Hunter's Temptation Re-Written
Authors Note: For my readers, you all know that I had written this before but now this is new and improved Hunter's Temptation, the last one I couldn't help but seem like it was written very childishly. I didn't like where it was going and it seemed like there was no plot. So here is the new and improved Hunter's Temptation. First chapter is mostly an introduction so it's small but I hope you like. Hope you enjoy and please review. Love Joyce XOXO

Kendra looked over at her sister, Stacy, who had her mouth open slight snores coming out of her mouth as her head was tilted back. Kendra laughed knowing Stacy would freak if anyone saw this. Kendra smiled pulling out her cell phone and also keeping her eyes on the road. She hit the camera button and took a picture of her sister in one of the most embarrassing positions she has put herself in. Knowing Stacy she has been in more than one position in her life.

Kendra put in a text message to her Uncle Bobby and wrote 'Your niece hard at work.' Kendra smiled at herself putting her phone back in her pocket then saw a red light up ahead and slammed on the breaks making Stacy fly forward and hit her head on the dashboard.

"Son of a bitch!" yelled Stacy and looked over at Kendra, "What the hell is your problem? Learn to drive!"

"Oh shut up it skipped yellow," said Kendra rolling her eyes.

Stacy pulled down the visor and looked at herself fixing her makeup. "Alright, I'm hungry, let's stop and get ourselves something to eat."

"The roadhouse is a few miles away. Wanna head in and see Jo, Ellen and Ash."

"Sure," Stacy shrugged and pulled her pony tail out of her hair.

A few miles later the girls found themselves in the back of the roadhouse. "Mmm, I smell burgers and beer!"

Kendra smiled at her sister as she got out of the truck and they headed in the back way. They cut through the halls of the rooms and then out towards the bar where they found Ellen and Jo holding guns to two men they knew.

"Sam?" asked Kendra.

"Dean!" yelled Stacy with a smile on her face.

Dean was holding his nose and looked towards the back, "Stacy?" His mood just did a 180 seeing her and memories of their night at the laundry mat came to his mind.

"Wait, Sam and Dean…Winchester?" asked Ellen.

"Yeah?" asked Sam a little hesitant.

"Oh Hell, your John Winchester's boys?"

"Yeah you knew him?" asked Dean still holding his nose.

"Yeah, Hell, Jo go get him some ice."

"You're not going to hit me again are you?" asked Dean looking at Jo and she rolled her eyes.

"Ha! You got him good didn't ya?" asked Stacy giving Jo a high five before walking up to Dean, "Let me see you big baby." She took his hand from his face and she smile seeing nothing, "You're good."

"You sure?" He smirked at her, "Maybe I need a physical."

Stacy bit her bottom lip, "How about later?"

"Wait, wait, wait a minute," said Kendra pulling everyone back and they all looked at her as she looked at Sam, "You're a hunter? I just thought you were a scholastic nerd."

Sam gave her a face, "Thanks."

"Hey you didn't hear me complaining did you?"

"Wait you two know each other?" asked Stacy and then turned to Dean, "You're a hunter?"

"You're a hunter?"

"Yeah taught by my Uncle Bobby."

"Her uncle is Bobby Singer," said Ellen putting beers out on the bar top for them.

"You two are his nieces and you're hunters?" asked Sam looking between the two.


"Well, they are two of the hottest hunters I've seen," said Dean as Jo handed him some ice. He nodded to her as he slightly checked her out, "Thanks."

"Aw thanks," said Stacy smiling at him.

"So how do you all know each other?" asked Jo looking at the girls then the guys.

Stacy grinned, "Dean helped me with my laundry."

"And Sam helped me on a few urban legends in the library," said Kendra and winked at Sam.

"You sly dog," said Dean grinning at Sam.

"Please tell me you didn't have sex on my clothes," said Sam looking at Dean giving him a look.

"Nope only on the dryer as it was on spin cycle and then the table," said Dean.

Stacy rolled her eyes and she hit his chest, "Nice, now that this reunion is over and we all know each other for who we actually are. Can we please have some beers and Ellen can I have one of your famous juicy burgers…please?" She smiled at Ellen.

"Sure, just let me talk to the Winchesters for a bit and I'll get to it sweetie," said Ellen.

"Thanks Mama Seta." She smiled at Ellen then winked at Dean before sitting herself at the bar with Kendra and Jo.

"Man you didn't tell me about your library adventure with the hot hunter over there," said Dean all excited, "And they're sisters, hot…hunters…and sisters."

"Dean," said Stacy turning around.


"We can hear you."

"Take it as a compliment sweetheart." He winked at her and she shook her head turning back around.

"To answer you Dean," said Sam, "I don't kiss and tell and you didn't tell me about your laundry mat fiasco either."

"Oh yeah."

"You two," said Ellen, "We need to talk."

The two nodded as they followed Ellen over to a table.


"So Jo your mom still not letting you hunt?" asked Kendra.

"Unfortunately," said Jo rolling her eyes, "She treats me like a baby. I hate it."

"You should just runaway with us," said Stacy.

"Stacy!" said Kendra looking at her with wide eyes, "Her mother would have a shit fit."

"True…don't need Ellen on my ass. She's scary sometimes." She took a sip of her beer and looked over at the Winchesters and smirked as her and Dean's eyes caught.

"So you and Dean-" started Jo.

"Oh yeah," said Stacy with a grin, "That man's got skills." She looked at her sister, "And little sister…what about dear old Sam Winchester? A little bump bump in the library I see."

"What can I say? I have a thing for men with long hair and muscle," said Kendra with a smile.

Stacy laughed and got up walking over to the jukebox and flipping through it to see what sounded good to her. Before she could even read the next song she felt a pair of arms around her and twirling her around.

"Ash!" yelled Stacy, "Put me down!"

"That's Ash?" asked Dean pointing over to the guy that was twirling Stacy around.

"Don't let the hair full ya," said Jo, "He's a genius."

Ash put Stacy down and she turned around hugging him, "Hey buddy how are ya?"

"I'm feeling great. How are you and that sexy sister of yours doing?"

"You know us SSDD."

"Same Shit Different Day. I hear ya. So what's going on everyone?" asked Ash walking over to Ellen and the Winchesters.

"Hey Stacy come here," said Kendra flipping through a folder.

"What's up?" asked Stacy walking over to her.

"It's a case."

"Oh!" whined Stacy as she stomped her feet, "We just go here!"

"Shut up…Hey Ellen can we have this?" asked Kendra walking up to them.

"Sure knock yourselves out," said Ellen.


"What is it?" asked Sam.

"A case…with a clown in it."

"A clown?" asked Stacy arching an eyebrow and pulling a chair next to Dean and sitting down.

"I knew you couldn't stay away from me for too long," said Dean with a cocky smile on his face.

"With the skills you have no one has summed up to you baby," she winked at him.

"Guys…please," said Kendra, "Sam and I are right here."

"So." "And?" asked both Kendra and Dean as they smiled at each other.

"And we don't want to puke," said Sam and the two went back to the folder.

Dean leaned into Stacy's ear, "I want to tear you up," he whispered in her ear and leaned back to look at her face.

"I can't wait." She licked her lips and heard her sister clear her throat and she rolled her eyes, "Yes?"

"Let's go."

Stacy pouted as she got up and Dean followed in suit, "Hey you two need a couple others to join ya? We're free right now."

Stacy looked at Kendra and she shrugged, "Alright, try to keep up."

Dean smirked and looked at Sam, "This may be just a fun hunt after all."