Hey, are you alright?" A man asked Rob, seeing Rob's bloody nose.

"Yeah, I just ran got hit by a door." Rob lied as the man just smile and continued to reading a book he had with him. I then watch as Rob got off the train and went to the park where the dance was held. He walked though the park until he found a bench and began to draw again. I continued to watch him draw until dinner time.

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