Sirius Black was not having a very good day. He was in a ministry holding cell for one, and he hadn't even done anything illegal. But that's not to say he didn't do anything wrong, his best friends were dead, and it was all his fault. If only he hadn't come up with that stupid plan to use Peter as the secret keeper, they'd still be alive and he wouldn't be where he was.
He wished that the auror department would hurry up, an auror was due to come and ask him a few questions about his crime and hopefully he'd be joined by Dumbledore, Sirius knew that he's the only person who would tell him about Harry. Harry, his innocent godson who'd lost his parents all because of a foolish man's mistake, his mistake. Sirius knew that if he got thrown into Azkaban, Harry would end up living with Lily's sister Petunia. The Durleys were the worst sorts of muggles and Lily had never been too friendly with her sister. He would just have to make it out of the trial a free man, then he'd never have to worry about Harry's family.

Though he was lost in his mind, Sirius still heard two pairs of footsteps coming down the stairs. He was relieved, that meant he'd be able to talk with Dumbledore. When the footsteps stopped, Sirius lifted his face to see a young man and Albus Dumbledore standing on the other side of the bars. Not one to beat around the bush, Dumbledore dived in.

"How are you feeling Sirius?"

"Are you crazy? How do you think I feel, I'm about to go on trial for killing my friend that killed my best friend and his wife, my godson is possibly doomed to growing up with Lily's sister, and everything is my fault."

"What do you mean your friend that killed your best friend? Peter Pettigrew did not kill the Potters, he didn't betray them. You were their secret keeper and it's your fault that your godson will live his life without his parents."

"I know that it's my fault, but I wasn't the secret keeper. I told James that I shouldn't be the secret keeper, that I was the obvious choice. By making Peter the secret keeper, no one would know who the real secret keeper was because everyone thought it was me."

The auror chose this moment to butt into the conversation.

"Can you prove that you weren't the secret keeper? Because your right, everyone expects you to be the secret keeper because of how close you were to them, which is why no one will believe you."

"I actually can prove this one, James put some memories in the Potter family vault for the worst case scenario. As Harry's legal guardian, I can get into the vault, but I obviously can't go to Gringots right now. Remus should be able to get in, the Goblins like him."

"I will contact Remus, he has Harry at the moment and it'd be wise for Harry to spend sometime somewhere else while he goes to Diagon Alley, perhaps Molly would take him for an afternoon."

"I don't think she'd mind, I think Bill just started Hogwarts this fall so seven is a number she's used to."
"I will contact her later Sirius, and I think arrange a visit with the minister, Remus says Harry's been asking for you. I believe that I've held up Auror Drenmar's questioning long enough."

"I really appreciate it Albus."

"Not a problem Sirius." And with a twinkle of his eyes, Dumbledore went on his way, leaving Sirius with the auror.
"So, you have some questions for me?"

"I believe that is why I am here Mr. Black although your conversation with the headmaster has answered many of them."

"So what do you still need to know?"
"Well, I'm pretty sure you plead not guilty so I'll spare you that, so the only thing left is to inform you of the charges."
"I have a feeling this is bad."

"Depends on how you look at it doesn't it. The charges against you are being in league with You-know-who, so basically being a death eater, 13 murder charges for one Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggle bystanders, also one charge for breaking the stature of secrecy."

"Honsetly, I was kind of expecting something like betraying the Potters to Voldemort, which really isn't against the law and I can actually prove that I'm innocent although it might take a bit of work to prove that Peter isn't dead."

"Well, however difficult I wish you luck Mr. Black."
"I apreciate that." Sirius replied with a dry laugh.

"My shifts over, so I'm gonna get going. A house-elf should be bringing you something to eat a little later."
"Alright, thanks."
The auror left Sirius alone in the cell, free to roam his thoughts of guilt.

Molly Weasley hadn't been expecting any visitors that day, and she certainly wasn't expecting Albus Dumbledore to come knocking at her door. Bill had headed off to Hogwarts only 2 months before and she worried that the headmaster was here about her son. She was quickly reassured that Bill was doing well and that it was a favor that the headmaster needed from her.

"What do you need Albus?"

"Remus, you know him I believe, needs to go to Gringots to aquire some evidence for Sirius' trial and I feel it would be wise for Harry not to go out due to the uproar it would cause. Could you manage to take him under your care for a few hours one afternoon?"

"Of course, what's one more? He's just about Ron and Ginny's age, I'll take the kids to the park in the village for a few hours."

"Thank you Molly, it makes things a lot less complicated."

"It's no trouble at all Albus. Any idea what day you need him over here?"

"I haven't spoken to Remus yet, but I believe tomorrow would be convienienvt for him. The full moon is in a few days."

"Oh, I see. That's fine, just have him drop Harry off anytime."

"Thank you again Molly. I'm afraid I must take my leave though."

"Oh of course, please let me know if Bill is causing any trouble."

"I'll be sure to. Have a nice day Molly."

Dumbledore walked to the end of the lane and disapparated out of sight, most likely to go speak to Remus. Molly smiled, hopefully Ron would make a new friend tomorrow.

When Dumbledore left the Burrow, he apparated to Sirius' flat in London, where Remus and Harry were staying until the trial. When Remus opened the door Harry was running in circles around the sitting room and Remus looked more than a bit frazzled.

"Enjoying your day Remus?"

"Yeah, sure. Chasing a one year old around is quite entertaining, but yet so tiring."

"Well, good thing you'll be getting a break tomorrow."

"What do you mean Albus?"

"I spoke to Sirius this morning and he told me that there are some memories in the Potter family vault that will be beneficial in proving his innocence. I don't think it's wise for Harry to be out in Diagon Alley so Molly has agreed to take Harry with her kids to the park tomorrow while you go to Gringotts."

"Are you sure Albus, Harry's been pretty clingy lately even though I haven't explained to him what happened yet because I know that's something Sirius feels is his job, he still realizes that he hasn't seen his parents or godfather in quiet a while. I just worry that he'll cause Molly trouble."

"I don't think he will have any problems Remus, Molly thinks that he'll get along well with her youngest boy, Ron and possibly his twin, Ginevra."

How very wrong they were.

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